Friday, 15 March 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 15 March 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello Lovely girls (and boys),

How are you today? Got anything to smile about? I have. I had 'Happy Mail' yesterday. My pocket letter swap has arrived! I swapped with an American girl who lives in Malaga. The theme was 'Rainbow' and we had to use all different colours. This is what i received:

This is the back where she has included washi tape and stickers and even a tea bag.
 In the envelope there were loads of lovely goodies. 

What did I like best? The hand written letter! I will make sure i hand write my letters from now. It was a real pleasure to sit down and read it.
This is what i sent her:

Of course i also received some postcards from my usual Postcrossing swap. Here is one from Russia and comes to me from Nastya. She writes the translation of the writing on the card: 'Nicer books in the world no friend'. This doesn't make sense to me, so I think it probably means 'there is no nicer friend in the world than a book'
The second card is from China. It has no name on it so I don't know who it's from. And I have no idea what the Chinese characters mean, but it's a lovely drawing.

 The stamps are colourful. The one on the right is Chinese New Year and the ship reminds me of Blue Peter ( British readers will understand this).

Changing the subject... hubby has been going to our plot of land (not far from where we live). We have two 'parcels', each surrounded by olive trees. About 30 or 40 in total. They have been neglected for many years and hubby has now learnt how to prune them, so he is doing one tree at a time. This is the overgrown, neglected version.
And here it is with all the suckers pruned away and the top opened up so all the sunlight can come into the middle of the tree. It looks quite drastic, but apparently that is what's needed.

My  little succulent is flowering again!

Those were my smiles this week. At the end I will post some funnies as usual. (the first one is for those who remember M*A*S*H.)

So I'm off to Annie's at A Stitch In Time and to Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.

Have a great weekend,
Take care,


  1. The two rainbow pocket letter swaps are both different but both beautiful in their own way....I love rainbows, they always make me smile when I see them.
    Well done to the man of the moment for his pruning....I believe most bushes and trees benefit from a good prune and cut back....well that what Doddy says when he's mutilating ours ;-)
    I love your funnies esp the last one. I love to be punished with early nights and warm cosy evenings at home now.
    Have a good week my friends.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, great funnies to today. The last one should have my hubbies face on it Lol! I have seen the hobbies one before but it still makes me smile because it's so true! Your swap gifts are amazing and you're right hand written letters are so much better. Loving the new stamps too. Better go got things to do and places to go today. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  3. Oh that's a fabulous post. Your swap looks lovely, very colourful and I assume you can use the cards in your scrapbooking.

    Loving the postcrossing cards - particularly the book one - makes complete sense to me.

    Well done to hubby for working out how to sort the oliver trees, he looks very pleased with himself!

    Loving the flowering plant, mine is barely hanging on in there at the moment!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


  4. Beautiful artwork that you shared and received. Lovely postcards, as always. Great mix of photos and funnies. I especially liked the last one, which I can agree with. :-)

  5. Lovely swap cards Lisca. Yours and the ones you received. I love the idea of the rainbow. It's fun to see such cool colors all together. :) Sounds like you had a good week. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. Hi Lisca, saw your message asking about my cousin's little girl. Apparently she is dressed as Isadora Moon. Have a great weekend. Angela xXx