Tuesday, 28 May 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 28 May 2019 - T for Chief Joseph, and Italy in the rain.

Hello lovely peeps, we're back in Spain! It's so good to be home!

I will show you some photographs of our stay in Italy a bit further down the line but first off is a beautiful postcard from Christel, a Facebook friend.
As you can read here, it is a photo of Chief Joseph.
The stamps are beautiful too. The stamp on the left is about zip codes, the equevalent of our European postal codes. The stamp on the right shows the most active volcano to be Kilauea.

Christel has stuck some info next to the stamp. It reads: "Fiery eruptions are common at Kilauea, a volcano in the southeastern edge of the Big Island of Hawaii. Kilauea has had 55 eruptive episodes since 1983. It typically produces more than 10 million cubic feet of lava every day."
The bell on the last stamp I assume is the Liberty Bell.

My next card comes from the Czech Republic. It features Tábor. 
Tábor is situated in the Czech Republic, in South Bohemian Region, 100 kilometers away from the capital city Prague.
On the photo you can see Zizka Square and the town hall.
The statue is that of Jan Zizka

Overlooking the main square in Tabor, the monument gives you a powerful impression of the leadership qualities Jan Zizka had in the leadership of the Hussite forces engaged in a long period of confrontation and battles with the forces of the Pope.His military strategy was far ahead of his time particularly in use of wagons as prototype tanks.
Around the base of the monument are plaques showing some of the famous victories in which he was intimately involved. A man of great religious commitment and a man dedicated to the defence of what he saw was the national interest of his time.

Czech Republic postage stamp E denomination Jan Kaplický (Architect) commemoration issued 4th April 2018 


the original Jan Kaplický’s design of one of the proposed Czech National Library versions.

Jan Kaplický (18 April 1937–14 January 2009) was a Czech architect and a visionary of modern architecture, living in the United Kingdom after his emigration in 1968.

He set up the architectural studio Future Systems with David Nixon. He won the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize, considered the most prestigious architecture award in the UK, for the new media centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Now let me tell you about our trip to Italy. We went to see my son and his family. The little town is called Guardiagrele, and can be found in Abruzzo, in the middle of Italy near the Adriatic coast. We travelled by bus to Alicante in Spain (5 hours), spent the night at a hotel and got our flight out in the morning. In Rome, we got on a bus to Chieti, on the other side of Italy. It was mostly motorway so it only took 3 and a half hours. My son came to pick us up with my 4 yr old grandson. I hadn't seen him since he was a baby, so he doesn't know my really and was very shy.

Sunday is market day in Guardiagrele, so we went to get some fruit and veggies. Here is hubby with my son and his wife.

The weather was really awful. It was cold. Much colder than I expected and I didn't have warm enough clothes. And it rained every day.
My d-i-l stopped to buy some flowers under the eves of the church (as it was raining). You can see my little grandson in his orange jacket.

It started to rain even harder so we just had to wait and take shelter in the side porch of the church:
The paintings on the side wall are very old and they are protected by glass.
Here you can see the length of the porch. It runs along the side of the church.
The vaults are beautiful.
A close up of the wrought iron lamps, made by the local artisans.
This is where we were, behind those tables and chairs.

 Here is a photo of the church from the front.
By chance I found this old image . By the looks of it, it used to have a belfry.
As it was market day, the other shops were open too. My son needed to buy some wine and to the wineshop we went. This section of the shop sells teas and coffees, also coffee pads loose.
This side had lots of wines. In the foreground are two gift articles with an alcoholic beverage in it. I admit, I forgot to ask what was in it.
I think these photos qualify my for Elisabeth and Bluebeard's T-Party, where we post a blog with a beverage in it.
Hubby contemplating the ceiling, where barrels hide the lighting. Very clever. The local wine is excellent and cheap. My son buys a 5 litre box of rosé.
Then it was time for a coffee and we wanted to buy some pastries too. It was Mother's Day that Sunday, so all the pastries were gone. Only dunking biscuits and Mother's Day cakes.(And we hadn't ordered in advance)

So we went somewhere else. One of my son's friends have this pastry place. Her name is Maria and she is here putting small pastries on a tray.
They also make ice cream, which looks lovely, but it was just too cold to contemplate eating that!

More ice cream. I shiver as I look at it.
And a glimpse into the kitchen to see the chef at work.

I hope you enjoyed the first Italy photos of our stay. There will be more next time and also in my Friday blog.

