Tuesday, 14 May 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 14 May 2019 - T for Italy

Hello lovely T-Gang,

I have prepared this blog in advance as we are traveling. We are visiting my son and his family in Italy. I don't seem to be able to blog from my ipad so this is scheduled. 

I do have some postcards to show you. This one comes from Germany. It is a beautiful door of a farm in Jork im Alten Land. 

Jork is a small town on the left bank of the Elbe, near Hamburg (Germany).
Jork belongs to the district of Stade, in Lower Saxony. The town is the capital of the Altes Land, one of the biggest fruit growing areas in Europe, and Jork is home to a Fruit Research Center.

It looks like a beautiful building. I found other lovely buildings in Jork (Wikipedia photos):

 The above is the Rathaus (Town Hall) and below the Museum Altes Land

The stamps are beautiful. The flower on the left is called Hasenglöckchen which is supposed to be a Harebell in English. I think it is a bluebell.  I like the bluebells and on the right is a snail. I don't know that I want them near my bluebells though...

The next card is a painting called 'Girls by the sea', oil on canvas by Aleksandr Averin. He is a contemporary Russian artist that apparently sells a lot of his paintings and I can see why. I like it a lot.

We are in a place called Guardiagrele, where i used to live and work. My son still lives there with his wife and 4 yr old son. Here is an aerial photo of the little town.

Guardiagrele is in Abruzzo, in the middle of Italy, where the Appenine mountains meet the Adriatic sea. 

Two street scenes. The above photo is a passage underneath the big church in the centre. Inside the passage you can just about see a green door. That was where the library used to be when I lived there in the 70 and 80s. The photo below is the main street, which is pedestrianized and is always full of people.

 I shall take a lot of pictures and post them when I get back for the T-Party of the 21st of May.

I probably won't be able to do comments either. They just won't come through. So I apologize in advance that although I will visit all of your blogs, you might not get a comment. My son has a desk top computer but it is an Apple Mac which is of the same family as 
my ipad, so I don't think that will be any better.

Happy T-Day all of you,


  1. I was thrilled you could link today, dear Lisca. I just hope you'll be able to join us every week, too. Yes, I love the postcard and have updated the information that you left a comment on the stamp.

    Since I failed to let people know, the water is finally out of the basement, but the walls are still damp. I have bleached everything, and don't seem to have any mold.

    I KNOW how much you love doors, so I am sure this one pleased you a lot. It was nice to learn a bit about Jork, Germany, too. The second postcard reminds me of a Degas. Very lovely and so feminine, too. I can see why the artist is so popular.

    Wow, Lisca. I didn't know you used to live in Italy. It was like going home again seeing your son and some of the familiar sites.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards, your Italy photos, and your beautiful cup and drink with us for T this Tuesday. Don't worry. People understand if you can't leave comments. It happens to the best of us at times.

  2. Your postcards of those German buildings are so beautiful. I love how each one is unique. And that door is so colorful!
    What a stunning place to visit in Italy! That Aerial view is quite picturesque with the snow capped mountains. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures from your visit.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. I hope you have a wonderful visit and safe travels Lisca. See you when you get back. hugs-Erika

  4. You got some lovely post cards, that is a lovely area near Hamburg, I used to visit their a lot. Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday, enjoy, take lots of photos and have fun. Happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Lovely postcards and photos Lisca. Your son lives in a beautiful area, have a lovely holiday with the family.
    I look forward to seeing your photos.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  6. The postcards and stamps are lovely Lisca. I hope you're enjoying your travels. Happy T-Day!

  7. Enjoy your travely ! Gorgeous stamps and postcards Lisca! Happy T-Day!

  8. Hi Lisca, beautiful postcards and pretty stamps. Sounds like you are enjoying your visit, looks a lovely place, is that snow on the mountains?
    Have a lovely time, take care
    Jan x

  9. You have such a variety of types of postcards. It must be a treat to see what's in your mailbox each day. Fun!

    Happy T Tuesday! Enjoy you trip :)

  10. What fabulous postcards! I love the oil painting of the girls on the beach, the colours and textures are wonderful 😁. Wow, your son lives in a beautiful place in Italy, the town looks gorgeous! Enjoy your travels and sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  11. I can hardly believe that beautiful door is a "farmhouse door," Lisca. It sure doesn't match the image in my head of farmhouses. I love the international nature of our T-group. I learn so much and see so much beauty I could never seen in person if I lived to be 200! Thank you for all the sharing from your post crossing and your travels.

    Guardiagrele looks like a scene from "Sound of Music." Enjoy your visit! I look forward to more pictures when you get back.

    Blessings and a Happy T-day to you as well! Eileen xx

  12. Enjoy your visit with your son; don't worry about comments. You have prepared a lovely post for us in your absence. My favorite post card is the Girls By The Sea painting. See you next week!

  13. Beautiful postcard and stamps. Such a charming town your son lives in. I also have problems posting from my iPad. Enjoy your trip and Happy T Day

  14. Such beautiful postcards and great information too! Your son
    lives in such beautiful area! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  15. Wonderful postcards Lisca !! Lovely stamps and great photographs you have shared, many thanks. Enjoy your holidays with you family, sons are the best in world! Also wish you a happy belated T-day, sorry because I´m late.
    Very happy weekend, big hugs,