Tuesday, 28 April 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 28 April 2020 - T for bakers, kings and art.

Hello lovely ladies! 
It's T-Day today and we are all invited to the T-Party by hosts Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Just join us with a blogpost with a beverage (or even a reference to a beverage). 
My qualifier is the image above. It is an image that I have coloured in an app called Happy Colour. I find it so relaxing as I can choose the image, there is no time limit or points to achieve. 

Let me show you a postcard that arrived last week. In most countries the postal system is disrupted and certain routes are suspended, but a few card come through. So far, during the lockdown,  I have received cards from the Netherlands and Germany . This one is from the Netherlands.

It shows a warehouse. The doors in the middle on each floor are used to load materials by ways of a winch right at the top of the building.

I immediately recognized the Alkmaar cheese carriers. Alkmaar is a town in the Netherlands, north of Amsterdam, where there is still a traditional cheese market. (The link tells you all about the cheese market and has a short video as well).

The postcard image is from 1954 and the words written above the shop tell me that it was an ironmonger in those days.

The house still exists, but windows have been put in the loading bays:

It is called Het huis met de schopjes´´(the house with the paddles) because it shows 3 'schopjes'. These are the paddles that bakers use to get their wares in and out of the oven. The building used to be a baker.

The shop was on the ground floor and the bakery was on the first floor and above that, the place where they kept the ingredients such as flour. Everything got hoisted into the building through the middle 'windows'. The family lived at the back of the building.

Here is another contemporary photo. The shop front has a sort of shelter so that people could buy bread and cakes and not get wet.

Below is an old painting of the same house by Johannes Franciscus Spohler (1853 1923). There is an identical house next door, but that doesn't exist anymore. In the distance you can see the tower of the weigh house, where they weigh the cheeses.

I am writing this post on Monday 27th of April and in the Netherlands it is King's Day, the birthday of King Willem Alexander.  It usually is an enormous party celebrated all over the country. People dressed in orange etc. But now with the confinements there will be no street parties. 

But the king did appear for a photo opportunity this morning with his wife Maxima and his 3 daughters:

And here he is on the stamp (minus the beard)

Do I dare mention the virus? We are doing ok here. For me it's no hardship to stay at home. But for families with children it must be a nightmare. From yesterday (Monday) in Spain, the children under the age of 13 are allowed outside for max an hour and only accompanied by an adult. But at least they can play and get some fresh air and run about. 

My grandson in Italy, who is 5, is a very active kiddy. His parents have bought him a trampoline and I watched some little clips of him bouncing away! (I don't think in Italy they are allowed out yet though).

Governments have been trying to get recommendations across to the public in all sorts of ways. Here in the village there is a police car with a loudspeaker going through the streets shouting out instructions and new rules. But I found on the internet what the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Informational Security have done to inform the public. Have a look, I think it's beautiful:

Ukrainian creative agency Looma recently came up with a creative way of informing people on how to stay safe during the corona-virus pandemic. They gave 9 famous art pieces quarantine makeovers and paired them with important PSA’s as part of the global #FlattenTheCurve campaign and you don’t need to be an art lover to appreciate them.
We can say that the ability to preserve the quarantine – is a kind of art. This is how we came up with idea of “Art of Quarantine” campaign, launched in association with Ministry of Culture and Informational Security of Ukraine,” writes Looma. “Classic art pieces get a new look and teach how to stop the spread of COVID-19 and stay safe.”

That's all from me the T-Day. 
Wishing you all a happy T-Day,
Stay safe and stay healthy,


  1. Your coloring app looks like fun- great looking art for T day. I am so very happy to see that the warehouse in the Netherlands still exists- what a super looking structure! Nice that you are still able to receive some postcards.
    And thanks for those fun creative new art posters in support of keeping safe during the Corona. Love them!! Keep well, and happy T day!

  2. Loved your postcard this week. What a beautiful building.
    The pandemic art is very interesting and quite unique. I like how they used classic pieces and added contemporary elements. We are being told to do a lot of the same things as you.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. What an incredible art filled post, Lisca. I LOVE it. The coffee you shared is wonderful. I like the star anise and cinnamon you colored to go with the beans that were ready to be ground. It's a great coloring app.

    What an amazing postcard. I read with fascination about the building and admired the various photos you shared because of your research. It's amazing.

    Happy King's Day. Too bad King Willem Alexander couldn't celebrate in the streets like before, but his photo with his family is lovely.

    I totally enjoyed the art that the Ministry of Culture and Info in Ukraine put out. These were both clever and to the point. Thanks for sharing these classics with us, along with your postcard, and coffee coloring on the app for T this Tuesday.

