Friday, 17 April 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 17 April 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely girls,
In our country we have been in total lockdown for more than a month now. (34 days). How are you all coping?  If it weren't for all those people getting ill and even dying, I would actually enjoy it a lot more. 

But I am here to mark the silver linings and the good moments of my week. Then I will share it with you all at Annie's blog A Stitch In Time.

The mail has become a trickle and i have received only one card this week. The cards I am going to show you today arrived earlier.  

I like this first one a lot. It comes to me from Germany and it depicts spring for me. As a child we lived next to a large meadow and in spring it was full of flowers. Buttercups were only one type of flower. There were many more.
The next card also comes from Germany. It is a vintage birthday card. The image is a cut-out image. There probably is a name for this art, but I don't know what it is called. It is from Nicole and she writes that she found this card in her late grandmother's house. Nicole said that her grandma would have loved the fact that her cards are now being sent all over the world.
The translation of the German is: Birthday wishes.

So, what did my week look like? Here are my collages from the past week.

We are still having rainy, dreary weather. It rained on Good Friday. I started to read a new book. It is called The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris (who wrote Chocolat). Has anyone read this?
On Saturday hubby made pancakes for breakfast. We always have pancakes on Saturday, but usually the smaller American ones. That day we had traditional pancakes. Very nice too.
 On Easter Sunday there was no point in dressing in my Sunday best. So it was a question of 'which apron shall I wear?' I had to laugh at myself. 
 Easter Monday is a normal working day here in Spain. And The day didn't start very well. First of all there was a thick fog and secondly we had no water. I had left washing up from the previous day on the work top and we didn't get our water supply repaired until after dinner! The whole village was without water, it was a fault and thank goodness it was repaired within the day.
One of our neighbours brought us some wild asparagus and I made a nice quiche with that. He also brought me desert truffels but I don't quite know what to do with those.
Another highlight was a video chat with my son, wife and grandson in Italy.
 On Tuesday there was more fog. We can literally see it roll into the valley. Luckily it doesn't stay all day. 

 On Wednesday I went out in the car for the first time since the beginning of the lockdown. I needed to shop at the big supermarket in town. Our village has several shops but their stock is limited. I wanted outlandish things like basmati rice and grapefruit juice and stracciatelli yoghurt!. The supermarket was very organised. I had a very short wait until I was waved in by the security guy, and was asked to put on plastic gloves, and an assistant disinfected my trolley. It was great and I was home again in a very short time (the roads are empty). On the way I stopped at the petrol station to collect an Amazon parcel that had arrived. (They don't deliver to our house as we don't have a proper address).
In the evening one of our grandchildren called me on Facetime (videochat) to play this funny face app with me. The app changed my face or put a hat or glasses on my face. It was very entertaining.
Hubby took a photo yesterday of the meadow next to our plot. Normally our landscape is brown, but after so much rain, the countryside looks green! Very unusual.

That is it from me today. Here is something to think about:

Of course as usual I will put some funnies at the end. I'm afraid most of them are rather cheesy. (But that's the sort of mood I'm in at the mo).

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.
Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling,


  1. Hi Lisca, allot of great funnies here-we have had a cold and windy week here-but rain starts tomorrow and I think we will be warming up next week.
    beautiful postcards-loved that one was vintage-nice way to share them. I enjoyed your photo collages too.
    I am much more positive this week-I usually do not get down-watching no news at all except for live updates was the best thing I could do and stop reading the negative stuff on facebook.
    Happy friday and weekend. Husband is driving to the woods house tomorrow morning to check on things-first time he has been out of the house in over a month. I am sending him off with a mask, gloves (to pump gas) and clorox wipes

  2. "Geburtstagswünsche", how cute is that!
    I remember when Ingo´s Granma sent me a Birthday-card. She could hardly write no more and I loved she made the effort anyways. I miss her.
    Hmmm. Good idea! We have a "Homer Simpson"´s pancake pan. I tried and it was awful, but maybe Hubby can do it!
    Asparagus soup here - shopping is crazy still.

    :-) I need a cockroach!!!! Great Change sign. And the plumber, wonderful! Kleenex. You crack me up here, thank you and some "clean" hugs!

  3. Loved the funnies!! still laughing ~ I never knew aloe bloomed! I learned something else new today ~ Blessings

  4. Lisca the funnies were very good, made me laugh, especially the cockroach one,,
    I wish we could drive to look at the fields after all the rain, it’s amazing how green they get after the usual brown.
    Have a good weekend,we e got some sun at the moment!
    Jan x

  5. Nice card Lisca but where are the stamp! Nice to see your week in pics and pleased the water wasn't off for to long. I liked the words from Dave Hollis, he may be right. I don't know what to say about the funnies but I'm still smiling now and my favourite was the Cockroach and I'm off outside to see if I can find one! Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  6. Oh Lisca I'm now chuckling to myself...your humour really suited me too today.
    Thank for your lovely comments today....I made my dress and it was very much of it's time with long sleeves and high neckline....I felt like a princess in it :-)
    Annie x

  7. Your postcards are wonderful. I think the birthday card style is called silhouette. I have some that are similar that are in frames that used to belong to my grandmother. They are beautiful. You got a lovely postcard.

    I've been in lockdown longer than you. I've been on lockdown for about five weeks: since March 13, the last time I went to the grocery store. My friend Sally has a membership to Sam's, the WalMart of large quantities. She got me 4 buckets of cat litter. I can't believe how much these fellows have run through litter. Their equivalent of toilet paper, I suspect.

    Enjoyed seeing your photos of your week. I bet this helps you stay sane in these times of the corona virus.

    Enjoyed several of your funnies today, Have a safe weekend, laugh a lot, keep smiling, and have a great rest of Friday, too, dear.

  8. Yes the strangeness of the empty streets and staying at home is definitely becoming normal isn't it. We are still managing a daily walk which is a break from the house, but it only takes us about half an hour.

    Your flower postcard is very pretty and I'm loving all the plants that are flowering. The green field next to your plot looks fabulous too and the fog photo - wow.

    Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.


  9. Oh Lisca, you do find some good funnies. Your post always make me smile. The one with a baby in a suspended cot on board a plane brought back memories. My first husband was in RAF and we were posted to Cyprus when our baby was just four months old, and he had a sky cot like that to travel in. We came back during the troubles in 1974, on an evacuation flight, and there were no cots, not even very many seats, and they made my next baby a nest on the floor from parachute nets!
    But I smiled at the first card too. I love silhouettes against a plain background and I could see that making a good one.
    I haven't made it as far a big supermarket yet but I may have to next week. It sounds as though you have much the same routine at yours as we do, or so I am told.
    I wouldn't know what to do with truffles either, but I expect you could google it.
    I love your daily layouts. They will make a great album to look back on when all this is over. Kate x