Friday, 26 April 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 26 April 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies (and the occasional man),
Here I am again with my postcards and some natter about my life.

Of course today is Friday and I think back on all things positive and what made me smile this past week.
A full mailbox always makes me smile. I received several postcards this week.
The first postcard I thought was in very poor taste. I think it was meant to be funny, but I don't have that sort of sense of humor. Anyway it comes from the USA and they might have a different sense of humor than we Europeans.
The stamps are absolutely fab! Look at them! There is Marvin Gaye in the middle and John Lennon next to him. But then on the left is Cordell Hull. He was an American politician who won the Nobel Peace prize in 1945.
Cordell Hull was an American politician from Tennessee best known as the longest-serving U.S. Secretary of State, holding the position for 11 years in the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during most of World War II.
 The neighbourhood where my parents lived (and my mum still lives) has street names of Nobel Prize winners. For more than 40 years they lived in the Cordell Hull Plaats in Rotterdam. 

My next card comes from Taiwan and has some typical Taiwanese food on it, luckily also written in English.
 The stamps has a plant on it: Solanum Americanum, or American Nightshade
 So, what have i been up`to this week? I made some dough, pulled it out as thin as possible and then raided the fridge for things to put on it.
 Then I put it in the little oven we have in our stove/woodburner.

It came out perfect. And we enjoyed our home made pizza.

 We do have enough almond shells for our stove stocked up and the weather will get warm soon, but we liked the quality we were able to get lately, so hubby decided to get another load while the quality is good and the price low. We'll put them away for next winter.
 The almond shells were already bagged up and all we had to do was load up. Here you see my hubby (on the right) and the car on the weigh bridge.
 This week I also received a pocket letter from a lovely lady in California. The theme was Llamas and cacti.

The green bits are bits of washi tape to prevent everything from falling out. I should have removed them before taking the picture.
I love this paper succulent. Isn't it lovely?
That is it from me today.
As usual there are a few funnies at the end and
I'll be linking up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and a good week ahead.


  1. I agree that the humor is tacky and lost on me, but I'm genetically British, and raised in a British type household, so you'll have to ask someone else. The other postcard is wonderful, though.

    Wow, that's a fun looking pizza. I'd eat it (grin).

    I think it's wise to buy good quality shells at a low price. It's not like they are going to spoil or anything!

    I LOVED your last funny. I agree that person deserves a scholarship.

    Have a super Friday and rest of the weekend, dear Lisca. Thanks, too for your support through my recent blog debacle.

  2. I think I agree with you about the first post card. That's kids for you but I don't think I'd pt it on a post card and send it to a stranger lol. I love your pizza....can almost smell it from here. Thanks for the funnies.
    Annie x

  3. Nope not my sense of humour either hun, so its not just you. I'm amazed anyone thought it appropriate for a post card but each to his own.

    Your pizza looks amazing! I bet it tasted wonderful.

    We are on with building another woodstore for our wood burner at the moment and once complete I too will be buying a wood load to see how full it is. Our orders are delivered, which is good as we would have no means of getting the tonne bags home if I'm honest.

    I hope you have a fabulous week


  4. loving your latest post cards and stamps-I think that is so cool that you can burn almond shells for your wood stove-I Love that!! and your pizza looks awesome!!
    Happy Friday and weekend-hugs

  5. Lisca that pizza looks fabulous. You are making me hungry. Smile. Looks like you've had a good week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend also. Hugs-Erika

  6. Hi Lisca, that's an interesting one about the pizza never thought about it that way before. More fabulous stamps, love them. I suspect the little girl with the wet pants might not find that rather funny when she's older. You always find such interesting things for us. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx