Friday, 17 May 2019

A Postcard A day - Friday 17 May - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people. Here I am again.
I’m still I Italy where we have had nothing but rain and cold. This morning for the first time the sun is shining! 

 This is the view from our bedroom this morning. And below the street sign on the corner with the plant hanging our of the wall.

Below another view from our window. The skiing season has finished on the 24th of April, but there is still quite a bit of snow. Don’t forget, this is middle Italy, so fairly south.

I received a card from Dubai. My first in 9 years. It’s the marina with lots of millionaires yachts.

This is the stamp: 

Here is another card I received just before I left. It is a door, my favorite subject. This time it has beautiful wall art over it. It comes from Russia.

And this is the stamps

Sorry about the messy blog. I can’t scroll on this iPad, or change the font, so I’m not going to tempt fate, but just post it as is.
Apologies for not having any funnies. I’ll try to link to Annie at A Stitch In Time and to Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.
Have a lovely weekend all of you,


  1. It's lovely to see you joining in from Italy. Sorry to hear about the weather but maybe the sun will shine from now on. We've had a week full of sunshine until today [when our daughter is moving house!] and today it was raining when we got up :-(
    Annie x

  2. Hope the rain isn't bringing you down and you're having a great trip Lisca. It looks beautiful where you are. Hugs-Erika

  3. Hi Lisca, sorry to hear you haven't had good weather but so nice that the sun is shining today. Love the photo of the street sign - that window has been so badly filled in but the wall weeds are pretty. Two very interesting cards - images of doors are a favourite for me too. You're in my favourite foreign country so I hope you have a wonderful weekend and nothing but sunshine for the rest of your holiday. Elizabeth xx

  4. Hi Lisca, I had to smile when you mentioned skiing. Where we ski in France is actually the South of France but because you are so high up there is lots of snow so I understand what you're saying. There is actually some skiing all year round in some parts as there is a Glacier there too. I'm sure you will be having a good time even though the weather may not be too brilliant yet. That picture on the stamp from Dubai is an eye opener, some people must have a lot of money to live there. The wall art however is an absolute stunner. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. I was so glad to read you were able to post. I wanted to tell you I got your letter today. I haven't opened it yet, because I have been busy working on my lawn mower, at least until it got dark. Then I ate a bite and promptly fell asleep. I'll open it in the morning and share it for T this Tuesday.

    You have a lovely view from your room. Sorry it's so cold there. It must be a shock after your warm climate.

    Love the postcards. Dubai is a place I would love to see someday. That door with the wall art is great. I'm just amazed at how different front doors are in other parts of the world. Hope you had a great Friday and are having a warm weekend. Thank you in advance of the gift, too.

  6. Lovely postcards and stamps Lisca.

  7. ah bless you, what a fabulous post and what a beautiful place to visit. I love all the old architecture - simply lovely! The postcards are fabulous too, I hope you are having a fabulous time. Hugs