Tuesday, 21 April 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 21 April 2020 - T for a forest fairy and a slut, sorry: slutsk

Hello lovely people,
Here we are again at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's T-Party. I need a beverage or a drink related item to qualify, so what about this one?
I do hope you are all well and coping with whatever restrictions your government has issued. We in Spain are still on a strict lockdown, although I have heard that some factories have been able to re-open last week. 
Today, Tuesday, I'm having to go to the hospital in town for a mammogram. I phoned them up and they said my appointment can go ahead as planned. I'll let you know how that went. Normally my hubby would drive me, but only one person is allowed to travel by car, so I will have to drive myself. (Good practice as the roads are empty).

Let me show you a postcard from Belarus:

It is entitled Zazowka and is drawn by the artist Eugene Kot.
It's a beautiful drawing and I just had to find out more about it. Luckily the artist has a website and this is what I found:
Near the village of Guby in Vileyka district, in the forest lived demonic creature called Zazowka. She had the appearance of an unspeakably beautiful young girl with thick hair so long that she doesn’t need any clothes. Many lads are charmed by her. If she appears in front of some person he follows her as if charmed. She calls him by name in a sweet voice and laughs teasingly. Now appearing, now disappearing, she lures the man deep into the forest by the seductive movements of her slender body. Now and then as she moves she puts her hair aside to reveal the most intimate parts. On luring her chosen one to the heart of the forest she caresses him as no other woman does. Few men come back from the Zazowka, while some men perish from her insatiable love. Those who manage to come back to their wives later go to the forest again never to come back. Not everyone is entertained twice by the Zazowka. When she rejects them they commit suicide. These distraught men can be often found hanged in the forest.

There was a beautiful stamp on the card. It took me a while to figure out what the stamp is about as I can't read the Cyrillic alphabet. But it is about the town  Slutsk
Slutsk is a city in Belarus, located on the Sluch River 105 km (65 mi) south of Minsk. As of 2010 its population is of 61,400. (Wikipedia)

All the info below is from the website Belarus24.

Bottom right on the stamp: Museum of Local Lore,
In the middle of the last century the Slutsk Museum of Local Lore was opened. The exposition of the museum tells about the formation of the Slutsk Principality, the first gymnasium on the territory of the country, the life of the citizens, the Great Patriotic War and modern Slutsk. The museum’s collection numbers more than 31 thousand items, including archaeological finds, fragments of Slutsk belts, documents and many other things.

 top right:

Cathedral of St. Archangel Michael in Slutsk

According to various historical data, there were about 20 churches in Slutsk, and Slutsk churches were first mentioned in the year 1392  (St. Michael’s Church). It is also known as Church of the Archangel Gabriel, a "domestic" church, attached to St. Michael’s church, was situated next to the St. Michael’s temple in the churchyard. In wintertime, it was used as a warm temple, since St. Michael’s church itself was not heated at the time. After the revolution, the church was used for housekeeping needs and for living. Divine services were resumed only in 1941. After difficult-for -faith decades in the twentieth century, when the temple of Michael the Archangel remained the only in the city, the church was granted the status of a cathedral and became the center of the Slutsk deanery. The building of the St. Michael’s Church is protected by the state. This is a monument of architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries of national significance.


Monument to Sophia Slutskaya

Sophia Slutskaya is the last of the famous Olelkovich family. (She married a Radziwill. Read all about her here)
In 1984, the Belarusian Church canonized her, and at the end of the 20th century a monument to Sophia was installed in the square on the Bogdanovich Street. A bronze figure.
Sophia asks to stop and think to yourself for a moment. Behind the figure of Sophia you can see three-leafed arch that symbolizes the Christian church.

Top Left: 

Chapel of St. Barbara

In the eighteenth century the most beautiful Barbarian church was situated in this place. But it suffered a cruel fate: first there was a fire, after it was in a dilapidated state, then it was rebuilt in the style of folk architecture and baroque, but in 1812 it was ransacked by the French, and in Soviet times it was burnt down. In the old place in 1996, it was decided to build a small chapel in honor of St. Barbara.

I have not been able to find out what the building Bottom left is.
I have not received any postcards this week, but I have been occupying myself with all sorts of useless activities. One of them is my jigsaw puzzle. I find it relaxing to do. I'm doing this one:
And this is how far I got.

