Monday, 19 October 2015

A Postcard a Day - Monday 19 Oct 2015 Alabama

Good morning! Good Monday!

It's Map-Monday! Today I'm taking you (via a map) to Alabama. We're talking postcards here, in case you hadn't understood that. 
I got this card from Susan, who is from the UK originally but now lives in Birmingham (Vulcan Statue/Steel Mills on the map). There aren't any place names on the map, but we know now where Birmingham is. I've learnt that the state capital is Montgomery (marked with a star on the map). The card shows the state flag and the state bird (yellowhammer) as well as the state flower (the camellia).
On the back of the card there is some printed info: Area:50,708 sq miles. 
Population: 4,102,000 (1988). 
Nick name: The Cotton State. 
Motto: We Dare Defend Our Rights.
The state's name is derived from the Indian word, Alibamu, meaning: I clear the thicket.

The stamps are very interesting too:
Alan Shepard: First American in Space (Mercury Project) and First Spacecraft to orbit Mercury (Messenger Mission), and an American clock.

I'm old enough to remember the first American space launches, sitting in front of the TV joining in with the count down and then 'holding your breath' for hours during the journey to the moon. Everybody was in front of a tv screen. Not everybody had a tv in those days, but we visited neighbours and/or went to the local cinema to see the Palthe News on the big screen.  Exciting times!

That's it from me for today,
I'll be here tomorrow for T for Tuesday,
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