Friday, 24 May 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 24 May 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hi guys and gals,
This is the last blog from Italy. I hate using my iPad for this as I can’t scroll up or down, so I can’t see whether it has turned out ok. Also it is temperamental in adding photos. Well, fingers crossed, here goes.
I have been buying cards and writing them here for Postcrossing. As we are on the edge of a national park I have cards of wolves and bears for those who like animals. Also some images of the stunning scenery.

This last one is the lake of Scanno. The beauty of this place lies in the fact that the mountains are so close to the sea. (Adriatic).

Yesterday the flowers that my d-I-l had ordered, arrived. 

We had a house full of flowers. Then in the evening they were all put in window boxes.
Now the terrace looks even more beautiful. Let’s hope the weather will improve from now on.

I’m writing this at midnight. I’ll post it as soon as I wake up at 5 on Friday morning. We will be catching a bus at 6:30 in the morning, so Annie, please link me. Also Virginia please if I am not able to do it myself. The WiFi on buses doesn’t always work.
Have a lovely weekend and I will try to post some funnies if I can find them.

People that sew must know to watch the pattern. This is an example of someone who didn’t..


  1. Oh Lisca those flowers are stunning.....and so many of them too. I really chuckled at the Pooh bear funny....I wonder if it was intended?
    I've linked you my friend and hope you travel safely.
    Annie x

  2. Lovely postcards Lisca. And those flowers are beautiful.

  3. The postcards are beautiful and I love that you keep up with your post crossing even when you are away.

    The flowers look fantastic and there are so many, it must have made a big difference when they arrived.

    Loving the funnies particular the fabric one.

    I hope you are having a fabulous break.


  4. So many flowers! How beautiful! Flowers improve any space :)

  5. Sorry I am late visiting. My internet keeps going off and I have to reboot each time it comes back on.

    I'm so glad you will be home next week. I received your "gift," but haven't opened it yet. I was waiting for you to get home before I did. I'll share it for T this next week.

    You purchased some lovely postcards to send to people. Your family was certainly surrounded by flowers that turned their patio into a haven. What lovely shots.

    I laughed at both the funnies. That pooh bear was SO funny, and a bit risque!!

    Have a wonderful weekend while you are traveling, dear.

  6. You do very well on your ipad Lisca.
    I love all the petunias. Such a stunning colour, and they flower for ages.
    The scenery where you are looks beautiful. I am sure people will enjoy receiving your postcards. Safe travelling. Kate x

  7. Thos postcards are wonderful Lisca ! Lovely places. And your flowers are so beautiful, now the balcony looks great !
    I wish you a very nice Sunday,
    Big hugs, Caty