Friday, 24 April 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 24 April 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people, how are you all coping? Things seem to be developing in the right direction, but not fast enough for my taste! How about our summer holiday? (All booked and paid for). I suppose many of you will have the same worries or worse. But here we are to celebrate the good things this week and the silver lining on this great big C-cloud.

Of course my smiles come from my postcards. I received another 4 this week. All from Germany, which is one of the countries we still are able to receive mail from. The card I am going to show you arrived before the spread of the virus. It comes from Indonesia. It shows a photo of the wedding of Kahiyang Ayu, the only daughter of President Jaka Widodo, with  Bobby Afif Nasution.
The card was sent to me by Ririn, and he/she tels me the couple was photographed at the Borobudur Buddhist temple. Bobby is wearing a traditional batik shirt. (Batik is an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique.)
They wed on the 8th of November 2017. It was televised and watched by millions of  people. “I give the hand of my daughter Kahiyang Ayu in marriage to Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution, son of the late Erwin Nasution, with a dowry of prayer clothes and 80 grams of gold,” Widodo said in the ceremony,"

Here are two more photos of the happy couple:
The stamps on the card are beautiful:
The one on the right is from a series of stamps about the carnaval. 
 And the stamp on my card represents the Batam Carnival. (Batam is an island across the water from Singapore.) I found a photo of the carneval last December:
The stamp on the left (which is turned on its side) is from a series of headgear from 34 provinces. You'l find 'my' stamp in the right hand column. 
 It is a headdress from Sulawesi Tengah, which is Central Sulawesi, (what we used to call Celebes).
Here is a similar headdress in a different colour:
How was your week? I will show you the collages I made of my week.

I made soup from half a butternut squash that I had lying about. I also love doing this 'painting by numbers' (called Happy Colour) and you can see the pretty flower I coloured.
As you can see my jigsaw puzzle is coming on.
The weather is still bad.
On Tuesday I had to go to the hospital for my yearly mammogram. The roads were empty, and the hospital was very quiet and relaxed. There have been only 5 confirmed cases of the virus (and they were from outside the area). Because of that, our area will be one of the first to start 'normalizing' slowly.

Hubby has finished the cave ceilings. We have a cave house next door to our house and the ceilings were crumbling dangerously after the house had got damp. So now hubby has made arched ceilings in all the rooms, and this was the last one.
The first sunny day, and of course I let the washing machine do some work.
I coloured a particularly beautiful image that day. 
The book I finished was OK but it felt like a young adult sort of book, although it was not advertised as such. The title 'Unplanned' refers to pregnancy as the protagonist Kennedy gets involved with a pro-life charity.
Yes, I know, there are only 5 collages. I didn't do one every day. On Monday and Thursday, I didn't take any photos as I just spent the day indoors doing mundane things. There was nothing to report, so to speak.

Here is a little fun game that our d-i-l sent us. They are all names of countries. For example number 10 shows Philip Schofield and some pines, that would be  the Philipines. Get it? Answers next week.

Of course I will give you a few funnies at the end (apologies for the F word).

That is it from me today. I'm going to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.

Have a lovely weekend,
Stay safe,


  1. Oh, shoot, fingers crossed for your holiday to come true! We didn´t dare to book yet...
    I remeber in 7th grade we made batik, too. Beautiful pics of carnival, so different to ours!

    I know I´m old being baffled to see LIDL and ALDI all around the world! ;-)
    Love your weekly collages. I miss Photoshop a lot and just cannot get friends with GIMP.

    Crazy with the petrol, isn´t it? And cats know it best! Sadly. I see so much stupidity still these days!
    I tried to do Hubby´s haircut. Huhhhh. He "helped" and it looked like a lego-plane might land right on his head ;-)

    To a great weekend and hugs from here!

    1. Lisca, thank you for the info on the app. I can´t believe you do all these beautiful collages on your smartphone!
      I can hardly do anything on my laptop. I have an old fashioned PC and two big monitors and otherwise I´d be lost...
      My respect to you!

  2. Hi! great updates ~ I did send a few post cards and two are still traveling. One to Lithuania has taken 18 day?! do you think it's lost?? I was going to do a post today about a vintage one in my collection and tag you in it. The coloring app looks pretty and relaxing for sure. We take a trip to L.I. NY where my sister lives every summer at the end of June, but NY is one of the hardest hit and I don't think we will be going :( I'm glad your area sounds safe and you made it to your appt. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hi Lisca, you crack me up! I don't know where you get those funnies but they are great. Beautiful photographs of the happy couple and the carnival but of course my favourite are the stamps, love them. Looks like you've been busy too, the path that Graham made is lovely which reminds me somebody needs to make one for me going down to the cabin before the winter comes round again. Have a lovely safe weekend, Angela xXx

  4. I see you are getting on with your puzzle. Mine is making very slow progress!
    It has been a bit warmer this down here, but nothing like warm enough for all the paddling pools I see in UK posts! But as you say, the numbers are falling for the virus now. It will be good to be able to walk along the sea front again.
    I have had a few 'normal days' too with not much to report one, but life is ticking along quite well. It is good to know all our friends are keeping well, and coping with the situation. Kate x

  5. I've very late in the day catching up with my Friday friends...its been a day of manic ordering of face masks and trying hard to replenish my stock and failing hopelessly to keep up with demand.
    I really love your latest postcards and their stamps Lisca. Your funnies really had me chuckling but I think Trumps statement of today wins hands down....he's suggesting that because bleach kills the virus we should be drinkinbg it!! enough said eh?
    Annie x

  6. I am also sorry to be so late visiting. I was awakened yesterday by such a loud noise, it shook my entire house. It also knocked my electricity out for over 20 hours.

    Wow, that postcard is amazing. I wonder if the marriage was arranged. I hope not because they look happy. I tried to make batik, but it took forever to get the wax out of the fabric. Never again.

    Enjoyed the recap of your week, too.

    Cute funnies. Trump says the most idiotic things, so I wouldn't put it past him to say that about night time. Have a great rest of the weekend, dear.

    Actually, my friend from CA called me. It was 3 a.m. his time and he was sure I'd be awake. He was certainly the first to wish me a happy birthday that day. And, I have NO idea what that mound of dirt will turn into, but it made me grin.

  7. Hello sweetie, a fab post as always but I was struggling to respond on my tablet. I love your collages it is great to see what you are doing Your vegetable plot seems to be coming along again. I love the postcards and the research you do on them - absolutely brilliant.

    I hope you had a great weekend and that the beginning of your week is positive.