Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 15 Dec 2015 - T for snow, sledges and a lovely lunch

Good Morning! Hello Tuesday people! I'm linking in with Elizabeth for T for Tuesday. Please join in with anything you want to share as long as it has something drink related in it.

My postcard for today is a replica old postcard:
I got it from the Netherlands some time ago. I like those old black and white cards. I'm trying to guess from which era this card is.... 1920s? (I'm looking at the boots).. Any suggestions? It certainly is from a time when girls did not wear trousers. For that reason I think that this card in its time was quite saucy.

The stamps are brilliant! Have a look at these:
The picture is from a famous children's book called Ot en Sien. The above rhyme is also from the book. The stamp reads: 39 + 19 euro cent. The 39 is the price of the stamp and the 19 goes to a children's charity. The cups on the stamps I reckon qualify me for T for Tuesday!

The run up to Christmas is always a busy time with lots of things on the social calendar. A few days ago we had to take our campervan to be serviced an hour and a half drive down the road. I knew that one of my blog friends lives near there, so I suggested we meet up. I'm sure many bloggers meet up, but I live in the middle of no-where in rural Spain, so the chances are not good. So it was a very special occasion to meet Kate (mamapez) and her husband. They took us for a tour around the area and we had a lovely lunch together. Here is a photo:
I'm the lady in pink! 

Here is a close-up of the first course (prawn cocktail) on the table:
I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the meal, but you can believe me when I say the meal was excellent!

That's it from me this Tuesday. Have a good Tuesday and a good week,




  1. I'm always a sucker for a food photo...it looks YUMMY & speaking from experience, it is FABULOUS to meet up with fellow bloggers....really special :) And I'm with you...the faces & hair styles for your postcard definitely look 20-30s...but the trousers! OOOOH! VERY 'saucy' indeedy!!!

  2. I was thinking the boots looked more like turn of the century, but I'm probably wrong. And I agree, the pants make the girls look much more modern. The sled is dated, though.

    Lovely stamps, and I agree the cup certainly qualifies for T Tuesday.

    So good to see Kate. I haven't been to Friday Smiles in a couple of months and feel bad. I'm sure the two of you had fun, because she always has something interesting to share.

    Thanks for taking us with you on this fun adventure, as well as the lovely postcard and stamps for T this Tuesday.

  3. Wonderful postcard, I think 20s-30s. The stamps are great, never seen them before. Glad you were able to meet up with a blog friend, your meal looks good, and the photo of you both is lovely. Have a good week and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. How nice that you got to meet up with one of your blog friends for lunch. I don't live in the middle of nowhere but have yet to meet with anyone I know through the blog world.

    The postcard is a gem--I imagine those ladies were way ahead of their time by the smile on their faces.

    Happy T Day!

  5. Love that postcard! My fave era of movies is the thirties and this looks like perhaps a 1931-32 photo. Wonderful you got to meet up with a blogging friend. That hasn't happened to me-yet. So many I'd love to gather together in person! Happy T day!

  6. I am guessing your fabby postcard to be from the 30's... from the sled and the boots and the hair... and what a gem it is too! How lovely to meet up with blogging friends and enjoy a lovely meal. Happy t day to you! Annette

  7. I love vintage and I love old stamps! always a treat to see what you will share with us! so fun to meet blogging friends in person too...the prawns look delicious! happy T day!

  8. What fun for you to get to meet with a blog friend ...
    your lovely photo proves it was a very good time!
    That postcard IS saucy and fun.
    Happy T Day oxo

  9. Your blogger meet-up sounds exciting! :) Happy T Tuesday

  10. Love the post card and those boots are really fantastic! So glad you got to meet one of your blogging buddies. It's always so special when that happens.

  11. you might be right about the time of the Picture, actually i´m not good about Fashion - but i totally like it. the Girls are looking like they have great fun on the slide!
    the Cups on the stamp, how clever, haha!! those stamps are really special!

    living in spain, i think you are the first Person who recognized pep guardiola *g*. yes, such a handsome guy!

    ha, i know what you are talking about "forgot to take more pics of the meal"... that also happens to me quite often. but what i see is delicious!
    i also love the photo of you and kate.
    happy t-day and thanks for your comment on my blog:)

  12. Hi Lisca-I'm returning to reply to the comment you left me because I wasn't able to reply to you in an email. Living room/sitting room? Not the same here in US and this goes way back. The sitting room was called the parlor in Victorian days. We have an old home decorated in that style and instead of a large living room we have a bit of a separating wall into the next space which I have designated as our sitting room. The Elvis (yes, Presley) ornament is in the 9th photo down - to the left of the sledders on the table. You should be able to click on the photo for a better look. Any other ? feel free to contact me:)

  13. A beautiful postcard and the stamps are great as well. Lucky you to meet up with a blog friend- and this meal looks very good- Thank you for sharing the nice photo of you both . Have a good week and happy T Day from Susi

  14. It's great that you had a chance to meet a blog pal! Just from the photo of the starter, I can tell that you had a very nice meal. I hope that you will continue to enjoy these nice December days. :)

  15. That is a great post card and the stamps quite special. I've met a handful of blogger friends, one from as far away as the other side of the U.S. It is exciting to have a meet up isn't it? From the starter I'd say lunch was going to be special.

  16. Those girls do have saucy looks--LOL! No clue what time period it would be from, though.
    How special to meet a blogger friend!! Whoohoo!!
    Happy T-Day!!

  17. Belated T-day wishes my friend!!
    How marvelous to meet a blogger friend face to face. I've been able to do it once and it is so rewarding. Your lunch looks super delicious......I LOVE sea food!!!
    Thanks for the visit and the comment.....yes I am feeling better day by day.

  18. Lovely photos and post!Your lunch is fabulous and it must have been fun to meet a blog friend!Happy Belated T-day!