Friday, 11 December 2015

A Postcard a Day - Friday 11 Dec 2015 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning! It's Friday! (For those of you who work Mon to Fri, it's nearly weekend!)

Hello Friday Smile people! (I'll link up with Annie at A Stitch in Time. and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday)

How did my week go? Schplendidly! I'll tell you all about it.

 At the beginning of this week I received some happy mail from Russia. One of my Postcrossing friends sent me a fat beautifully decorated envelope. 
In it were 21 postcards and a handwritten letter. Isn't that kind! 
One of the cards was this one:
Cute Siberian girl.

We have a campervan which needed some maintenance. The place we usually take it to is on the coast, an hour and a half drive from here. We booked it in on Wednesday.

I was very excited about this little trip. Not because of the campervan, but because it is near where Kate Perry (mamapez) lives and we had arranged to meet up. She and her husband kindly came to the campervan place to meet us. We had coffee in a nearby cafe and chatted and got to know each other a bit. After coffee they took us for a drive along the coast and showed us around the area. Then we had lunch at a (very nice) restaurant. This was the first course:

I forgot to take pictures of the other courses but Kate and I did have our photo taken together. Here we are: 

After lunch Kate had to go home to get changed for the choir. So I had the opportunity to see her craft room, and all the beautiful Christmas decorations that she has made.  Thank you Kate, we had a really lovely day.

The other good thing that happened this week is that we have moved into our new bedroom
It's wonderful sleeping in a clean light room and having a toilet within (sleep) walking distance.

I'll leave you with this 'funny':

Have a good week everyone.... and don't forget to smile!



  1. I do love the post card of today but I wonder if that little Siberian girl intends to eat them all :-) Such a lovely photo of you and lovely to meet up. The last photo really had me chuckling....having two daughters who have just realised exactly this :-)
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. Its nice to know your meet up went well. I've got some postcards on my desk this week and I met up with a friend I made on a course some years ago. We are mirroring each other this week haha
    Lynn x

  3. Oh my - how wonderful for the two of you to be able to meet up - I did wonder whether you were within travelling distance, I'm grinning from ear to ear on this one!

  4. Hi Lisca, someone's been having a busy week by the look of it. It's so nice to meet up with friends. I imagine you were too busy enjoying yourself to think about the photos.
    Take care and happy smiles all round, Angela x

  5. What a fun post, a cute little girl on that Postcard. Lovely lunch with friends is always fun. Enjoy a lovely weekend too.

  6. Hw fabulous to meet up with Kate and I am sure you felt like you had been friends forever. I have never met Kate but I did meet one of her lovely sons when she sent him home to England with a suitcase full of quilts made for my appeal. They went to children in our local hospital oncology unit. Love the pics of the children. My DD brought me a scarf home after she had studied in Moscow, similar to the cream one. They are Beautiful "wedding ring" shawls as they are fine enough to pass through a wedding ring and they are usually worn for christenings.
    Jo x

  7. How lucky of you to meet Kate. I am meeting up with a blogger tomorrow, so must remember to get a photo of us together.
    You have had a lovely package from Russia. Love that card.
    Hugs and have a great weekend.

  8. Oh my goodness you have had a great adventure and week it looks like. WOW lunch and a visit with Kate Perry! That would be awesome. Glad to hear your house/cave renovations are coming along well. I have't forgotten the rose rocks just haven't been down to the farm to pick some up! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for visiting my post. Vickie #48

  9. What a gorgeous and adorable post!And the quote is so true!Happy belated t-day:)