Friday, 8 May 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 8 May 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies! It's Friday again!
Have you all been well? Are restrictions slowly being lifted where you are? Here we are finally allowed out for a walk (at certain times of the day according to your age).

So that is good news, and every week (I hope) there will be more restrictions lifted.

Yes, I want to concentrate on the positive things this week. There have been many. My biggest smile was that I got the all clear from the oncologist. I see him only once a year now, and yesterday I got the news that this time everything is fine again. Markers  (blood test) are normal, my mammogram is normal, and no lumps are to be found. Hurray! Thank God.

Other smiles have been some more postcards. I will show you one today. You might have seen these 'Aunties' before. They are by a Finnish illustrator called Inge Look. I have collected quite a few, but i didn't have this one. 

It was sent to me by Marianne from the Netherlands. In fact she is from Rotterdam (My home town!). She writes that she and her husband were still able to work (on the 19th of March) but that their kids (16 and 18 yrs old) had to study on their own and that was not easy.
The stamps are really nice. There is one with champagne, that is for me today. If I had any bubbly in the house, I would have got it out. The middle stamp is about Roermond, in the south of the country. A town that I have never been to I hate to admit. The stamp on the right is commemorating Dick Bruna, 
 Dick Bruna was a Dutch author, artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Bruna was best known for his children's books which he authored and illustrated, numbering over 200. His most notable creation was Miffy, a small rabbit drawn with heavy graphic lines, simple shapes and primary colours.

So a big 'thumbs up' for Marianne who made my day!

Let me tell you that I have a real problem with house work and cleaning. I'm not very good at it as I have always had someone else to do the cleaning. (Besides I actually don't like doing housework.) It never appears on my radar as I plan my day. Since we are retired, we cannot afford to pay a cleaner. 
A while ago I got this book on my Kindle, and I am now actually putting it into practice. I follow her advice day by day. 

 Well Friday it was clean the fridge day, so that is what I did. My hubby also had a special job to do. He had bought some insulation stuff and he climbed on the roof to cover the hot water tank. We get a lot of wind and with the bad weather we have been having, the water cooled so quickly, it was often not hot enough in the evening to have a shower.
Friday is also the day the The Graphics Fairy do a freebie (if you subscribe to their newsletter), Friday it was this image:
They are all old free-to-use images so I have no info whatsoever on this but I thought it nice to remember healthcare workers this way.

 Saturday, (just after hubby had covered the water tank) the temperatures went up and we started to have lovely weather. It's about time!
Sunday is the Lord's day and we watch church online. We 'binge watch' church services. We watched three again.
Hubby cut my hair, and I must say, he did a good job!

 On Monday my house work book told me to clean the spice drawer, which I did, plus a few other kitchen drawers.
I also baked my Herman the Friendship Bread. And it turned out great.

I gave it to a friend, plus a part of the starter and instructions of course. In case you missed what this is about, here is the link.
Hubby harvested more beans and peas. A big Ikea bag (nearly) full. I spent the whole afternoon shelling them.

I made a 'ring' cake with the Herman dough that was left on Tuesday.

On Wednesday I went shopping, and because we are still only allowed one person in the car, I had to go to the builder's merchant too and get some rubber buckets for him indoors. As for cleaning: today it was kitchen cabinets and I cleaned and sorted out the cabinet for teas and coffees. 

The photo at the bottom was taken on the 5th of May (Tuesday), but I  received it the next morning. It is the drone display in Rotterdam (Netherlands) that was shown to celebrate Liberation Day . The end of the display was in the shape of a throbbing heart dedicated to all the medical personnel. (It was quite near the big teaching/university hospital ). It was beautiful to watch. The structure you can see is one of the bridges across the river Maas. This one is nick-named The Swan.
On Thursday I went to the post office to collect my mail and buy some products at a local shop. 
Look what I found! Talcum powder. I thought that had been taken off the market, but I found some in a local shop. Talc is helpful with gloves. I always used to put a little bit of talc in my gloves at work.

