Tuesday, 29 June 2021

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 29 June 2021 - T for staircase, tart and jokes


Good morning lovely ladies,
It's Tuesday again and time to visit Elizabeth and Bleubeard for the T-Party. The idea is to bring a drink or drink related item. More about that later.
I'd like to start with my postcard as usual. This one comes from the Czech Republic. It is the famous spiral staircase at Lednice castle.
Lednice Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in Czech Republic, famous for it’s history and gorgeous interior.

Lednice Chateau dates back to year 1222, when it was a Gothic water stronghold with a farmyard.

The Liechenstein family from Austria bought a part of the building, and between 1371 to 1945 they were the owners of the whole castle.

Lednice Castle has served as a summer residence for several ruling princes during the years, who have during time improved the property.

Between 1656 and 1723, the famous architect Bernard Fischer von Erlach rebuilt Lednice castle and added stables and a riding hall. Karl Eusebius of Liechtenstein is another man who made a big improvement and growth to the castle and its surroundings in 1611 to 1684.

In the beginning of 1800, the Viennese architect Josef Kornhäusel finished the garden and changed the facade of the building to Empire style. Between 1846-1858, the castle was rebuilt in English Neogothic style by George Wingelmüller, the architect.

In 1945 the Czechoslovak State took over the castle and opened it to the public. Since 1996, the Lednice castle has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The furniture inside Lednice castle was created in the workshop of Carl Leistler in Vienna, which some pieces still stand in the building today.

One of the most impressive pieces inside the castle is the spiral wooden staircase. It’s located inside the library of Lednice Castle, and is made from one single piece of wood.

On the areal photo of the castle you can see, at the top of the photo, a long straight greenhouse.
I wanted to know more about that and I googled that too.
Below is the end cupola.

Inside is really lush vegetation
I love the paving on the path.
I'd love to visit this castle, wouldn't you?

The stamp on the card has the image of a dandelion.

I've had a very quiet week, not much happening worth mentioning. Hubby has had his second vaccination as his platelets again were too low for the chemotherapy and the oncologist said the vaccination was important. So the chemo was postponed to Thursday.

I've been spoiling him with English goodies. I made crumpets:

And custard tart
and a Greggs copy cat cheese pastie
I have been looking at YouTube videos of a guy called Mr Paul and following his recipes. Very good they are too.

Now for my qualifier for the T-Party. I didn't have a photo of a drink but I have some drink related jokes/funnies:

That is my lot for today. Wishing you all a very happy T-Day,


  1. Lednice Castle looks wonderful, a fairy tale castle indeed. The staircase if fabulous! Glad your hubby got his vaccination, hope he can soon continue with the chemo. Great funnies, too, but for me the star of the show has to be crumpets and custard tart! Yummy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow, the castle is stunning! I loved seeing the architecture and interior design, and that glass House is something else - so beautiful 😁. Great bakes and funnies too! Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

    1. Here’s the recipe:

      400 g (14oz) Raspberries – or any fruit of your choice, maybe pineapple, blueberry, peach, strawberry, rhubarb
      300g (10oz) Granulated Sugar – you can vary this depending on your taste
      750 mll (25 US fl oz) Gin – a cheap brand such as supermarket own brand as these are not too flavoured.

      Add them all to a Kilner Jar (or similar). You need to ensure the sugar dissolves so make sure you shake the jar throughout the first day, it dissolves pretty quickly. Then put it in a dark place for 4 weeks, I tend to shake the jar every other day to muddle the fruit. It’s tempting to eat the fruit afterwards, perhaps on ice-cream, however, I tried it and it was far too potent! So I ended up forcing it through a sieve to add more flavour to the gin. One last tip – don’t be tempted to do half a recipe like I did as when you start drinking it you’ll find it goes pretty fast (grin!). x

  3. Your castle tour was lovely. Wish I could see it.

    I hope your husband's treatment goes well and is successful. It's good that he has now been vaccinated. We live in such scary times!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. Lisca the Castle is stunning, I love the spiral staircase, such attention to detail and can you imagine the work that went into it!
    Love the jokes and also all the baking, my husband love pikelets as we call them, we used to have them with jam on when we were kids for tea.
    Great to hear your DH got his second jab too.
    Happy T Day

  5. Crumpets looks like a treat. I remember my hubby's chemo days, and little treats make a difference. I hope his next treatment goes well. Congrats on the vaccination! Happy T Tuesday

  6. I really enjoyed learning about Lednice Castle. I enjoyed the overhead shot because it showed the grounds and how large it is. That staircase is incredible, and the furniture it so beautiful, too. Looks like someone had a thing for turquoise.

    Sorry to read about your husband's platelets, but at least he is now vaccinated fully. You sure spoiled him with the food you made and made me hungry in the process. Thanks for sharing the funnies in lieu of the drinks with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. What a beautiful castle! And love the stamp!
    Yum Food.
    I see noises, too :-)

  8. Wow what an amazing castle-yes I would love to tour it too-amazing the staircase is one piece of wood-allot of work to the process for sure.
    Your crumpets look delicious, and I enjoyed all the drink funnies-smiles Happy T

  9. Oh my, the chateau is absolutely breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing, and I must show my hubby this post as he loves these buildings along with the history, and especially the wood work.
    Lovely of you to make some special goodies for your hubby. Hopefully he will be able to continue his treatments soon.
    Thanks for those marvelous funnies:):) Happy T day!

  10. Funny sayings, especially the salad one.
    Beautiful postcard. That staircase is amazing and something I would love to see. Spiral staircases are romantic and I always wanted one in my house. Thanks for sharing the history.
    Your baking looks delicious and very English. I have never had any of these items but they sounds yummy!
    Happy Tea Day,

  11. That palace is really beautiful and I'm glad you shared more photos than just your postcard. That staircase is amazing, and reminds me of the one Nancy shared also. Sorry to hear your husband's platelet count was down again, but you sure have been spoiling him. And some of your funnies made me laugh too. Especially the one about the camel. I hope it was a super T day. Hugs-Erika

  12. Love all the castle photographs. The food looks good too. And, what great and perfect T Day humor! Thanks for a great post.

  13. Wow - I totally would love to visit that castle. Such gorgeous detail inside and out. Even the greenhouse is amazing.

    Your cooking looks and sounds very good - I know hubby is happy.

    The drink jokes are super funny. B.C. and Red Bull are still making me laugh. Happy late T-day! Fun post!

  14. Oh the card and the castle is just amazing. Love all the goodies you have made and the funnies are perfect. Have a great day.

  15. good for your husband to get the second shots! I wish I'd been able to get mine.I sure hope he can move forward with the chemo soon too... I can't believe you made those fab baked goods! I've never tried crumpets but they look wonderful. The castle... now I want to go. Sooooooo pretty

  16. The chateau would be a beautiful place to visit. The spiral staircase is amazing. That must have been one huge tree for them to make the stairs out of one piece of wood! 😲Delicious goodies and the jokes were funny. Happy T Day