Monday, 7 December 2015

A Postcard a Day - Monday 7 Dec 2015 - Map Monday: North Carolina

Good Morning folks! It's Monday again. 

Here in Spain today (and tomorrow) are public holidays so they are having a 4 days weekend! Being retired means it doesn't affect me so much other than having to remember to do all my shopping before the weekend as all the shops shut for 4 days.

My postcard for today is from North Carolina:
It was sent to me by Monica through Postcrossing. She writes that she is originally from Florida and after having lived in North Carolina for four years, she still is not used to the cold and the snow!
When I read that I imagined North Caroline to be near the Canadian border, but it's not....This is where it is:
North Carolina has (according to the info on the postcard) a total area of 52,712 square miles. The capital is Raleigh and the state nick name is 'The Tar heel State' . The state flower is Dogwood and the state bird is the cardinal.

That's it from me today.
Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow at Elizabeth's for T for Tuesday.


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