Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Postcard a day - Tuesday 6 Oct 2015 T for Tuesday

T stands for cat participation....

Hi folks, good morning to you all. And good morning and happy Tuesday especially to all you alteredbooklovers who join in with T for Tuesday.

If the title seems a little weird, bear/bare? with me (don't know how to spell that). All will be reveiled.

Lets have a look at my postcard for today, then we have that out of the way.
 It's a postcard from Italy. A typical scene of a cafe in a piazza. This town is called Abbiategrasso in the province of Milan (northern Italy). I had chosen it because it is drink related, but then realized it has no drinks in the picture.....

Here are the stamps:
The stamp on the right is the most interesting. It reads: World Championship sport fishing.

We've had a busy week last week as daughter and grandson no1 visited for 6 days. We picked them up from the airport in Malaga (3 hour drive) and took them back again. It's a long drive so we break it up with a restaurant stop. 
Here is DH enjoying his meal. But look who is also rather interested in his meal: yes, lovely ginger kitty.
You can imagine what happened next... Kitty got fed all sorts of titbits under the table. The waiter kept shooing her/him away (this is al fresco dining), but we kept putting nice bits under the table.
At the end of the meal the waiter asked if we would take the cat with us. We said: Sorry, we already have about 6 stray cats living on our premises.

That was it from me today. Have a lovely week all of you.

See you soon,




  1. Love your postcard; wouldn´t mind a bit of Italian piazza now that our temperatures have dropped below zero and we have to scrape the frost from the car windows every morning. Snow is only weeks away... Happy T-Day!

  2. a beautiful postcard-and how I love dining al fresco too. I'd have been giving bits to the kitty too-that's what animal lovers do-but it is also good when we know how to say no (as in taking another in) right? Happy T day!

  3. I am beginning to love postcards that arent touristy now, wish we had more of them here. hahaha @ cat, wonder whose cat it is, clever cat though to get free feeds

  4. Your host is very, very late visiting today, and for that I apologize. That is a wonderful postcard and I see what looks like wine crates in the back. Of course, with you and your hubby's meal and cat feeding, it was even more special. You were kind to feed it. It's always sad when a cat has to beg like that, but good that s/he found you.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful postcard and your time eating with the cat for T this Tuesday.

    1. Most cats in our area are feral or semi-feral. They can become pests as they breed like .... (I was going to say: rabbits).
      On the coast (where there are many Brits= animal lovers) there are charities to have cats (and dogs) neutred and spade. Here inland there is no such thing, but if we can catch one of the many cats that live on our premises, we will make a trip to the coast and pay a reduced rate for the operation. We might have to do that again soon as it is becoming out of hand again.