Tuesday, 14 April 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 14 April 2020 - T for Frida, food and aprons

Hello lovely people,

I hope you have all had a very pleasant Easter weekend. Yes, very different to normal, but you know, when life gives you lemons.....

Let me show you some postcards. (At least my mail is still filtering through somehow). This one is a a painting by Frida Kahlo called Self portrait With Cropped Hair, 1940. It was sent to me by Laura in Paris, France.

The text at the top of the painting translates something like this: 

See if I loved you, it was because of your hair. Now that you're short-haired, I don't love you anymore
 I love Frida Kahlo, her colourful art, her obsession with self (portraits), her battle with her health and her unconventional love life.
The stamp is one i hadn't seen before. Metiers d'art means 'artistic careers'.
 The second card comes from Russia and shows the map of Russia with pictures. I spot the Trans-Siberian Railway, but I cannot read any of the names. 
The stamps are those antique looking ones again. I really like those stamps.

Life here in Spain is continuing with a strict lockdown, and awful weather. It doesn't really bother me to stay at home as I keep myself occupied. I do gym every morning and then do stretch exercises when I can (as I am dressed in a leisure suit every day).
And I always wear an apron in the house. I have a whole colourful collection of them. So in the morning it's a question of choosing which apron to wear, lol.

The space we live in is a large kitchen, diner and lounge al into one. I prefer it that way. So we live in the kitchen and I love cooking and baking. I have made some more bread this week. White bread this time. 

Easter Monday was a messy day, as there was no water. It was a breakdown, so there was no warning.
I had left the washing up from the night before and was going to do it first thing in the morning, while the kettle boils. (No dish washer) But there was no water so the dishes were piled up high on the sink and it was a right royal mess!
One of our neighbours brought me some wild asparagus and some desert truffles (Terfezia).
 Note how they are tied with (a sort of) grass.
I made a quiche with the asparagus and I don't know yet what to do with the truffles. I have never eaten them. I'll ask a neighbour. 

I'm still working on my jigsaw but I have also discovered an app called 'colouring by numbers' and have been enjoying doing that. I have not got enough pens/pencils to do the real thing, but doing it on my iPad is really fun. 

I also read a lot. At the moment I am reading The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris (who wrote Chocolat).
I'm enjoying it so far.

Easter was a quiet affair for us. We watched a couple of church services, and I cooked lamb in the oven with potatoes:
Oh bother! I forgot to include our drinks! I want to join Elizabeth and Bleubeard for the T-Party, so  I'll have to think of something else. Here's one:

An image by Bloemsgallery. Used without permission.

Ok, I'll leave it at that. Hang on in there all you lovely girls. Even this will pass.

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy.

(Image from The Guardian newspaper)


  1. Great post Lisca, I so need to get back into walking again-I think I will feel better if I do-today was very breezy and cold though.
    My Grandma always wore an apron, and when I was a little girl she made me one so I would have an apron too in the kitchen with her-I think I still have somewhere.
    I love lamb, but don't pick it up very often as it is quite expensive here. Lovely stamps and cards-Happy T and yes this too will pass-hugs Kathy

  2. Such an entertaining post Lisca! Love the postcards and stamps, and yes, Frida's story/life is quite an amazing one. I don't usually wear an apron but i do have my grandmother's, great grandmother's aprons along with a new one or two and I do have such good memories when I wear them.
    MMMM- asparagus and truffles!!!
    But no water?- oh my now that's not good. Hope that is a rare occurrence! Good for you to keep exercising- you look great.
    Happy T day!

  3. What lovely postcards. Frida's was SO different and unusual. She had a very complicated life, I agree. I enlarged the Russian map looking for Chernobyl, but couldn't find it. It was a great map, though and I spent way too much time admiring it.

    I won't be tempted by bread this week. I'll ignore the images. I'll also ignore the fact a baby lamb gave its life for your Easter meal (says the vegetarian). That doesn't tempt me in the least.

    I've never worn an apron and I'm sure it shows, since I have lots of paint everywhere on all my clothes. Of course, the most places I get paint is on my long sleeves.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards, your baking, your aprons, your exercises, and your TEA rex with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  4. Beautiful first pic!!
    In Perth you find some beautiful Frida-murals, like this one :-)

    I´m in my training suit right now, too.
    Awful to have no water!

