Friday, 1 May 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 1 May 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies, It is Friday again and time to look back over the week and count our blessings. 

I hope you are all well and coping more or less with these strange times. I am well and really feel blessed as there are no corona virus cases in our area, nobody in my environment is ill and I am happy to stay home with my lovely hubby.
Another one of my blessings is the mail i receive. It is still trickling in by dribs and drabs. I received two cards from Germany recently. This one comes from a place called Lubbenau. 
It was sent to me by Diane, who writes: "I live in Lubbenau, a little town south-east of Berlin and located in the UNESCO nature reserve 'Spreewald'."

The second card comes from Germany too and i like it a lot. Not only is it a great black and white photograph, but it reminds me of happier times, when we could travel and go to the beach.
The stamps are colourful and fun. Did you spot the Muppets?

How has your week been? I have had a good week. Our little plot continues to yield broad beans and now also peas. 
My cousin Ina in Friesland (Netherlands) was going to start a Herman, (Herman cake is a 'friendship cake', similar to the Amish friendship bread, for which the ingredients are passed from person to person and which continues to grow as it contains yeast and lactic acid bacteria. One starter can, in theory, last indefinitely.) So we decided to start together, so we can compare notes.
The weather has been bad almost all week and on Saturday it felt like winter. So I made rice pudding, the ultimate comfort food.
On Sundays we do church and relax.
On Monday it was Kings Day in the Netherlands. The King's birthday. Normally that is one huge street party, but this year, no festivities were allowed. I watched the King's speech.
Hubby and I have been playing an online game called Elvenar for several years now, and we play in a group. Every now and then they organize an 'Adventure' where the whole group has to work together. It is fun and one of those started on Sunday.

On Tuesday we enjoyed a video-call with all three of the kids and their families. We did it on Zoom and it was great fun. We are going to do this every Tuesday from now on. I also managed to get in touch with my son and family in Italy. 

Wednesday at last saw some sunshine! 
Hubby needed to go into town to look for a water but, and volunteered to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket (with my list). Hey Ho!
Then yesterday, I had to get up early to have my (yearly) bloods taken. The weather was lovely as i walked through the empty streets of our village. I also met the spray wagon. They spray (I assume some sort of disinfectant) in the morning. I wanted to get some sausages on my way back, but I got seen to so quickly, that the shops weren't even open yet when I walked home. Consequently I had to go back to the butcher's later. Luckily it is only a five minute walk from our house.
Hubby had not been able to buy the water container yesterday, as by the time he had done the shopping, the shop was closed. So he went today to get it finally. He also went and harvested more peas and spinach. I made an Italian dish with pasta, bacon, onion and peas. 
That was my week. I hope your week has been good too. Do tell us what your smiles were. 
I'm going to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday. And as per usual, I have added some funnies at the end. This time a few Trumpy ones, a few golfie ones and two about clothes hangers(!). Enjoy.

Many blessings to all,
Stay safe,


  1. So pleased to hear you are both well and it sounds like things are settling down where you are. Great postcards and love the Muppet stamps. I can't smile at anything to do with Donald Trump as I think he is a dangerous man but the idea of taping him up sounds like a great idea to me. Loving the golf sentiments they are so true. Take care and stay safe. Big hugs, Angela xXx

  2. Oh what a lovely long post, I'm glad your post is still getting through that must definitely cheer you up. Your food making looks great and I'll watch the friendship cake with interest, hubby keeps toying with starting a sour dough starter as it is still impossible to get yeast.

    Your weather is certainly not what I'm used to seeing when you and Kate post from Spain, we seem to have had your better weather recently although it is still quite cool, I hope you get some more blue sky days soon.

    Right back to painting sai 19 year old's art room, I'm just having a tea break at the moment.

    Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.



  3. I can't see any of the cats sewing so not sure where I am at the mo :-) It sounds like you've made the best of your've managed to keep very busy it seems. I love the funnies this week.....and Theo did clip his daddy's hair with a little guidance of his mummy of course :-)
    Annie x

  4. Love it! Beautiful postcards and wonderful collage updates to see. I'm tasting your big meatballs in my mind ~ Yum! rice pudding sounds really good too...I think it must be getting close to dinner time! blessings

  5. Oh, yes, I miss the beach, also!
    And guess! I got the Sesame Street stamp as well, and will give it to my Perth friend, once we can visit again.
    That friendhip-cake is a wonderful idea!
    My hands are icy cold, I´m freezing here, too.

    Zoom seems to get big! Hubby bought microphones and stuff, too - not my thing, though...

    LOL, sorry, you made me laugh about being taken in too soon to get sausages. Happens to me, too. Too early!
    We only get the worms, do we.

    That mask does not cover the idiot´s ears....