 That was my week. It was a good week. 

Lets go and link up with Annie and with Virginia.

I wish you all a lovely weekend, with hopefully some activities that were not allowed last week.

As usual, I will post some funnies at the end.

Take care,

In South Africa they give this advice:

And in Malaysia this:
 Only one Trump funny this week....

The following image will make sense only to ladies in the UK, as they will recognize this as a normal train ticket. (Or not-so-normal in this case)


  1. Oh lots to read this morning, you've had a busy week by the looks of it, I hope the water tank insulation is doing its trick, but i think they call it sods law that your weather has now improved. I'm glad your results were clear and all is well, it is always a blessing to get that.

    Loving all your daily collages, they really sum your day up well. The drone display was amazing, thank you for the link we sat and watched it this morning with the lights off in the bedroom so we could enjoy the display - the throbbing heart at the end made me feel quite emotional if I'm honest.

    Your friendship cake looks amazing and I love the fact you made a ring version of it too.

    As for cleaning I go through phases of lots of cleaning which I seem to have done since lock down, although I haven't quite got to the kitchen cupboard yet.

    I've been working through different rooms and am now on with painting some of them. I followed 'fly lady' a few years ago, but got a bit obsessed with cleaning so had to stop, I hope your book proves positive and beneficial without it being overwhelming.


  2. You need a funny card like that in these times and a very BIG yay to your health!!!
    The Netherlands made it over to Braunschweig today, too :-) Cheers!

    That book sounds good. I´d never trust a stranger to clean up our condo. But I hate it deeply to do it myself, too!
    It´s on my kindle now :-)
    And I certainly paid the fairy a visit, thank you for your great ideas/advice!
    Apple and Spice muffins! you really wake me up here ;-)

    One person per car? But you can sleep in one bed with your hubby, logic, please???
    The heart is beautiful!

    Rum and Coke... again :-) And the masks!!! Love the neighbourhood-pic. Thank you for the laughs! And hugs from here :-)

  3. Lisca I really enjoyed your post, the funnies are very good, I've copied them for my DIL,
    I had smile at the book about cleaning, I think it sounds a good book but I enjoy cleaning and would never let a stranger clean my villa, as Steve says I would clean before the cleaner arrived, very true. Mind you I only clean when I can banish Steve outside so the floors dry before he decided to walk the length of the villa to use the bathroom!!!
    Apprantly next week we can travel together in the car but not sure how far we can go,!! They are saying they will be opening bars outside area, not a good move as far as I'm concerned!
    Have a weekend, Lisca
    Jan x

  4. Great funnies ~ The mask one had me Laughing out loud! Great postcards, I love the aunties. I need to find a good cleaning motivator too ~ I've been exercising and crafting but not so much cleaning. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Oh Lisca..what a lovely post. I have smiled all my way through it. You appear to have had a busy week and your funnies really made me chuckle esp the one about wearing the masks correctly [Michell actually sent me that this morning].
    Annie x

  6. HI Lisca, plenty of smiles today. The Aunties always make me smile and the funnies are brilliant, love the train ticket especially. Think I could do with that book on cleaning and the Friendship bread caught my attention as they used to be very popular over here. Take care my friend and have a lovely weekend, you are allowed to stop cleaning now. Hugs, Angela xXx

  7. Hi Lisca sorry late. On mobile struggle to comment.. ipad locks me out of blogger software conflict. Can write posts but not comment.. so must use phone...sigh.. glad you can travel in car together now.. read on someone else's blog. Praying your leaders and people will be wise.
    I live Miffy books by Dick Bruna, I had nearly full set in hard cover when teaching used them a lot.. but all given away. Prob worth something now.. as looked after them. I loved being reminded of them.
    Chuckled at cleaning book.. but do get help so am blessed, gov assisted home care, bad arthritis so its good, but still need to do some things.
    Thanksfor sharing your smiles and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love, in these different times.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

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    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}