I also like this app on my iPad called Happy Colour. It is 'painting' by numbers and I like it a lot. I do one a day.
I had just finished the one top left and I clicked on it to show you. Up popped this empty one and it wanted me to start all over again. No thank you.
Hubby has been gardening in our plot and came home with our first broad bean!

The banana is there to show you the size. I have since used it to make banana overnight oats for our breakfast. Such is the destiny of a left over banana.
So that evening we had broad beans for supper:

One of the plus sides of this whole quarantaine thing is that churches are doing online services. This past Sunday we enjoyed watching three services of churches we had either belonged to or that our children are involved in.
Sorry, I'm in my dressing gown again. I'm afraid I shall have to get out of that habit soon. But before 12 noon, this is what I wear.
One last image:
It's our scrambled egg on toast breakfast. (Home made bread again). Feel free to join me for breakfast.

I shall leave it at that. I wish you all health and patience as this situation continues. Personally I don't know anyone who has got or has had the virus. What about you?
 I hope you are all safe and staying home. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.
Hugs (virtual of course)

PS Here is the link to the fish recipe for Kate Yetter.


  1. Yes life is so different these days. That was a big bean!
    I have to get dressed for the day otherwise I feel lazy. I usually have to put on "real pants"...nothing stretchy to feel motivated for the day. Unless I go for a walk...then I can deal with workout clothes. :)

  2. What a story around that first postcard- enchanting art too! Love all the architecture depicted on the stamp. That is one huge broad bean- I hope it was good-at least your meal looks good:) I have to say that like Halle, I am dressed albeit in yoga pants and a sweatshirt when I come downstairs for breakfast and coffee, and soon after I get dressed for the day...but I have always been that way- even as a kid:):) Stay well, and happy T day!

  3. I've not been off my property since March 13. I don't go anywhere. I'm afraid of that virus and I know my home is safe. So far, I haven't heard of anyone who has contracted the virus. I'm worried about Erika's mother, though. We must wait to hear what the test results were, hopefully today or tomorrow.

    What a unique post card you received. I wouldn't want to meet her in the dark. Thankfully, I'm the wrong gender to be lured to the woods. That was an incredible stamp and you sure researched it well.

    Had to laugh at you in your robe. I wear cotton gowns and often stay in them all day until I take my daily shower, something I won't give up. Sally says I wash too frequently, that I should only bathe every two or three days because soap dries my skin. She can do her thing and I'll do mine. Thankfully we live four doors away from each other (grin). Sorry I got off target.

    That bean is the biggest I've ever seen. You certainly won't starve by going to your allotment and getting fresh veggies. One thing is apparently plentiful at the store and that is bananas. You certainly eat well, dear Lisca.

    Your breakfast sounds wonderful. I'd still love to have some fresh baked bread. Heck, I'd take day old, almost moldy bread about now. Loved seeing your tea cozy. It is perfect for T Tuesday, as are your cups of piping hot water. Thanks for sharing your postcard, your broad bean, your banana oats, and your breakfast, along with your tea cozy and tea with us for T this Tuesday.

    It's certainly good you can watch several church services each Sunday. I bet that is uplifting.

  4. I loved reading that postcard story. I had never heard of Zazowka. What a fascinating story, and a beautiful postcard. And you have garden veggies already, wow! It is still too cold here to start planting, so I am jealous you get fresh veggies. And I don't mind the bathrobe, I have been living in my comfy clothes too. Have a wonderful T day and hope your mammogram goes well. Hugs-Erika

  5. Hi Lisca, glad to hear you are doing well. You got some pretty cards, and I love that you researched them so well. That broad bean looks magnificent, what a huge one! Good to have fresh veggies. And freshly baked bread, too, yummy. I've mostly been making veggie soups. Stay safe ad happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. I never had a mammogram so far and I´m really afraid of it, too.
    Interesting cards!
    I love jigsaws, too, but rather online. You can also choose the form of the pieces, have a look here, if you like.
    Oh, the poor banana ;-)
    Clothes-wise, yep, here, too!
    I´m still coughing and feeling weak, but there are no tests, no masks, no desinfectants. "Advanced" Germany...
    I will fight this by choosing empty places to enjoy the sun.... maybe that helps. Happy T-day and virtual hugs to you!

  7. Wonderful postcards and stamps. I love that mug. Good luck with your mammogram. Happy T-Day!

  8. great postcards and research info ~ My mammo was postponed till further notice, I hope your appt. goes well. We have a puzzle going here too ~ it does help. Your bean is huge! that's terrific ~ Happy T day!

