Tuesday, 30 April 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 30 April 2019 - T for orange pastries, glazier and pizza

Hello lovely people! Good Morning! It's Tuesday again. Are we ready to join the T-Party at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's? All you need is a beverage, or a beverage related item in your blog post. You will see mine further down.

I am first going to show you some postcards as i always do. This first one I received from Poland from a lady called Aleksandra. I love the image/photo of the white stallion with the elf like lady. The whole atmosphere seems mystical. Very nice. 
 The stamp is beautiful too. It is the stamp commemorating Easter. Wielkanoc is Polish for Easter and literally means the great Night.
The second card comes from Thailand. I don't know what it shows as i can't read the Thai on the back of the card. I assume it is one of their impressive temples. It was sent to me by  Tai, a young woman who is studying traditional Thai medicin, and lives with her family and her cat Chok in Bankok.
The yellow stamp is marking King Rama X’s 65th birthday. The stamp with the rose (the symbol of love in Thailand) was issued in February 2017 on the occasion of Valentine's Day. 
Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Thailand as the Day of Love and stamps are issued annually to mark the occasion. Most often, these feature roses and 2017 is no exception. This year’s “Symbol of Love” issue was released on February 7 and features the “polygon rose” which is “formed by many two-dimensional facet graphics of which different-shaped facets and gradient colors superbly represent multidimensional love,” according to Thailand Post. They go on to call this the “queen of all flowers.”

Meanwhile in the Netherlands there was also a king with a birthday. King Willem Alexander's birthday on the 27th of April is called King's Day and is widely and wildly celebrated in Holland. The king is very popular as is his wife., queen Maxima and their three teenage daughters. 

Orange, the national colour, is predominant. Everybody wears orange and food  and cakes are orange, including these 'tompouces'. 
Tompouces are a Dutch pastry that consists of two layers of puff pastry filled with yellow pastry cream and has pink icing on the top. Of course on King's Day the icing is orange.

My mum would have spent all day in front of the television as King's Day and the Royal family would be televised all day. I don't have TV and I don't live in the country so I have to make do with photos.

In stead of tompouces (named after a circus dwarf called Tom Pouce. Pouce meaning 'thumb' in french.), I made a walnut and banana cake.
It turned out well.

My painting of Rotterdam is hanging on the wall again. We had gone to the glazier in the nearby town to have non-reflective glass put in.

While he was hanging it up, my hubby accidentally broke the glass! So we had to go back to the glazier.
His name is Antonio and this is his workshop. 
He is just finishing working on my picture frame.
The other thing we got done this week is a perspex cover on the gate to the patio. There was so much wind coming through that gate that my hanging baskets were dangerously rocking in the wind. 
It is much more pleasant now and it looks good too. And of course it gives more privacy, although it is the door to the carport.

On Friday evening we went out with our friends to the pizzería. I am drinking a Radler (lager beer with lemon) and the others are having Cerveza Tostada, a malty beer.

We had two pizzas which we shared. Of course we get a tapa (snack) with every round of drinks, so two pizzas is more than enough.
Our friends are Mexican and like their chillies. So we always ask for a bottle of chili oil. I love it too. 

That is it from me today. I wish you all a great T-Day and
Stay safe,


  1. Lovely post. Glad you can enjoy your plants with no wind, now. Beautiful little area. Looks like you and your friends had some great times besides pizza. Happy T Day!

  2. Some very lovey postcards. I love the one with the unicorn. And those photos of the royal family along with background information of tompouces. Your cake looks yummy! And so does that pizza.
    I really love seeing pictures of your patio. It always looks lovely with your hanging plants.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. Wonderful postcards and postage as always. I do love that first card which does look so magical. Fun pizza night-yum! Your patio is so lovely looking-love that wrought iron gate. Hoping to get my hanging baskets this week. Happy T day!

  4. Thanks for sharing the story about Kings Day. I think the tompouces are interesting. I like to learn about customs and the food that goes with them. And sounds like you have gotten some nice little chores done on your house. It feels good to get things completed that need to be done. Hope you have a Happy T day and more of that yummy looking pizza in your life too. Hugs-Erika

  5. I like seeing how other people manage their patios, and I like your wind solution. I'm sure your plants will benefit, too :) It's fun reading about royalty, getting my mind off governmental higher-ups here ;) Pizza, yummm :) Happy T Day!

  6. Sounds like you had a great week. The postcards are beautiful, my fave is the one with the beautiful horse. You have been getting around a lot, and I'm glad you enjoyed T Day. I love those tompouces, too, we bought some last year in Holland. Great wind solution on your patio door, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. A great post to read. The post cards all look lovely I was drawn to the first one the scene looks magical.
    It was interesting to read about Kings Day as well.
    Your picture will look beautiful where you places it in your home.
    I liked how you solved the wind problem on your patio, it must be a lovely area for you to relax in.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I always love seeing your postcards and remember you telling us last year about King day. That is one beautiful family. I didn't know that orange was the official color, though, so I learned something today, as I always do.

    You and your husband are certainly keeping that glazier in business (grin). Nice covering for your patio door, too. That will make it easier for you to sit out there and not blow away, too.

    Lots of pizza and beer this week, I see. Looks like you all had so much fun, too.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards, King's Day, and your beer and pizzas with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  9. Wonderful postcards and stamps Lisca. The bread you made looks delicious. I enjoyed seeing the glazier's work place. The food you had looks great. Happy T-Day!

  10. Lovely postcards Lisca, I enjoyed your story about the Kings day and the pastries.
    I managed to break the glass on a picture frame a while back as I was fixing the backing back on it!
    Your meal looks delicious, I'm not a fan of chillies although the oil looks colourful
    Have a good week
    Jan x

  11. a wonderful post about a week full of goods... the postal stamp with the egg is a highlight for the mailart fan!! happy t-day!

  12. Hi Lisca, i am a new follower of your blog and have just joined the T for tuesday gang. I am hoping to get some new friends and followers so would be over the moon if you dropped by too. My blog is called 57 beyond. i LOVE Your post here and your painting is so beautiful. I am glad you managed to get the glazing fixed again. Hugs June x

  13. What a wonderful post! Your postcards images are so atmospheric this week and I love the egg postage stamp - beautiful 😀. Your house and patio looks amazing and I enjoyed hearing about Kings Day too! Wishing you a very happy T Day dear Lisca! J 😊 x

  14. Quite a nice variety in today's post cards, Lisca. I like them all but am drawn to the one from Poland because of my husband's Polish roots. What a great photo of the royal family. Loved all the tidbits about the Netherlands - things you don't see in guidebooks and travel brochures. I was surprised that the Tom Thumb children's story was international. The tompouces sound delicious. But I'd love a slice of that banana walnut cake!

    The new door cover is very attractive besides being practical.

    Happy King's Day and Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  15. What a fabulous post! I know so little about the Netherlands Royal Family these days but as a child Queen Juliana and her family fascinated me as they seemed so friendly! Your food looks delicious and all the better for sharing it with friends! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  16. I'm sad that ou are not commenting on my blog these past weeks! Valerie