Wishing you all a happy T-Day,
Take care,


  1. You get such a wide variety of postcards! This sounds like an exciting trip. I enjoyed the photos of the church and the comparison with the photo showing what it used to look like. I look forward to more photos :)

    Happy T Day

  2. What lovely photos from your trip to Italy. That is wonderful that you were finally able to meet your grandson. The pictures of your market trip are wonderful. The old church with its gorgeous paintings and vaults is quite picturesque. A very lovely place to be caught in the rain.
    Looking forward to part 2 of your trip.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. Yes, the bell is the liberty bell and the very first FOREVER stamp issued. Forever stamps cost what the current postage rate is at the time. If you buy them right before a rate increase, you save when the rate increases, because regardless what you paid for the stamp, the current rate is what it goes for. I have some I paid for when they first came out. If you don't use a lot of postage, you can save a bundle by hanging onto them. You got two lovely postcards this week, Lisca.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first round of photos from your Italy trip. That old cathedral has changed, but you can tell it is still the same. I enjoyed seeing your grandson and DIL, too.

    What fun that wine, tea, and coffee shop must have been. I so enjoyed enlarging the photos to see all the beverages you had. SO SoRRY it was so cold and rainy when you got there. I am sure it didn't disappoint you to be with your son and his family, though.

    Thank you again for your beautiful gift. Thanks, too for sharing your day at the market, including the old paintings, the wine shop, and your son's friend's pastry place with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  4. Hi Lisca, I always enjoy reading about your postcards and stamps. I really enjoyed all the photos of your trip to Italy-so sorry it was cold and raining. Beautiful area I loved it all. Thank you for sharing your photos with us-loved that winery too Hugs Happy T Kathy

  5. I so enjoy your postcards. Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip to Italy with us.
    Happy T day!

  6. I love reading about your trip and seeing these photos from Italy. It must be nice to get to know your grandson a bit also. I think that wine sure does qualify for T day. Happy T Day LIsca. Hugs-Erika

  7. Sounds like you had a fun time in Italy visiting your family, but sorry the weather didn't play game. We had a lot of cold and wet weather here, too. Loved the wine shop, and coffee and pastries are always good. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. beautiful photos from guardiagrele, even if it was rainy.
    and i totally love the native american photos from edward s. curtis. i have some books of him (shhh... one even double bought for low price to slaughter for collages...)
    happy t-day, lisca♥

  9. Italy is such a beautiful country. Too bad the weather didn't quite cooperate- but you got some wonderful photos. The church is gorgeous! Welcome back home, and happy T day!

  10. Yes, I certainly did enjoy your Italy travelogue, Lisca. You do them so well - with great photos, historical info and such. The find of the old photo (1800s?) of the church is awesome. You always share great info about your stamps too. Great read today.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  11. Italy looks fabulous, the church looks so amazing! I love the vaults and the wrought iron lighting - stunning 😁. Sounds like you had a fun time with your family too! Happy T Day dear Lisca! Jo x

  12. The post cards looked great and so do those postage stamps.
    The photos from your holiday looked lovely, it sounds an interesting journey to even arrive safely at your sons home.
    The church looked a wonderful and interesting building, it was good to see the old photo as well to compare then and now.
    I look forward to seeing another set of photos from your trip.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Hi Lisca,

    I'm back just to answer your question about the quote, "Don't overthink it ... Just PLAY!" That's a quote I got out of my own little brain. So I'm really flattered you thought it might a stamp. 😃

    Eileen xx

  14. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of the church. Really nice! I am glad you are happy to be home. You know they always say there is no pace like home. Happy T Day!

  15. Lovely postcards and stamps Lisca. Your photos are fantastic. Great architecture. Happy T-Day!

  16. OOh these are all wonderful photographs Lisca !! Really interesting your postcard and the stamps. Your trip to Italy may have been really nice, yes, with cold weather, but warm hearts ! Because you have enjoyed your family and this is the most important. The church is very beautiful, and the other places too. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I wish you a very nice Friday, here, with hot weather :)it´s windy in Almería today.
    Big hugs, Caty

  17. Fabulous postcards and such wonderful photos Lisca! WOW!
    Have a great weekend and a good start into the new week ahead! Sorry that I am late for T-Day .....

    Big hugs, Susi

  18. What lovely postcards! The scenery when we went by train through the Czech republic was beautiful! We think we would have liked to stop off at a couple of the towns we saw one day!!
    The photos from your trip to Italy were wonderful, what a shame it was so cold! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx