Tuesday, 23 April 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 23 april 2019 - T for stamps, stapelia and garlic

Good Morning! I'm late this morning. Usually I write my blog the night before but that was not possible. We were late birds and did n't go to bed until 2 am, by then it was too late to sit at the computer and compose something. So here I am, sipping some juice while I hear my hubby gently snoring.

Let me start by saying that Elizabeth and Bluebeard have a temporary new blog address: https://alteredbooksandmixedmedia.blogspot.com/

My first postcard comes from Germany, from a guy called Alex. Now I know as well as you do that there are no large volcanoes in Germany! So where is this?
It is the Viluchinsky Volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's far east. It is so far east that it nearly touches Alaska. Alex writes that he bought the card in Russia when he was visiting there, but that he has never been to the east of Russia.

The stamps are lovely and new to me:
Heinz Sielmann, who features on the first stamp. He was a wildlife photographer, biologist, zoologist and documentary film maker. He was a household name in Germany where he started to work for television in 1956 and his tv program Expeditionen ins Tierreich (Expeditions into the animal kingdom) had 153 episodes and ran until 1991.
The second stamp commemorates the 200 years of Rheinisch Friedrich-Wilhelms univerity in Bonn.
The University of Bonn (GermanRheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) is a public research university located in BonnGermany. It was founded in its present form as the Rhein University on 18 October 1818 by Frederick William III, as the linear successor of the Kurkölnische Akademie Bonn (English: Academy of the Prince-elector of Cologne) which was founded in 1777. The University of Bonn offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of subjects and has 544 professors and 32,500 students. Its library holds more than five million volumes.

As of August 2018, among its notable alumni, faculty and researchers are 10 Nobel Laureates4 Fields Medalists, twelve Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize winners as well as August KekuléFriedrich NietzscheHeinrich HeinePrince AlbertPope Benedict XVIFrederick IIIMax ErnstKonrad Adenauer, and Joseph Schumpeter.

The next card comes from the Ukraine. (Have I showed you this one before?). I have no idea what the writing says and as i can't read cyrillic script, I can't look it up. 

The stamps are really gorgeous. The double one on the right is about the Ukrainian Monetary Unit. The one on the left is the Freedon Square in Kharkiv. The flower is from a series about the Karpathian Biosphere Reserve.

We've just finished Holy Week here in Andalucia. It has been a week of processions in the village. The people take these processions very seriously. We keep well away so this picture was taken by a friend from the photoclub.

Our friend Dian gave us some fresh garlic from her garden. Here I am cleaning it. I will keep it in the fridge.

Did I tell you that my succulent plant was going to flower? Well, it has:
It is called an Orbea Variegata (starfish plant) also known by its former name Stapelia).
Isn't it gorgeous?

With the shops shut so many days last week, it was handy to make my own bread. I don't take much credit as i have a bread maker, but I do have a good recipe, which I alway use and the bread always turns out beautiful and yummy. (and I use filtered water)

I can't find my picture of 'coffee and cake' that would qualify me for Elizabeth and Bluebeard's T for Tuesday, so the kettle in the back ground will have to do a well a the first photo at the top of this blog.

I'm going to head off to Bluebeard and Elizabeth's (b)earthday T-Party. Remember there is a new address (https://alteredbooksandmixedmedia.blogspot.com/)

Have a lovely Tueday all,
Happy T-Day,


  1. Gorgeous postcards again. You have seen and done a lot this past week. Love the starfish succulent, so beautiful. And the fresh garlic looks wonderful, yummy! Your bread, too. Happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fun to get mail from all over the world. The Ukraine costume is so beautiful. Your succulent plant is gorgeous. It really looks like a starfish. I love baking bread. I went through 3 bread machines I used them so often. Now I just bake bread in the oven.I do miss dumping the ingredients into the bread bucket at night, setting the machine, and waking up to fresh, baked bread. Happy T Day

  3. Wonderful postcards and postage stamps, the one from Ukraine caught my eye and the stamps are so beautiful too! Wow, the flower looks amazing and just like a starfish ...lol 😉. Wishing you a very happy T Day! J 😊 x

  4. always fun to see your latest postcards and postage Lisca! The costume on that Ukranian woman is amazing. Fab photo of the procession! I love these European traditions. Your succulent is gorgeous-and yes, looks very much like a starfish! Happy T day!

  5. The bread looks good to me, bread maker or not. And I find these processions fascinating, maybe because we don't have anything like that here.Sounds like you had a good week and hope this one goes well too. Happy T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  6. Always so fun to see your postcards! They are beautiful, and very interesting. How do you store the cards you've received? Maybe that would make an interesting blog post sometime? I'm guessing you have a wonderful old box to keep them in...lol. Thanks for sharing your homemade bread too, it looks delicious! Happy T day!

  7. oh, and the bloom on your plant is quite exotic and stunning!

  8. Fascinating post cards an info, Lisca. No I hadn't seen the Ukrainian one before. She's beautiful and so is her costume.

    What an odd-looking cactus flower. The plant is really flourishing!

    Your bread looks fabulous! Our roads are like yours during the two weeks of Easter, so we stick close to home too. By coincidence, hubby made bread in our bread maker like you.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  9. I'm sorry for being so late visiting. After being out all day, I came home very late, expecting to get on the internet and leave comments. However, what happened was I fell asleep and just woke a short time ago. The boys were so good and I laid down with them just for a second. That turned into at least five hours. Now I'm slowly playing catch up.

    I always enjoy your postcards and getting them from around the world must be a real treat. These two are gorgeous.

    I loved your bread. My foodie friend Sally has FOUR bread makers and hasn't made bread in ages. Yours looks yummy, yummy.

    Thanks for sharing my blog address on your blog, dear. I appreciate it. And thanks, too for joining us for T this Tuesday. Yes, the teapot qualifies, so does the first photo.

    Almost forgot to mention how much I love that "starfish" bloom on your cactus. It is awesome.

  10. Your postcards look lovely and they had super stamps. All the photos were great, the cactus flower was really unusual.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  11. The postcards and stamps on them are lovely Lisca. The evening procession photo looks great. Your flowering cactus is beautiful. The bread looks delicious. Happy T-Day!

  12. Again, lovely postcards. The Ukrainian folk art is unique!
    How fun to have fresh garlic from your neighbors garden. And that succulent is gorgeous in flower. It is amazing that desert plants can have some of the most beautiful flowers.
    Susi, your cover is amazing! I loved seeing the inside pages that you included. Your journals are always stunning!
    And your food looks yummy especially the soup.
    Happy Tea Day,

  13. I actually stopped by to let you know I now have regained control of my original blog and have even posted on it.


  14. The postcards and your tempting looking frehly baked bread! And the garlic!!
    You got me with your wonderful photos!
    Happy belated T-Day Lisca!
    Big hugs, Susi