Tuesday, 12 March 2019

A Postcard A Day- Tuesday 12 March 2019 - T for zebras, vegetarians, carnaval and cats

Hello! Good Morning! It's Tuesday again and I am going to join the T-Party at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's. Will you join us too? All you need is a blogpost with a beverage in it.

I have had some happy mail! Look at this beauty! This card is one of Anne's (Cornucopia). She sent it to me on the 7th and I received it Monday morning the 10th! From the USA to Spain in 3 days. Incredible.

 The back of the card is just as beautiful. The 'Par Avion is certainly appropriate as it has flown very fast over to me. The Southport cancellation stamp is very fitting as Anne tells me she watches the birds at Southport Beach. Thank you sooo very much Anne. I am absolutely thrilled.

The second card pales in comparison, but is quite unusual if you really look at it:
It reads:" I live vegetarian. Theresa H. (16) has been a vegetarian for 7 years.". I was remembering Susi's post about being vegan. I received this card the same week, but never got round to putting it in my blog. 
Have you noticed her bra is made of red cabbage?

Here are the stamps. There is a rainbow, Bluebells and a fun mermaid sticker.

The next image is just that, an image. I found it on pinterest and I love it. (Just wanted to share it with you).
I love doors and windows and I have always loved architectural detail, and this looks like Jugendstil (or Art Nouveau). Very beautiful.

I have already blogged about the carnaval and the fancy dress costumes they do here. One photo I have kept aside to show you today:
Here are people dressed up as tea/coffee cups!
Perfect for T-Day or what!

Now on a more serious note: Our cat has been poorly for a while. He wouldn't eat, was listless and the last week he was constipated and dehydrated. We took him to the vet yesterday:
 Lots of tests were done. (Long story, I won't bore you with that)  It appeared he was also very, and I mean very, anaemic. Haemoglobin literally in his boots! I couldn't believe he was still alive with an Hb like that!
 I wish I could tell you this all had a happy ending. But it hasn't. In the end he had to be put to sleep. So we had a last cuddle,
and said goodbye to our 4 yr old puss. So today we are a bit sad...

I will end with a few photos from our trip to Almeria last month:
We chanced upon a small square where people were decorating the trees with wool.
Wrapping yarn around the trunk and hanging things in the tree

I have no idea for what occasion this has been done. I did ask them if they minded being photographed and they said it was OK.
In the middle was a sort of statue and the gate around it was full of padlocks. I saw that in Denmark too (the padlocks, in this case it was on a bridge).

That is it from me. Have a lovely week,


  1. wow lots happening in your post-I love that first postcard too and all of the stamps-especially the mermaid stamp. and No I did not notice the cabbage bra-very clever
    so sorry about your kitty-that is always so sad when we lose our fur family members.
    that is interesting about the yarn in the trees-I am curious now what that was about.
    Loved the padlocks-I saw that in a Hallmark movie I think it was in Paris.
    and those tea cups in costume-amazing
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  2. whata full post... first of all I am so sorry for the loss of your darling kitty. Obviously he was well loved and you did all you possibly could for him.
    So amazing how quickly your postcard arrived from Anne!! I sent a valentine card from Pennsylvania to Florida early- and it arrived-3 weeks later!! No visible marks or postage indicating a problem...oh well. Love architecture too so thanks for sharing that special door. Would love to know what the yarn wrapped trees are about. That's your job to find out for us for a future post;)The padlocks are a trend around mostly Europe- esp. on bridges and some places have even banned it now. Happy T day!

  3. I am so saddened that Precious is no longer here. I almost cried when I saw this. I won't dare tell Bleubeard, because he is very sensitive to those things (SERIOUSLY).

    I was surprised how quickly Susi, Mia, and Yvonne received their packages, so I am impressed with our postal system for once. I was saddened to see Anne's metered mail, though. I immediately recognized the bra was red cabbage. Quite unique. Plant based food is becoming the rage lately, and entire places are opening as a result. NOT IN WICHITA, though, where even vegetarian food is still a luxury.

    Darla has written about the yarn wrapped trees in her area, so you might ask her if she posts a T post this week. She can explain it.

    I'm having trouble keeping my internet going tonight, so sorry if I am brief. Thanks for making this both a sad and a joyful T this Tuesday.

  4. You got a wonderful card from Anne. After seeing the bra of red cabbage I have no inclination to become a vegetarian - food should be eaten, not played with as long as so many people on this earth are starving! So sorry to hear about your cat, so sad. Lovely photos, especially the tea-cup people, great idea! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. So much to enjoy in this terrific post. The postcards are all different and I love how you show the stamps as well when you receive a card.

    The cup costumes are fantastic and definitely just right for tea day.

    So sorry to hear about your cat. I am sure you have many special memories of your time together.

    Have a great T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Oh Lisca, I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. It is too bad they can give iron shots or something for kitties. I understand how you are sad. But I do love the ladies in the tea cups and that card with the cabbage top. And wonderful card from Anne. It is gorgeous. Have a great T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  7. Lisca, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I cried when I read that.

  8. Happy T Day Lisca, so sorry to hear about your cat, it's very sad for you.
    We saw padlocks on a bridge in Poland and it's to swear everlasting love, I think it's supposed to be good luck, sadly I hear they had to stop it due to the weight of all the locks.
    jan x

  9. so sad you lost your cat - she was quite young. our´s will turn 13 soon and i know it will be hard to let him go someday.
    a also saw knitted "dresses" for trees or wooden fences here and there, the most curious thing was a panzer/tank, which was covered with crocheted patches of peace symbols (sewn together), it stood in front of a fabric museum.
    have a great week and happy t-day!

  10. I'm sorry for the loss of your cat. Such a hard thing :(

    Yarn-bombing has been done here is a few places. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yarn_bombing It's such a strikingly different kind of public art, isn't it!

    Happy T Tuesday

  11. I'm so sorry to her about your dear kitty, Lisca. I know how hard it is. My condolences.

    3 days from the US to Spain is impressive, especially considering it takes 3 months from Mexico to Spain or Holland, even if I transship through the US. Some day I'll figure this out! What a great treat from Anne. Maybe she can share tips with me ;-)

    No, I didn't notice the cabbage bra - very clever.

    The tea and coffee cup costumes are amazing!!

    In the US, the yarn thing is called a "yarn bombing." Many are quite whimsical and creative.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  12. Oh Lisca, I am so sorry to read that you had to say goodbye to your dear cat. I really understand how you must be feeling.
    On a lighter note I really smiled at that red cabbage bra, what folk do to share their food preferences never fails to amaze me.
    I loved the photo of the folk wearing the fancy dress teacups, a fun costumes and a great tea day photo.
    Sending you T day wishes and loving thoughts.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I was sad to hear about your dear cat and I'm sending you comforting thoughts and wishes! Your postcards are wonderful, the red cabbage made me smile 😁. Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  14. Some really amazing postcard art today. I love the one from Anne, the red cabbage bra is certainly unique and of course the mermaid is adorable.
    I am sorry to hear about your cat. We do not have any pets but I can imagine it is difficult to say goodbye to a daily companion whether it be human or animal.
    Those wool wrapped trees are very interesting. They look beautiful!
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. So sorry to read the sad news of your cat! Your postcards are fabulous! The red cabbage bra is hilarious as are the teacup people at the carnival!Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  16. I am really sorry to hear those sad, sad news Lisca !
    These wrapped trees look so interesting and so many amazing postcards! The Vegan bra is amazing - maybe I should try to make me one to have my breasts lifted organically...lol!
    Happy belated T-Day Lisca!