    Oh, I love truffles! Hubby hates the scent, though. And a colleague said once I had it as oil for my carrot salad, "why does it smell of motor oil in here?!"
    Love your Tea-Rex :-)
    Safe hugs from here, Iris

  5. Morning Lisca, we have rain again today, hopefully it will clear up as I have some washing to hang out.
    Lovely bread , it looks delicious and lamb and potatoes, exactly what we are having tonight.
    I always wear comfy clothes indoors, the first thing I do when I’ve been outside it get change into them.i love your colourful aprons, I never wear one but my mum always wore a half apron but my grandma always wore the pretty full pinny as she called them.
    I should wear one to stop my clothes being covered in glue, paint etc.
    Hopi g this Spanish weather improves soon.
    HappyT day
    Jan x

  6. I like that you are looking after yourself, keeping occupied and still having fun, that's the way to go! Your bread looks great. I especially love the Frida postcard, I so loved visiting her house back in the days when I could still afford to travel! Enjoy your food, stay well and safe! Hugs, valerie

  7. Lovely postcards and stamps. I'm sorry to hear you had no water. Your Easter meal looked delicious.

  8. Beautiful postcards and I loved the postage stamps too! Nice that you are keeping busy at home, it looks like you had lots of fun doing your stretches ...lol 😉. The bread and lamb dish looks yummy too! Wishing you a Happy T Day and keep well! Hugs, Jo x

  9. Sorry you had no water, that's rough! Beautiful postcards, stamps and bread! Interesting "apron" I would call that a vest. Mine tie around the neck and waist and go past my knees and I rarely wear them, I should though. I'm putting on real pants every couple of days to try and curb my eating ~ the tighter they get hopefully the less I'll eat that day. Not sure it's working. Stay well!

  10. Glad to hear you are both doing well Lisca. Thanks for sharing that Freida postcard. I have never seen that painting by her before. And we had a quiet Easter, but at least we had water. Hope you have everything back and working. Nothing worse than piles of dishes in the kitchen. And keeping yourself busy is good. I am doing the same, but also working from home which makes it too busy sometimes. But at least I can work in comfy clothes and not have to set a morning alarm! Let us know how the book goes also. I am curious about it. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  11. It was a good post to read and see the photos you shared. The postcards and stamps looked lovely and its good that you are keeping busy.
    Each day seems to flow into the next one and I am often having to think which day of the week it is. Your aprons looked really pretty, I have a few but they seem to want to linger in the cupboard and I am usually messy by the time I remember.
    Stay safe and well.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Wonderful post. So many things going on. It would be hard to be without water especially with a sink full of dishes!
    Take care and Happy T day!

  13. Such colorful aprons! That would brighten my day :) That bread looks delicious. I hope your water is back on by now. It's hard, especially when there's no warning.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Yes, it would figure the one night you decide not to do dishes, you wake up to no water. Your Easter meal looks delicious though. And so does your homemade bread.
    You have a lovely apron collection. I have a vintage apron pattern from the 1950's that I have always wanted to make but have never gotten around to it. Maybe one of these days I will give it a try.
    Loved your postcards this week.
    Happy Tea Day!

  15. Good that you are in well form Lisca! It is very important to do sport every day. Your sets are precious. I really like the postcards and stamps you show us, I love the one from Russia. That baked lamb with potatoes has to be delicious. Happy T-day!
    Thank you very much for sharing so many little things.
    Stay safe and well, and big hugs,

  16. Great read, Lisca. Very interesting postcards. The Kahlo one is striking. Great stamps too.

    Good for you in keeping a healthy routine. That's a nice deep lunge! I love open concept living areas too. Our kitchen, living room and dining room are open concept. The offices and bedrooms can be closed off.

    What a lovely gift from your neighbor. I've never had truffles but would love to try them.

    We had a similar Easter Sunday: church services online, then lamb and scalloped potatoes.

    Happy T-Day! Eileen xx

  17. It's always a joy to visit you, see fun postcards, and delicious meals! What wonderful aprons! I would wear one every day too if I had such a nice collection! I'm reading a lot too, and making art.

  18. Nice to hear about your day and the dishes piled in the sink. That happens to me but not because no water. i don't have a dishwasher either. I love the which apron to wear. I used to wear cobbler style aprons my mother made for me when my girlies were little, but I got out of the habit. Your lamb dinner looks delicious and Tea-Rex really made me smile. Take care and Happy T Day

  19. Love the cards and stamps! We have been exercising at home too - missing our walks on hills! Your Easter meal looks great! We only have a couple of bread mixes that we keep for the breadmaking machine...can't get flour of any kind..anywhere! I love your apron collection! I have a few but some are for baking and some for crafting! Happy T Day!Chrisx

  20. It looks like you're keeping yourself busy Lisca! A lovely selection of art and food,
    Happy T-Day!
    Alison xox