Tuesday, 9 April 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 9 April 2019 - T for stamps, mother and coffee

Good Morning!
"That life may always serve us little cups of love".

Here we are on Tuesday, ready to join the T-party, organized by Elizabeth and Bluebeard. Do join us with a blogpost that has a beverage in it.

As you know I usually start by showing you some of the postcards that i have received this week. This one comes from the USA and pictures the  French quarter of New Orleans. Isn't it pretty. I have never been to new Orleans and what I know of it is the devastation of hurricane Katrina. 

 It was sent to me by someone who had visited new Orleans and had bought this card. The blurb on the card reads: "Along the narrow streets of the French Quarter, visitors discover lacey iron balconies, quiet courtyards, legendary old buildings and the historic St Louis Cathedral."

The stamps are lovely.
 The red stamp bottom right is the 2017 Lunar New Year stamp, designed by Kam Mak and issued by the United States Postal Service.

“We give red envelopes, called ang pao, to kids on the Lunar New Year, full of money, to protect them from evil spirits. If you’re over 30, you shouldn’t be taking red envelopes. It’s embarrassing. It’s for kids.
The other red one is interesting as it looks quite old. I looked it up and it is a was issued in 1948:

This 1948 5¢ New York City Jubilee stamp commemorates the 50th anniversary of the consolidation of New York’s five boroughs  into a central government of New York City, encompassed by wedding ring as symbol of its incorporation. It was the first airmail stamp to commemorate an event not related to airmail history.

The seashell stamp was issued in 2017 and features an Alphabet ConeThe word "POSTCARD" on the stamps indicates their usage value. Like a Forever® stamp, these stamps will always be valid for the rate printed on them.

The next card comes from Russia. I have put in my profile that i love cooking, so people sometimes send me recipes. This card is about a soup called borscht.

 The ingredients are on the front and  the recipe is on the back:
There was hardly any room left to write as there were so many stamps on the back, and they are really stunning. I always research the stamps because I find them really interesting. 

I don't collect stamps or know much about them, but as i scan these to show you, I find the designs pretty and fascinating. So I go to good old mr Google and look for some more info....

The brown one on the left celebrates the 225th Anniversary of the Insurance industry in Russia.

And the pretty lady with the elaborate hat is from the series Culture of Russian people - National Head dress - Middle of XIX Century, Nizhniy Novgorod Province.

The stamp with the flowers is a joint Russia & PDR of Korea issue: Gladiolus gandavensis.
The stamp on the left with the building features the Pekrovsk Cathedral.

Contemporary Russian art:

I have been sending a lot of postcards this week and I have written some letters. Remember I said I had downloaded some letter art. Well here are some more. I coloured them with normal coloured pencils (I don't think I've done any colouring since infant school!). These two letters are on their way as from today.

Apart from writing cards and letters and playing my favorite online game Elvenar we haven't been up to much. The weather is absolutely foul. Storm raging, rain and mist. Snow on higher ground. Typical weather to stay indoors.

Luckily there is always some sun during the day, and I was able to take this photo out of the window to show you that there is snow in the sierra (I know they don't look very high, but we are on 3000ft, so they looks like little hills)

I am a member of the local photo club and last month the theme was 'old age'. After everyone had entered their photos, we gather at the pub and go through the photos to discuss them. I am the third on the right with an orangey cardigan.
My photo was one of my mum (95) that I had taken in Holland when I was visiting. A cousin of mine has photo equipment such as lights and a black curtain. She did a photo shoot, but when she had finished she let me take some with my camera. This is the result:
Unfortunately my photo got disqualified as I had reduced it, but I had reduced it too much. They had changed the parameters for 2019 and I hadn't cottoned on. Oh well...

But we did have drinks and tapas with some friends  this week:
And breakfast in town one day. I had my usual 'cafe cortado' and hubby had his 'cafe con leche'. With tis coffee I am joining the T-Party!

