Friday, 11 June 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 11 June 2021 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely ladies,
Friday has come around pretty fast and I'd like to show you a postcard that I received a while back. It comes from the Oregon, USA. Pamela writes:"Here is a dinosaur reading a book. OK. it's holding a book. Dinosaurs could not read, now they're extinct. I see the correlation."
The card has a pretty round stamp with a pink flower. beautiful.
It's been a funny old week. I've been sorting out herbs last Friday. We pick our own, and I had a bag of sage that was not sorted. It was still on the stems, but it was dry so I sorted that and put it in a pot.
Hubby planted one of the fruit trees that we bought last week. Manuela, the lady in the plot next to us, has three puppies (different litters) so we have put some chicken wire around the newly planted tree, just in case the boisterous puppies wreck it.

Saturday was my mum's 97th birthday. So I had several video calls with her and family members that came to visit her. My sister flew over and stayed a few days.

Hubby is building a chicken run, which I have already re-named 'chicken palace'.

My mother had more visitors on Sunday: two of my cousins. 
On Monday we needed a light bulb and though we would go and check out this new store called Hogar (=home), thinking it might be a DIY place. But it wasn't. It was the most huge Chinese bazaar/poundshop I had ever seen. 

Of course we came out with much more than a light bulb. We saw some cushions for our garden furniture amongst other things.

On Tuesday we needed to get some stuff from the other house and decided we'd go and have lunch at our favorite restaurant, which is near there. Then we asked our Danish neighbors if they'd like to come too. They did.

We had a really nice time.

On Wednesday it was time for my sister to fly off again. When I saw this photo, I started humming:"Leaving on a jet plane". (Remember John Denver?)

I accompanied hubby to our plot in the evening and we pulled up some onions.

Yesterday we went to the hospital as hubby was due his chemo therapy. Last week his platelets were too low so he had a week's respite. But today his platelets were even lower! That is not good, so the doctor sent him home with warnings of bleeding and he is to come back in two weeks. (Hubs feels fina and is really pleased with this as now he can finish building his chicken run).

Last year I collected seeds on my walks and kept them in a bag. This spring I planted several of them but I don't know what they were. I hope some of them are a bird-of-paradise-tree. Several have come up, and I check on their progress every time I'm down there.

That were the highlights of my week.

Lets join Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday

Of course as usual I have some funnies at the end.

Take care,




  1. I am so glad my Niece loves to read books!
    Cheese waffles - next week!
    Happy 97th to your Mum. And to being fit. And yay to meals with friends.
    Oh, the stress with a sick Hubby. I´m with you.
    Sweet pic of the "Veeganz".
    Have a smiley Friday :-)

  2. I overslept. Fell asleep right before I was to link. I am sorry to read that Graham's platelets are so low. I know he is pleased, but I worry about his treatments.

    What a cute and clever postcard. Bit of a pun, too. Glad to ready your mother had even MORE people to share her birthday with this year. Your sister looks good and I suspect she had a good time with your mother, too. I'm always hungry when I leave your blog, because you always eat so well.

    What an amazing Chinese Bazaar. Looks like they had a bit of everything. Enjoyed the cat funny the best. I have one of those wimps and I'm glad he's a wimp. I also like the couple who were setting their scales back. That one made me laugh, too. Have a super weekend, dear Lisca and another happy wish for your mother and her 97th birthday.

  3. I’m sat here chuckling at your funnies today....brilliant. You seem to have had another busy week. I hope Graham isn’t doing too much and allows his blood levels to recover.
    You asked about Theo...we have just 4 more Tuesdays to enjoy before he starts school but thankfully they don’t live too far away so we will still see him often.
    Annie x

  4. You know I love the postcards but that stamp is stunning. Looks like you've had another great week, you always seem to manage to find so many interesting things to show us. The funnies of course are brilliant and definitely smile worthy. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. Great postcards enjoyed reading about your week, I love to dry herbs too I have rosemary, oregano, mint and lavender drying right now I am thinking your husband is happy that his chemo got postponed again-but am hoping the blood work improves. my husband is on a new medicine that we really have to watch all the time or his blood will get too thick or too thin depending on how many healthy green veggies he eats-which really bugs me about limiting healthy foods.
    enjoyed your comics-Happy Friday

  6. Ah another busy week, I'm glad hubby is feeling ok but hope his platelets sort themselves soon. The chicken Palace looks fantastic and I can appreciate cordoning off the trees with boisterous puppies. A meal out with friends sounds lovely and a belated happy birthday to your mum she looks amazing xxx

  7. You always find something for us to smile at.
    It seems you have had a busy week. The little fruit tree has established itself well. The chicken 'palace' is coming on. I hope it is well protected from urban foxes.
    We put mesh around the trunks of our young trees to stop the cats scratching all the bark off.
    I hope Graham continues to be OK. Is there anything he can do to improve the platelets situation?
    Happy Birthday to Mum. She is looking very good for 97.
    I hope this week goes smoothly for you. Kate x

  8. Hi Lisca, I saw your question about where do the adolescent swans go. We can't be absolutely sure where he flies them too but we do know that there is a place in town where we see them so we suspect that's where he takes them. Lincoln has a pool of water called the Brayford Wharf where the Foss Dyke and the River Witham meet and it's always full of young swans. We've have on occasions seen him take off with them and they seem to go in that direction. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx