Sunday, 11 October 2015

A postcard a Day - Sunday 11 Oct 2015

Good Morning! Good Sunday!

Are you having a lie-in today? We don't get up early on a Sunday morning. And when we do, my husband cooks scrambled eggs on toast for our breakfast. Yummy! Then we leave for church at 20 to eleven. That's our morning routine. What is yours?

The other morning routine is that i post a postcard of a church on the Sunday morning.

Today my card is from Russia:

It is a photo from 1900, and it features Maroseyka street in Moscow with the Dormition church in the back ground.
The wooden Dormition Church on Pokrovka Street originates from 1511 to be rebuilt in stone in 1656. In 1936 the Church was demolished as the part of the building blocked the roadway.

A tram we see on this card is a horse-drawn tram. The cars were bought in England and had an imperial (space on the roof where people could also sit) and a staircase to climb up. Imperials were not protected from rain and snow.

I have to go now, I'm sorry.... didn't get up early enough!

Have a lovely peaceful Sunday.



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