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Second on the 2nd - Saturday 2 March 2019 - An old blogpost from a few years back

Just in time did I remember Second on the 2nd! Please join us on Elisabeth's blog and share an old blogpost.

Here is an inteesting blogpost from the beginning of March 2015. It features some old photos of my parents that I made into a scrapbook page. I have since done a bit of research (and asked my mum) and the photos are probably a few years older than 1955. (Dad bought the bike in 1951)

Maico Mobil - scrapbook page

Maico Mobil 
Here is a blog post about the latest scrapbook page I made.

I found these awesome pictures of my parents and our beloved motorbike, the Maico Mobil, taken in 1955. 

The German factories that had been making military motorbikes during WW2, were now producing motorbikes designed for comfort. This Maico Mobil was unique in that respect and my dad loved it. He rode it for many years and I, when I was a child, would ride with him. Happy days!
This is my dad on the (then) new enclosure dam of the Zuider Zee, called the Afsluitdijk. 

This is mum posing.

I made this layout for the CSI challenge (Colors, stories and inspiration  )

Their ‘Case File’ 155 had a certain color palette, a sketch and some other guidelines that I followed to make this page.

The journaling reads:

“My dad had an interesting scooter in the fifties. It was called Maico Mobil. I have happy memories as a child, sitting very comfortably on the shaft in front of my dad.  Here are some photos taken during a holiday in Germany in 1955. (Note the empty motorway!) Top right is my mum, just posing, as she was always the passenger.” 

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  1. Happy Second on the 2nd! Great photos and scrapbook page.

  2. Very cool Lisca. I love old photos and these of your dad on his Maico mobil are fantastic. Nice scrapbook page. Glad you shared it again so we could see it. Happy March. Hugs-Erika

  3. I loved this-thanks for sharing and great scrapbook page!!
    Happy second on the 2nd-hugs Kathy

  4. Wow, what a wonderful bike, great scrap-page, too. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Hi again. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. In answer to your question, I do print some of my postcards. And sometimes I mail them to myself, too. When I went to New York City in December 2018, I brought a few of my own postcards with me, and I mailed them from the city. They arrived two days later. I like Graphics Fairy. I also use, The Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library for public domain images. Then I digitally cut them out, to use in artwork. Have a great weekend, Anne

  6. Oh Lisca, I love this. It is one I definitely haven't seen before. Your father definitely looks good on that motorcycle. It's unbelievable how times have changed. Here in the states, you must wear a helmet in most states now. Both your mother and father looked good on the Maico Mobil and the scrapbook page was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing the decorative scissors you used, too. Thanks for sharing this second look with us on the 2nd.

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    1. Hello Regine, glad you could join us. Are you a crafter?