Friday, 24 September 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 24 September 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies,

How are you all? I have lots of smiles for you today. The sun is shining and life is good.

First off my postcard:

It is a card by the famous Finnish illustrator Inge Look. She does funny illustrations of the 'older' aunties who seem to enjoy life no end. I want to be like them!
The stamp is from a series of baby animals and this is a baby dormouse:

It's been a nice week, not too hot with even a bit of rain.
This is what I have been up to:
Friday I put my Instant Pot to good use and I made stock from the chicken carcass. 
At some stage during the day we heard a loud 'bang' and one of my kombucha bottles exploded. It was a right old mess I can tell ya.
In the evening we visited our friends to check some of the plumbing he is working on. While we were there, junior arrived with his girl friend (she is Dutch), so that was really nice and we spent the evening catching up. (and had supper together too) . We love unexpected things like that. You think you are going to be just 15 minutes and the next thing you know, it's midnight!
Our chickens are doing well. They seem to be happy. They have been giving us some small eggs a few times a week. 
In the evening we got together for Intercambio (conversation with spanish people who want to practice their English). But several people had given their apologies as it was a nice day to go to the beach. So there were just the four of us. (More catching up).

On Sunday we didn't go anywhere. We watched online church. I cooked chicken curry with chicken meat from the roast chicken. I also baked a cake with my Herman sourdough.
On Monday one of our friends visited. She had taken her dog to the vets for an operation (tumor) and needed a shoulder to cry on while she waited. We took her to see the chickens by way of distraction before she had to go back to collect her dog.
Later on we went shopping in town and on the way back checked out the wood merchant to see what he has. As you can see, he has lots. Olive wood as well as almond and encina (holm oak). He has it all in large piles according to size. Very organized.
Tuesday is market day in our village. I needed some underwear so I popped out and came back with said underwear but also a cardigan and two leisure suits. Our friends met us at 12 and we took them to our weekend cave house, and then for lunch at a local restaurant. Then we visited Gorafe in the afternoon. All in all a fab day.

On wednesday morning I went to see my friend on the other side of the village (she wasn't home) but on the way I passed two graffiti sites. The eye has been there as long as we have lived here (10 years), the green street art I had never seen. 
I made some pasta in my Instant Pot and I had a glass of wine. 

On Thursday hubby went to collect some horse manure from a friend who keeps horses. He was away all morning and when he came home he met a man near our house and got talking. It was a Dutchman and I promptly invited him to dinner with us. (We have our main meal at 3) Turns out he was thinking of buying a house not from from ours and I guess he was sussing the neighbourhood.  He obviously got a good impression as he said he would buy that house when he left us a few hours later. (But I did not think of taking a photo). So when we joined our Bible study group later that evening, I took some pictures.

Now it's midnight, so I'm going to call it a day. Of course I will leave you with some funnies at the end, so don't go away.

Have a lovely weekend, and above all: 
Keep smiling!

The funnies today are not jokes as such, but solutions people have found for certain situations. Very clever some of them.


  1. Oh, yes, enjoying life like that! And cute stamp.
    Have never had home made chicken stock. Sounds like a fun meeting.

    Very cool. is that Homer Simpson as Hulk?
    Wow, that would be something for Sami´s Monday Murals!
    Why would a dog sleep in manure... huh.

    OMG, that telly!!! I see it falling already! The bike is cool. And the kettle... really clever ones - have a nice weekend, hugs :-)

  2. Oh you've had a busy week, I bet the kombucha made a sound when it went off, but I suppose as it is fermented it needs to be kept under pressure.

    Your herman cake looks amazing as always and how lovely to invite potential new neighbours for a meal no wonder they made the decision to buy with such lovely neighbours to look forward to.

    The graffiti is cool, I like the eye.

    I'm assuming the dogs on the manure were enjoying the heat off it, but I dread to think how bad they smelt.

    Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


  3. Well I didlaughed at some of those really ingenious 'hacks'.
    The tree in your Tuesday post is my silk tree. It is part of the mimosa (acacia) family. Of course mine flowers a few months ago because it is so much warmer down here. We have discovered that they grow very quickly and we have had to cut our right back. I read an article that gave it as one of the trees you should never plant in your garden! Their reason was that it flowers for a very short time, it has thorns, and all the leaves drop in winter. But I still like it, and it was given to me as a tiny seedling by a dear friend who has returned to UK, so ours stays.
    The 'Aunties' cards are always fun aren't they, and it is a very sweet little stamp.
    Hope you have a good week. Kate x

  4. The postcard is brilliant and yes lets hope we take after them. Pleased to hear the chickens are doing well. Looks like you may have a new neighbour soon which will be nice. The funnies are as good as ever. There are some interesting solutions but not sure I would use all of them! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. I enjoyed the postcard and really liked the postage stamp.

    Your Herman cake sounds good and so does your pesto pasta. So glad the chickens are giving you eggs. They are so healthy for you.

    You have really been busy all week. I can't seem to keep up with all you do each week.

    I had to laugh at some of those hacks, but there were a couple I didn't understand.

    My apologies for visiting so late. Life got in the way of computer time. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and week, too.