Friday, 16 October 2015

A Postcard a day - Friday 16 Oct 2015 Friday Smiles

Hi folks, good morning. Hello Friday Smilers!

My DH fancied liver and onions. I love liver & onions but am reluctant to cook it as the liver works as a filter to remove toxins from the body. Supermarket bought liver might contain goodness what sort of toxins.... But our butcher round the corner sells local meat and he slaughters on Wednesday so on Thursday the meat is very fresh. I asked for pork liver and I got a whole one! 

It's enormous and will feed us for four meals at least (I'm freezing most of it) with plenty left for our friend's dogs and a treat for our little kitty (Apparently it's not so good for cats so she can only have a little titbit once a week). Now what did that 2.5 kilo liver cost me? 1 (one)Euro!
Well our meal was lovely and we had it outside (yes, we still eat outside.... winter hasn't arrived here yet) with a cold beer in the blazing sun.

Now I don't think this qualifies for Friday Smiles as some people might not like liver and are pulling a face rather than smiling.

So what about this card then that I received two days ago from Russia.
This particular Russian, Aleksei and his family, wanted a 'Greetings from Spain' card (some people collect those). It is a series of cards from countries all over the world. They are made in Poland and I have ordered the Spanish cards obviously. Here it is:

We agreed to do an exchange. I sent this one and I got the colourful card above in return.
Aleksei put some really beautiful stamps on the card too:

The stamp on the left is the standard stamp for letters in Europe. The one on the right has a Penny Black on it (the rarest stamp) and it is too recent for me to find any info on it.
Aleksei lives with his family in Nizhny Novgorod, a city on the river Volga. Aleksei tells me that the FIFA World Cup (soccer) will be held in his city and that  construction of a new stadium and airport are in full swing.

Now if you haven't smiled yet, you will do it when you see this:
It appeared on Facebook. The translation goes: "It's in difficult times that you discover who your real friends are".

Have a relaxing weekend and a really good week with lots of smiles.




  1. I am def smiling at your liver....I love it but have never bought a whole one and over here it would cost rather a lot more than that....but still worth every penny. Yum yum.
    I also saw the pic of the dog in the collar on Facebook and it made me chuckle too.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. Cute your Spain postcard & good on you. Like us - we eat outside as much as we can! Have you tried cooking the liver with bacon? We fry the onions, add the bacon, then add the liver then make a gravy in the same pan once it's all cooked. Oh and throw in a handful of pine nuts. It's REALLY nice!!! Have a lovely weekend:):)

    1. That sounds really nice. Must try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Hi Lisca, I love liver and onions so your meal did put a smile on my face. They are very pretty postcards. You must have a huge collection by now and some interesting postage stamps too. Finally that photo of the dog and cat is adorable and really did make me chuckle. Have a lovely week, Barbxx

  4. Well your post put a smile on my face - can't say I like Liver but it sure looks good. Love your stamp pics. I used to collect them but just normal boring ones!! Take care Zo xx

  5. Happy Friday Lisca, - must say I've never eaten Pork Liver but we do enjoy Lamb with onion, bacon, gravya and mashed potato. Fabuluos colourful cards and very cute kitten and dog pic. Enjoy your weekend Robyn

  6. I LOVE liver and onions too and your meal looks beautifully done but where, oh where is the gravy??? I love a nice rich gravy with it and plenty of it too! Perfect.
    Beautiful cards and stamps. You must have a great stamp collection as well as postcards.
    The dog and kitten look adorable!
    Have a great weekend,
    Jo x

    1. The gravy was in the gravy boat sepately and we hadn't poured it over yet. My husband is British and always has gravy....

  7. wooho she has finally started the GF collection. They are a wonderful concept. boy that is cheap meat. $1.55AUD for all that liver, cost more than that here

  8. We love liver too. I often cook a recipe called Russian Liver which is very good.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Angela x

  9. I like liver but cannot cook it at home. My Hubby got fed on it when he was a little boy, morning, noon and night for weeks on end and goes green at the smell of it now. Someone told him mum that he looked pale and knowing his mother, she went overboard!!
    I used to ask my mum if I could come home for tea sometimes, but now I just buy a frozen meal from the local supermarket when Hubby is on nights!!
    Lovely card.