Friday, 29 March 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 29 March 2019 - Friday Smiles

Good morning lovely ladies! Happy Friday to you! Lets think of the past week and what has made us smile. 

I received a few postcards through Postcrossing that were especially for my birthday. (Birthdays are in the profile). The first one comes from Switzerland. I love black and white photography and this older lady is wishing me happy birthday with her snazzy spectacles. What a hoot! I love it!
The stamps are great too. The one on the left is from a series of railway stations. This particular one is Fleurier, in the Val de Travers. The ladybird is from a series for special occasions. Those occasions where people send each other mail. Congratulations, good luck etc.

 This next card comes from Moravia in the Czech Republic. It is a birthday card and has birthday wishes on it. All the flowers surrounding the photo are glittered, but it is not visible in the scan.
 The stamp is large and impressive: It features the Czech crown jewels. Visible are the St Wenceslas Crown, the Royal Scepter and the Royal Apple. They are Stored in the Crown Chamber of St Vitus in Prague , where they are brought out only on special occasions.

 This week I have had lots to smile about. Saturday was my birthday and I wanted to invite my friends, but the weather was not so nice so we had to stay indoors. Still, we had a nice gathering. I had ordered an ice cream cake and I got the candles out ready. Someone took this picture with the candles showing I would be 86. I don't think so...
 I quickly put them the correct way. We were laughing so much that we continued to cut the cake and eat the ice cream. Until someone reminded me that I hadn't lit the candles and they hadn't sung 'Happy Birthday'. Oh dear. 
 I had a sponge cake too, so we put the candles on that and this is me blowing out the candles. You can see there isn't much left of the ice cream cake. It was delish.
Here is a photo of me and all my girl friends (the men are there too but they are keeping themselves out of the picture) . Only the three ladies in the foreground are actually Spanish. In the back row nationalities from L to R: US, Irish Rep, Netherlands, Peru, Mexico. 
That is it from me today. Now I'm off to Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday. 

As usual I finish with some funnies I found on the internet. The engineering flowchart is so true. I think my hubby has one that he follows.

Have a great weekend,


  1. SO GLAD you had a good birthday. It was definitely an international affair. Your cakes both looked good, but I would always choose the ice cream cake first (grin).

    You even had wonderful postcards this week. The birthday glasses made me giggle. Now I want some, too.

    I loved your funnies. I didn't get Tom at first, either, then it hit me right after the sandwich fell into my lap (tee hee). The Brexit is definitely Squiggles when he goes to the door. I think it's a little game he plays with me, but I'm more like the man who gets frustrated.

    Have a great Friday, happy belated birthday, and a great weekend, too.

  2. I should have said Squiggles goes to the office door when he wants to be let out. He often stays in my office with me, where the door is always closed. I didn't mean to imply he went outside, because he has never been outside, except to travel to the vet in his cat carrier.

  3. Really glad you had a good the look of the icecream cake. Think I would have had to allow myself a little slice :-)
    Your funnies always make me laugh esp the last one.
    Annie x

  4. Looks like a fun party-especially since you got to switch the candles around. There is a big difference and I believe your Mom, being in her 90's (I think you said) would have been terribly young to have a daughter who was 86. But seriously, your party does look like fun and it looks like you have a great group of friends. Enjoy your weekend Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  5. Happy Birthday for a week ago. I laughed at the candles. I also love that we have such a multi ethnic group of friends out here.
    Your post cards are interesting as ever. Other countries have much more interesting stamps than UK does.
    Unfortunately we are making a mockery of ourselves in britain over Brexit. I have just about given up trying to follow it, but I guess w will kow one way or another very soon. The cat cartoon is so true. That is my Charlie down to a T.
    Your engineer's flow chart is a bit how I approach problems. That made me smile and so did the message on the sandwich bag. Kate x

  6. Happy birthday for last week Lisca, what a great time you had. That ice cream cake wouldnt have lasted here either, YUM!
    We were just saying the other day that you dont get many stamps in the post now unless its birthday or Christmas cards do you.

    have a great week!

  7. Ooh that cake yum yum. You’ve certainly had a lovely birthday. My favourite pic is the first one. I want to be like that lady xx

  8. Wonderful birthday!! loved all the photos and funnies. You get the neatest postcards and stamps in your swap.
    Happy Friday Kathy

  9. Lovely cake, scrummy! Happy belated birthday too. Gorgeous new stamps again, love them. Sorry I'm late, just been trying to get stuff sorted. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  10. Happy belated birthday to you, I hope you had a fabulous day, the gathering looks fantastic and how lovely to have friends from all over the world to celebrate with.

    Your post crossing postcards are lovely too.

    I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.