Friday, 4 December 2015

A Postcard a Day - Friday 4 Dec 2015 Friday Smiles

Good Morning! Are you having a good day? Are you smiling today?
I'm linking up with Annie for Friday Smiles, so think of all the positiveness in your life and count your blessings and share them here with us.

I've had a good week. The weather here is still sunny every day although the temperatures are down at night, I can still sit outside in the sun and that makes me happy.

The highlight for me this week was yesterday when I joined a friend from church to make bread. Most people here have land although they live in the town or village. The land usually has a house on it that people use to relax or for holidays and of course when they work the land. My friend's name is Juanita, and in her place in the country she has an old fashioned oven (which is on my wishlist of things I would like) and with two more girls we made 20 loaves of bread.
Here she is building up a fire in the oven to heat it up for the next batch.
And here below she has just made some almond meringue type cup cakes. Very clever as the oven must not be too hot. They turned out perfect. I like a meringue with a bit of chewyness in the middle.
Our new bedroom is nearing completion and we hope to be able to sleep in there on Saturday. The electrician hasn't quite finished and my husband  needs to grout the tiles, and place the toilet.
Also this week my Tangle it! Journal has arrived! (I already wrote this on my Tuesday blog), but here it is:
Then on Wednesday morning my copy of the Flow Book for Paperlovers arrived too! I'm in seventh (paper) heaven!
 Can you read what it says? "More than 300 pages of paper goodies. *mini cards *postman paper doll * pop-up house * glitter postcards *wrapping paper *folding houses *coloring pages *craft paper *posters *stickers *and so much more!"
Here is their website and here is the link for the Youtube flipthrough. Do have a look.

Now for my postcard:
It's from my collection of WW2 motivational posters. During the Second World War people were encouraged in the US as well as in Britain, to make do and mend. There was no manufacturing, so new clothes were not available. 

When Kansas Wheat realized that women were sewing children's clothes out of their old sacks, they started to use sacks with pretty patterns.
Isn't that great! This is a photo from 1939. I found it on the internet. 

That's enough for today. I hope I have made you smile today. 
I'm also linking in with Virginia at Rocking your world Friday.

Have a good positive week,




  1. Wow that bread oven is amazing - I'm not surprised it is on your 'wish list' - I bet the smell of it was fabulous as well! Loving your books too - particularly the one with the pop out/up items in it - how fabulous is that.

    And finally how fabulous that they improved the sacks so girls had pretty dresses - a fabulous story!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  2. Lots of lovely things to make us smile. Nothing better in my opinion than bread-making!
    How nice to have a new bedroom to sleep in.Just love that Paper book! Lots of fun inside those pages.I always feel like a child when I see paper dolls!! Love making them too.
    Thanks for nice post

    1. My sister and I used to have many paper dolls (about 100) when I was a child. I would set them up under the piano and fantasize stories about them....

  3. How exciting to be moving into your new bedroom....we should be moving into ours too soon 😀 I love the make do and mend pics....that's just what I do lol
    Annie x

  4. I laughed at that wheat sack photo; what a sales argument! Someone at Kansas wheat was very clever. The bread oven reminds me of the baking cottage ovens they use here in Swedish Lapland.

    1. That is a huge big oven (on the Swedish website), and very beautiful.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful week, & that little girl picture up top really DID make me smile....infectious grin she has! Hope your weekend is just as good! I've been SO blessed to spend some time about 4 & 1/2 hours drive inland from where I live to visit my scrappy mate Mary B....that was pretty spesh!!!

  6. Happy Friday Lisca, what a super happy post....a lot of fun making all that bread, the old fashioned way - we make ours the lazy way in the bread making machine. Great to see the progress at your house, how exciting to be nearly finished the bedroom - hope you do get to sleep there on the weekend....enjoy your weekend cheers Robyn

  7. Hi Lisca. I'm on catch-up a bit this week as I was forced to go to a craft fair yesterday and we left at 6.30 in the morning and didn't get back till 8.00pm so it was a long day.
    Your photos are lovely and the post is making me smile again although I am feeling a bit drained today. I think you should show us photos of everything when it's all complete, it's looking great. Sending hugs, Angela x

  8. Such a super post and HOW I'd love some of those sacks!!!
    Sleep well in your new bedroom now it's complete. I'm sure it will be haven.
    Love Jo x

  9. I love the smiley little girl in your first picture Lisca. And I am very jealous of the bread making session. I have always wanted to see a bread oven in use. Most of them seem to sit idle in the gardens these days, so it is good to see some traditional baking being done.
    I have not heard of the Flow book but it looks very interesting. I am guessing that might have come from Holland?
    Your new bedroom is coming on a treat. It was a lot of work but it looks as though you are almost done now. Kate x

    1. I'll bring it on Wednesday for you to see, if you like.

  10. You really had a full and lovely week. I love that oven...and the bread looks yummy. Your new bedroom is going to be awesome...I love the light colours. Have a lovely weekend my dear sister in Christ xx

  11. I love all your smiles. I am not sure if I DARE look at that site as i shall end up buying! Not heard of a tangle jouirnal either. The bread looks so yummy. Have a great week . Soojay xx

  12. Ohh, can I say how much I love fresh bread and how delish it looks!
    Your new bedroom looks like it will be lovely.
    The photo of the flour sacks is interesting and the story behind the patterned sacks is inspiring. Don't see things like that nowadays.
    Have a wonderful week!

  13. Oh wow that looks amazing, I bet the bread smelled fantastic too. Such great pics you've shared. Apologies for my latenesss but as you know from my post I've been away this weekend visiting my boy. Take care Zo xx

  14. Oh I can almost smell that bread. I like my meringue to be chewy...nothing like licking it off your teeth long after the meringue has gone!!
    Love your cards and picture.
    Sorry I am a little late but I was in Prague for a little break!