  9. Great postcards again and always love the stamps too. I saw that mug advertised on facebook, I am hoping things starting opening up again here soon we are on lockdown still till May 4th so we will see what happens. we are pretty rural where I am.
    nothing better than fresh green beans from the garden-one of my favorites from a garden.
    It's ok to dress the way you want at home especially on lockdown-hugs
    I have discovered jigsaw planet online for puzzles on my computer-I love it and am hooked they have tons of photos to choose from and one can upload your own so I have been uploading allot of Yellowstone photos.
    good luck with your drive for your test Happy T wishes Kathy

  10. IF you are comfortable in what you are wearing, go for it. We should care for ourselves as well in stressful times. The post card looked lovely and I liked reading the information you added.
    Your beans looked quite a size, you are going to enjoy your home grown vegetables, they always seem to taste so much better.
    I hope all goes well at the hospital for you.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  11. I love that mug! We never had a lockdown here. "Essential" businesses include landscape/garden shops and office supply stores, and restaurants are open for pickup or delivery. I trust your mammogram will go well. The bean dish looks delicious :)

    I favor comfort in clothes at the best of times, and these aren't the best of times. A robe looks cozy and definitely comfortable.

    I don't know anybody who has gotten this virus, but I know people who've been exposed to someone who has. Scary :(

    You tea cozy is sweet :) Happy T Tuesday!

  12. We're coping pretty much like you, Lisca. Couples can travel together in their cars; but only one can go into the store. That makes sense to me because I know how Chris and I shop. We keep losing each other as we're distracted by dfferent items. So we're twice the risk as a single person.

    I trust your mammo will go well. And the drive too!

    The Zazowka image is gorgeous! Thanks for the info. I'm left wondering why she has horse's legs. I guess like the Siren winged-women of Greek mythology.

    I can't imagine how you deciphered the Cyrillic to find all the information about that stamp. Great research!

    Personally, I don't know anyone who has been infected by COVID-19 either.

    Stay safe and well.

    Happy T-Day! Eileen xx

  13. Fabulous, I'd love to join you for breakfast! Your scrambled egg on toast looks so delicious 😀. Great postcards, the Belarus one looks so magical! Happy T Day wishes! Keep well! Hugs, Jo x

  14. Thank you, Lisca, for the fish recipe. It looks delicious and you are right, the children would all love their own packet.
    Your postcard and stammp has a most interesting story this week. I enjoyed reading.
    I personally do not know anyone with the virus. We live in a rural area and have only 15 people infected in our county. But still, our governor is imposing lockdown. So many people are out of work! I think it will take a long time to recover from this economically. My heart goes out to the families that are not bringing in a paycheck.
    We too have been listening to our church services online. I rather like sitting and listening in my lounge pants with a warm cuppa in my hands. The introvert in me likes the stay at home aspect.
    That is great that your hubby's garden is starting to produce. I love beans but only grew them one year. Now I am afraid the ground hogs will eat them. I hope you have a prosperous garden this season!
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. Oh Lisca, glad I am not the only one who gets dressed after lunch! lol! the sexy monster story is very creepy, and the image quite beautiful...until I noticed an extra length of leg and hooves. Never a good sign. And the cup! I knew it wouldn't be long before someone capitalized on that! Happy T day! ;)

  16. The postcards are fascinating. I'm really taken by the blue Arcangel church. Love that shade. You've made a good dent on your puzzle and the color program looks like fun. I don't think I've ever seen a bean as big as a banana, and eggs on homemade bread sounds perfect for breakfast. I just baked a loaf of bread this afternoon. Happy T Day Oh, and the cup made me giggle.

  17. Lovely postcards - what an awful person Zazowka is! Loved the stamp though! We often don't rush to get dressed although usually by 11! I love scrambled egg on toast,sadly, hubby doesn't much so we don't have it very often! Sadly I heard today that a good friend of our son and his partner came out of hospital after having the virus but has now died at home- he was a lovely man and they are devastated!
    Do take care, Hugs and belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  18. How fantastic and fun is your mug Lisca !! It has made me smile, haha, the toilet paper crisis ...
    Your postcard is beautiful too, as is the postal stamp. Thank you very much for all that valuable information about those cathedrals and other monuments. Your puzzle is on the right track !! is awesome. Interesting application. And, what a delicious dinner, with those delicious beans, I really like them. I hope everything goes well, stay safe and healthy,
    Big hugs, Caty