That's it from me for today. I wish you all a very happy T-Day.
Many blessings,


  1. Always such a treat to read about your postcards and stamps! I always thought New Orleans would be a place I'd like to visit one day. I've been all over Europe but not so much in the states-so many places so little money and time for it all:):)Too bad about your photo size- it's such a lovely shot.Beautiful mail art you colored, and oh those coffee drinks both look so good...happy T day!

  2. What a gorgeous view you have. I would enjoy that view as I bet it changes with the time of day and the seasons. And what a beautiful photo of your mom. She looks fabulous for 95. I hope you enjoyed your cafe con leche on your patio with that beautiful view (though it looks like you are inside). Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  3. Wonderful postcards this week, Lisca. That is a great collage of New Orleans. It looks just like I remember it. Someone hung on to that 1948 5 cent stamp a LONG time. I could even see each of the boroughs, too. For once, I knew the geography associated with the stamp.

    The Russian postcard was nice, but the stamps were far better, I think. I guess it's because I could care less about recipes on postcards. My preference, I guess.

    The photo of your mother is beautiful. Too bad it was disqualified.

    Enjoyed seeing the two coffees you and your husband had. Thanks for sharing these with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. LOVE all those gorgeous stamps on your postcards, you really got some unusual beauties this time. My friend N is from Russia and makes a great Borscht, my great auntie used to make it every week, too, yummy! Love the photo of your mum, your photo club sounds like fun. And of course, the wonderful coffees you drank were fantastic, yummy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. I love this first image - so beautiful and the New Orleans postcard and specially the stamps are super as well! I love borscht - I like all things beetroot since I was a child! A clever idea with recipe postcards and yes it is so interesting with these little stamps- I can imagine how exciting people were in the past to collect them!
    Your mail art looks fabulous - a fantastic idea to make letters specially!!! Super!
    I am sorry this photo got disqualified but for me it's a rare beauty and a winner! Gosh she does look so extremely young! WONDERFUL!!!! ♥♥♥♥ You can be so proud of her!
    Happy T-Day Lisca!
    I enjoyed the view from your window - gorgeous area!!!

    Thank you for being a T-Day friend!
    Susi xxx

  6. Wonderful stamps on your lovely postcards this week, I really liked the Lunar New Year stamp.
    Its a beautiful photo of your Mum, it would have been a winner for me in your photographic group.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca
    Yvonne xx

  7. awesome postal stamps... and your mum looks GORGEOUS (and you are lucky to have good genes!). wishing you a happy t-day and great week!

  8. Your postcards and postage stamps are amazing! The photo you took of your mum is stunning, you captured her beautifully 😁. Great picture of you and your hubby too! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  9. Lisca you have some lovely postcards and stamps, the stamps are really colourful. A lovely photo of your Mum and you and your husband, we have a few churrerias here but most only open at the weekends until the summer, one cafe here does them with tiny donuts too, naughty but nice!
    Jan x

  10. Checking your mail must be exciting when you know you can expect such treasures to be delivered to you. The photo you took of your mom is priceless whether it qualified for the club or not :) The photo group sounds like such a fun activity, and I know y'all must learn a lot from each other.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  11. The postcards and stamps on them are lovely. Wonderful assortment of photos. Happy T-Day!

  12. You have so many beautiful stamps today! I love the cultural ones especially the Russian ones. New Orleans is one place that I have always wanted to visit. I have seen many TV specials and stories from my family about the beautiful wrought iron work and architecture. Maybe someday I will get to visit. Your postcard is lovely.
    You are a part of so many clubs. You must keep very busy. I love the photo that you took of your mum. She is lovely!
    Happy Tea day,

  13. It's fun to look at stamps and postcards from around the world. Gorgeous view from your patio. Weather here has been rainy and raw. A bit like Winter without the snow. The picture you took of your mom is beautiful. I would never have guessed her age as 95. God bless her! Too bad the photo was disqualified. Glad the weather didn't hold you back and you were able to get out with friends. Happy T Day

  14. I love your postcards and especially those pretty stamps this week.
    great views from your window-I always loved the mountains-I used to live near them back in the '70s and always missed them.
    awesomes photo of your Mum! Your photo club sounds fun-Happy T wishes Kathy