Friday, 12 April 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 12 April 2019 - Friday Smiles

 Good morning, or Buenas días as they say here.
It's Friday again. The week has flown by and I am here to share some postcards with you and because I'm going to pop by Annie at A Stitch In Time, I have also got some funnies at the end. I should really be giving you a report of what I have been doing this week, but i haven't been doing much, and I have no photos really. But photos or not, I'm going to join Virginia at Rocking your Week Friday too.

My first card comes form Germany and is a black and white photo of two ladies in the bath. This really makes me smile as I can't see the point of having a bath with just your bum in the water!
 The second card comes from the USA and is a map card of the state Michigan. A few interesting facts printed on the back:
Michigan: "Wolverine State",
 Capital: Lansing, Area: 58216 sq miles,
Population: 9,969,727,
Motto: Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice = "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you".
Flower: Apple Blossom,
Bird: Robin,
Tree: White Pine,
26th State admitted to the Union.
 The stamps are pretty. I hadn't seen the one with the hearts before.

I've been busy writing card for my Postcrossing group. I had ordered new cards from a website in Poland. People love cats and kittens, so I ordered quite a few catty card. The envelopes are printed from a website that does 'mail art'. I have coloured them myself with normal colouring pencils. I have better photos of those envelopes in last Tuesdays blog.

This is what I took to the post office this week!

We always go shopping in town on Monday afternoon, and then we drive straight to our 'weekend' home, 40 km down the road. Then we relax, have a drink and watch a DVD. We spend the night there, go out for lunch the next day and then head for home in the afternoon.
We were given this impressive box set by our son-in-law, and we have been working our way through the large amount of CDs. This week we watched the second CD of the Return of the King. So now we have finished to story line. Next week we shall start on the Appendix, where they show how the scenes were made. Absolutely fascinating.

Would you like to see our weekend cave house? I'll give you a tour with the photos I can find.
This is what the house looks like from the opposite field:

Our house is the one on the left. These are all cave houses, i.e. built in the rock. Here is a better picture of ours:
We have leveled the top and built a nice terrace.
This is what you see when you walk into the tiny lounge.  The chest and the mirror were made by handicapped people from a local charity. They sell their products occasionally. You might be able to see my jigsaw puzzle on the chest.
There is a small cupboard and a coffee table. 

That table is rather special. We had that specially made because of the metal grid under the glass. 

The grid is antique and originally sat on top of the old door in the entrance:

 The doors you see here are in the position of the old outside door. We extended the house and built a cloakroom toilet and storage space and found another antique door to go outside.
This is part of the lounge with the stove that burns wood (on the right) or almond shells in the hopper on the left.

The curtains on the right lead to the kitchen:
 The cooker looks extra large, but the right hand part houses the butane gas bottle.

 The table is made out of a solid slab of wood. One of our friends is a 'rustic' carpenter and has made this table (and also the coffee table),
On the other side of the lounge is a book case and the corridor to the right leads to two of the bedrooms.
  The door leads to the garage and a service bath room.
Sorry, I have no idea what that bottle is doing there.
 This is our bedroom. A large chest again to put the bedding in, and the door to the left is the en-suite. We have very few doors in the house. Only the bathrooms and the front doors. We use curtains. Here is a typical Andalucian curtain that divides my bedroom with the corridor. Along the corridor is wardrobe and storage space, but I have never got round to hanging curtains up there. The curtain rail is there, but no curtain as yet!

That's it more or less. We have two more bedrooms, one of which I use as a studio. 

I will finish with a few funnies as usual.
But for now I wish everyone a fab weekend,


  1. Brilliant post and your weekend home is absolutely gorgeous, I love the rustic furniture and the coffee table with the original metalwork in it is brilliant.

    Loving the postcards too, our postage costs have just increased so birthday card sending and in turn Christmas card sending is just getting more and more expensive.

    Loving the funnies, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


  2. That first postcard made me smile. They do have their feet in the water too!
    It is interesting to see your cave house. They intrigue me but I don't think I could stay in one. I hate to feel 'hemmed in' and sleep with one window and all the shutters open, all year round. I do like wood and your rustic furniture is great.
    You found some very good funnies this week. Kate x

  3. The sitz baths made me chuckle...I've got lots of good friends but none I'd want to bath with. What a wonderful cave house it is...thanks for showing us round. As for your funnies....I shall be chuckling all day about some of them.
    Annie x

  4. Hi Lisca, you have two homes now! I must have missed something. It's gorgeous. The funnies are brilliant again and loving the postcards and stamps too. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. Oh that bath picture hee hee id love to know more about it.
    I’m in love with your cave home and all it’s furnishings.
    Lynn xx

  6. I had intended to stop by sooner, but I've been taking care of my neighbor's cat and today the IV drip I have to give her four times a day took even longer than an hour.

    I used to own a house that had a stiz bath, so I had a good laugh at the first postcard. I also have not seen those hearts in a stamp, but I really like the Michigan state postcard.

    You have a beautiful second home. I was most impressed with the bookcase.

    I had to laugh at the current affairs. Seems to be our state of USA affairs right now. LOVED the disabled ramp. Those were great funnies. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, dear.

  7. Brilliant post. I so enjoyed the guided tour round your cave house - it's beautiful. It must be lovely to have a country hideaway. I like the idea of having curtains and not doors. The funnies are just that - so funny. The one about the move of post-Apocalyptic books to current affairs seems apt given our current affairs here in the UK. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Elizabeth x

  8. sorry I am so late visiting but I am so glad I stopped in
    I always enjoy seeing your postcards and stamps and Wow thank you so much for tour of your cave home!! I loved everything especially the vintage and handmade furniture pieces.
    great funnies too-hugs Kathy