  4. Love the postcards and the info about the Dutch houses. I always enjoy looking at the buildings when I visit the there. The Corona art is being shown here on many TV programmes. A lot of people have to spend their birthdays at home this year, even the King and Queen Elizabeth, too. Happy T day, stay safe! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Nice image, great choice of colors.
    The warehouse looks like some houses in Emden, too.
    Ohhhh! Cheese market! I´d be in heaven! And since 1593, WOW! I´d like to come back to the Netherlands, just this time avoid the beach where a seagull pooped on me. Brown. Yuck! How come, maybe you can explain, I thought bird poop is white?

    Wonderful houses, really!

    And such a nice family, so "normal".

    Crazy. No lock down here, shops open up, restaurants do out of the house meals, no delivery, you can just get it like that.
    And you have police shouting at you?!
    Clever what the Ukrainians do!

    Still coughing away and I hate to wear my masks, you get hardly some air in those self made ones.

    But! Anyway: To a happy T-day and hugs from way overe here :-)

  6. A really interesting post card with the history notes you shared with us, I love seeing at old buildings as well.
    The Art altered and put out by the Ukraine was really clever, I think many folk would be looking at these tan if they had just printed a notice.
    Stay safe Lisca, happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Those are some funny artworks to make the public aware during the virus, very clever.
    Very exciting to think we may be allowed out for a walk. We haven’t had any police around here for a while, they were checking people going off the Urbanización at first but seemed to have moved down to the port.

    Stay safe Lisca, have a good T day
    Jan x

  8. I love your post Lisca !! It is very interesting to see the warehouse and the backery shop, the store. That building is impressive, and is very well preserved to this day. Happy T-day !!
    Enjoy this day, important to you. I really like the Art of the Covid, although not the Covid of course. Let's see if people become more responsible, because unfortunately, we saw on television that many children went out with their parents, both of them and not just one.
    I hope this all happens soon. Take care of yourself and stay safe and healthy you and your husband.
    Happy day and big hugs, Caty

  9. Wow, that old warehouse is amazing! It's so nice to see it today too, it still looks wonderful 😀. The classic art pieces made me smile! Wishing you a Happy T Day! Keep well! Hugs, Jo x

  10. I love your coffee time image :) I'm glad you are doing ok there. Your quarantine rules are much stricter than hours, and people here are encouraged to get outside in nature as they are able with proper social distancing. I love those fine art makeovers. What a creative way to capture attention and get the message across :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  11. Lovely postcards and stamps. I like the quarantine artwork: that was a good idea they had. Happy T-Day!

  12. That building is so cool. Glad the postcard made you think about it and share more photos. The updated classics as PSA posters made me giggle a bit.
    Take care and Happy T day!

  13. What a fascinating piece of history from the Netherlands, Lisca. 1609 and it's still standing proudly.

    Love the art from the Ukraine, especially the hand santizer one and the Last Supper.

    We also have police trucks patrolling and playing loud recordings of the rules of the day. There are also checkpoints to check if aany sick people are in the car. Is this what a police state feels like?

    Belated Happy King's Day and Belated Happy T-Day! Eileen xx

  14. The bakery building is so fascinating. Clever how they used the winches to bring up the bulk things to bake. It is such a beautiful building. Happy Birthday to the King. Maybe he will have a birthday bash later when it is safe to do so. I absolutely love the PSAs from Ukraine. How clever those ad people are. Take care and Happy Coloring and T Day!

  15. The art with the masks and gloves is priceless! it's so clever ~ My postcard arrived to Lithuania! I was so excited and I received a card from the Netherlands so that was exciting. I loved the pictures and the history about the bakery, very interesting. I would love to see the inside now ~ Blessings to you!

  16. We were talking about Alkmaar the other day! We stayed there for a few days several years ago - a really beautiful and quiet place to stay! We went by train into Amsterdam on a couple of days and we missed the cheese market by two days! We might try to go there again one day! I love those Ukrainian changes to the artwork - very clever idea! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  17. It is nice Spain and so many European countries are taking this so seriously. Here in the US we have a president who thinks people should get shots of bleach to get cured. Everyone is rushing to open up and that is so disrespectful to all the health care workers who work so very hard lately. I really love those classic posters about the virus. And I also enjoyed reading and seeing the photos of the building in the Netherlands. What a wonderful piece of architecture. Thanks for such an interesting post. And hope it was a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  18. I enjoyed your post-so clever mixing art with the virus "rules" maybe it will help people understand better what they need to do--so many here are not following the guidelines at all.
    loved the history of the bakery and your postcard-sad they had to cancel the celebration such are the times right now--hugs Kathy