Friday, 22 May 2020

A Postcard a Day - Friday 22 May 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people, Here we are again on Friday (Time flies!).
We're joining Annie once again with the smiles from our week.

What made me smile this week, no doubt are my postcards. Here is one from Germany. From Bavaria to be precise. It mentions a lot of great things about Bavaria.

The Christkindlmarkt (literally Baby Jesus market) is the famous Christmas market:
The Bavarian wald brotzeit ( literally bread time) is a lovely lunch to go with great german beer:
The Oktoberfest is the famous beer fest. It's almost a rite of passage for young men in Europe to go at least once in their lives to the Oktoberfest.
And the Lederhosen are the traditional leather shorts that men wear:
(How's that for eye candy?)

And the Chiemsee Dirndl is the traditional dress for ladies.

The stamps are lovely. Again that Sesamestreet stamp. It always makes me smile.
The second card coincidentally also comes from Germany. It's just a sweet image of a little boy by the water. It makes me long for the beach...

What have I been up to this week? See for yourself...
We enter a photo every month at the photo club. The theme this month was 'Sea'. As we are in lockdown, it had to be a photo from our archives. This was mine.  It was a lovely November day (18 Nov 2016) in a little hamlet called La Isleta del Moro on the Cabo de Gata coast. We were eating at a restaurant right by the 'beach' and this cat was lying by my chair, no doubt waiting for some scraps. 

I found this unusual butterfly on my tomato plants. I nearly didn't see it! It has perfect camouflage colours. 

I missed Tuesday's collage but I did go to the market, which was held for the first time since the lockdown.

All the stalls were cordoned off.

And one could only enter from one end of the street, where the 'Proteccion Civil'  checked if you had masks and gloves and provided hand sanitiser.
It was really weird. There was only a fraction of the stalls we normally get and of course only food stalls were allowed.
Here is a photo by a friend from the photoclub. It is our village of Caniles seen from a distance.

That was my week. 
I shall go and visit Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday, and of course Annie at A Stitch In Time
As usual I will post some funnies at the end.
Have a lovely weekend,
Stay safe,

I must be giving away my age here, but I can remember each and every one of these!
The statue of Abraham Lincoln with a mask:
My friend Fifi, whom I used to work with,  found this urban art somewhere in Bristol . The 'pearl' is an alarm box, lol.


  1. You certainly gave me lots to smile about today Lisca....and there's always time for smiles :-) Loved the eye candy and the traditional dress reminded me of my national costume doll collection I had as a child [think I've still got them somewhere lol]. Loved your funnies...amd I, like you, remembered all the sayings on the one...and probably use a few of them myself now :-)
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, great postcards and love the stamps too. The cat on your photograph looks as though it gets more than it's share of scraps. Bet you were pleased to see the market open again, we've nothing like that open yet. Loving the funnies. Sadly I remember them all too but then I think my mother still using some of them. Before I forget, I don't let our dogs on the bed at night they have a cage to sleep in but I know given half a chance they'd be up there in a flash! Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  3. oh you look like you had another busy week, your collages are always so interesting to read. the blueberries pancakes look lovely, I'm glad you are able to venture out a little more now, whilst our lock down has relaxed a little I'll be honest that I haven't changed anything up to now and as I hate queuing I can't see that changing any time soon, queuing for the supermarket once a week is enough.

    I hope you have a beautiful blue skies weekend and week ahead.


  4. I'm incredibly late visiting, and for that I'm truly sorry. I worked for two days from dawn to after dark working in my yard. Not long after I went to sleep on Friday morning we had a horrible storm that flooded my basement, high winds that blew branches, and leaves everywhere, then threw my furniture around like it was nothing. Then came the hail and rain, rain, rain. Friday I cleaned up my herbs and assessed the damage. Saturday I cleaned my side yard and the front. I have blisters on top of blisters. I hope you forgive the lateness of this visit.

    You have received two lovely postcards. And it's always fun to see the stamps, too.

    I can't believe you are still keeping up with the daily scrapbooking. I think that's awesome. My life is too boring for all that. You must go through a lot of color in your printer.

    I think I would be afraid to visit that open air market. I hope the people can't touch the fruits and veggies.

    Cute funnies this week. The only saying I ever heard was "Do as I say, not as I do. I use it a lot myself when writing a tutorial on my blog (grin). Hope your weekend has been fabulous.

  5. I loved reading your funny memes. Made me laugh.
    Wonderful postcards from Germany.
    Loved seeing the photo collage of your weekly activities. Looks like you have been doing a lot. That must be exciting after so long on lockdown.
    Happy Tea Day,

  6. Oh I do like your daily photo stories. That is a great way to record your days. It does feel good to be able to get out a bit, doesn't it? But of course social distancing and masks apply. I like those photos and the girl with pearl earring wearing a mask. I hope you have a wonderful T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  7. Lisca, this post is from Friday. Did you realize that? Happy T day regardless.

  8. LOL, thank you for making it clear. I don´t even understand the people in Bavaria!
    Such a dialect, they left me puzzled the one time I was there.
    Ewwww... sweet tooth just died for good! Oh, help!
    This year, they said in the news, Oktoberfest likely will be cancelled (not that I ever went or plan to, but, oh. All the people who used to work there loose out very big, right).
    Your card is ready, but I´m still coughing like crazy...
    Still no rain here! 90 seconds, that was all and does not count.
    Great card - kindness grows big in these days, so beautiful.
    And great quotes! Last time Niece asked me a "why" question and I answered: "because" and that was that!
    Happy T-day to you! Hugs!