Wednesday, 23 December 2015

WOYWW from Holland - 23 Dec 2015

Good morning folks! Happy WOYWW!

(If you don't know what I''m talking about, here is the link to Julia's blog, who hosts this snooping/bloghopping fest).

Yesterday we arrived in Rotterdam (Netherlands). The flight which is only two and a half hours should have been a doddle, but the flight was delayed by 5 or 6 hours. By which time the (regional) airport of Rotterdam

was closed and we had to divert to Amsterdam. We were looked after well, got meals and drink vouchers. Complimentary drinks on the plane etc. There were coaches waiting for us in Amsterdam to ferry us to Rotterdam. What a palaver. But we arrived at my mum's at 7 in the morning (in stead of 11 pm). I don't get stressed by delays. We have good books to read, but the I'm not as young as I was, and a night without sleep has really knocked me for six!

So this is the desk I am sitting at now:

It is my mother's computer. She is 92 years old and can't see very well, so she has a huge screen! The screen on the right is an electronic magnifier, so she can read important letters, documents and sales receipts. (she checks everythng!)

We have just come back from the market just outside mum's appartment. This is her view today (and every wednesday):
She only needs to cross the car park to get to the stalls.

This is me and my mum chatting at the table unaware that we were being photographed.

That's it from me. No craft at all, but I wanted to join you anyway.

Wishing all of you a very peaceful Christmas.
See you next week!



  1. Wishing you the most beautiful Christmas with your lovely mom !

  2. I am very impressed that your mum at her age is happy to use a computer, can't get my parents near one. Getting round quick today to wish you a great Christmas and a very Happy and Crafty New Year x Angela x 21

  3. Thanks for visiting me while I slept.

    Read about your mishap with the flight, but looks like you were treated FAR better than we in the US get if our flight is delayed.

    Your mother is trend setter, that's for sure. And she has a lovely apartment view.

    I hope your Christmas is wonderful, and you share the warmth with family and loved ones content in the knowledge all are safe. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  4. Wow to your mum - my Auntie could do with the magnifier. Happy Christmas. Anne x #27

  5. Good afternoon.
    I'm doing a quick whizz round all my fav blogs now I'm back from doing the last bit of food'd think the shops were shutting for a month lol.
    I would just like to wish you a very happy Christmas and hope that 2016 comes with all you wish for yourself. Enjoy your special time with your mum....they are very special people :-)
    Big hugs,
    Annie x #16

  6. Fascinating that you mum has a computer! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!
    Carol N #34

  7. Hi Lisca, Its great your Mom has a computer, mine is *only* 83, but is not interested in smartphones/computers at all! Wishing all of you a lovely Christmas, from both of us, XXX

  8. You're so lucky to still have your mum around at 92 years old and in good mental and physical health. I think that's very rare! Too bad about the delayed flight. I would struggle without sleep as well, even though in my twenties I regularly skipped nights, and then just went about my daily business as usual. Enjoy your trip and best wishes for the holidays! zsuzsa #38

  9. At least you made it, and what a great photo of you and your Mum! Have a lovely Christmas. xx Helen 3

  10. Hello Lisca. What a journey! How good that you made it to celebrate the birth of our Saviour there with your mum. Have a truly blessed time. Thanks for your visit and for the beautiful comments. John will be home tomorrow sometime, plus palliative care package and Oxygen. We are so blessed to be spending this Christmas together in our home, rather than at the hospital Yes, my prayer is "Your will be done". I have been married 43 and a half years - and in one way or another, John has been ill all those years. We have been Christians, seeking to walk Father's way, for all those years - but when this is crunch time, it don't get any easier!!
    Take care, my friend. Thank you for your prayers. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  11. A fun post..Glad you arrived safely and enjoyed the side track fun.
    My father in law had one of the reading machines, at 97 he loved the newpaper and he was good at knowing how it operated. Your mother is beautiful, glad you have the time together. Mom 87 will be here on the 24 with my sisters, brother spouses and I am all organized for it. Then the 25th my son and family will travel to spend a few days. That menu is almost ready too. So glad I was up to all of the prep time. Always enjoy your blog posts. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Merry Christmas day.

  12. Wonderful to spend the Christmas with your Mum. Very special! Love that photo of the 2 of you together, too. Yeah - travel can be a bit of a bug bear, I think we all need to be flexible so we don't get hassled by it! Have a joyful and blessed time!! Jesus is the reason for the season, right???!!!

  13. Wish my mum was still here to have Christmas with. Have a lovely time x Jackie - back from her travels with a horrible cold x

  14. Merry Christmas my friend!Much Love!