Friday, 17 September 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 17 September 2021 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely ladies! 
I received a fun card the other day. 
The German title translates as 'What does old mean?'
I sometimes look in the mirror and go 'AAAH! But on the whole I am happy the way I am and the age I am. You are as old as you feel. (That doesn't mean I don't feel 90 sometimes...)

Last weekend I pretended to be 20 years younger and traipsed around the Alhambra Palace all day on Saturday and did a 13 km mountain hike on Sunday. (I've only just recovered!)

All in all I've had a great week:
Those of you who have read my Tuesday blog will know that that big egg was a double yolker!
My mystery plant is even more beautiful than before. It looks very exotic. No, it's not a calla, but heavens knows what it is....

Our village had organized a coach trip to Granada, to visit the Alhambra. The Alhambra has many parts and you need entrance tickets for the different parts. Inside the palace we even had a timed ticket. We were divided into three groups and we also had a guide for the day. I had been before, but it had been in winter in bad weather. This time it was glorious.
Here are some more photos:

Then on Sunday I went on a hike organized by the local walking clubs. Every month a different club hosts the walk. We were near a village called Puebla de Don Fadrique in the north of the Granada province. Next month it is our turn.

It was a great walk. I was tired, but a healthy sort of tired if you know what I mean.

Monday I usually go for a walk with my friend. I was still tired to be honest. I hadn't said anything, but she had hurt her toe and couldn't walk far, so we drove to her daughter's fields and helped her harvest almonds. (There's no photo of that but we beat the tree with a stick until all the almonds fall on the ground and then you collect them.)
I stayed indoors on Tuesday and enjoyed myself in the kitchen. Hubby changed the strings on his electric guitar and enjoyed himself playing it. My sister is visiting our mum in Rotterdam and we would Facetime every day and she sent lots of photos. Here is mum doing her exercises. (She is 96).
Wednesday we spent the morning outdoors and running errands (like post office).
I ran out of time and cooked Pasta Primavera in my Instant Pot. I layer melted butter, pasta, broth, minced garlic, cherry tomatoes and a bag of frozen spring vegetables in the pot. Set pressure cooker to 2 minutes. Release the pressure and add a bag of grated Parmesan and stir. Close again and wait 3 min. Lay the table and serve.
So yes, Kate, this recipe is quicker than cooking on the hob. I only do this sort of thing when I am short of time. I also mostly cook pasta in the normal way.

Yesterday I did not go out at all but enjoyed myself in the kitchen. Apart from a roast dinner (a whole chicken), I also made another batch of Kombucha (I'm now seeing I've put the wrong date on the bottles. It was the 16th.)
I also made some vegetable stock paste. (link to the recipe) from lots of vegetables including broccoli stems. I use it instead of a stock cube and for that reason it is very salty. But at least I know it only has natural ingredients.

That is all from me today. Of course there are some funnies at the end, so we can all have a smile. 
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Take care and keep smiling,


  1. I so enjoy your blog posts. You seem to live a full, happy life. So much is always going on. I love the trip you took. Just beautiful. Wishing you a very nice weekend.

  2. old... yep! Love the pics and the jokes too. Especially like the eggs such a great way to explain it!

  3. When you feel you might catch a cold we take acerola, - never knew it grows on trees, interesting to see (we get them as tablets).

    LOL, poor tree, that!
    Yummy pie.
    Excercising at age 96... reference to the card from above :-)
    Now that is really instant!

    LOL, my T wants a little house on a lakeside when he retires.

    The seatbelt!!! And the racism is really clever.

    Thank you for the smiles, hugs from here.

  4. I still don't understand how you get eggs from the hens when you don't have a rooster. Are they impregnated before you get them? Or am I missing something really obvious?

    Speaking of eggs, I love the one on racism. Beautiful way to describe it.

    I'm always hungry when I read your daily meals. You eat better and MORE than anyone I know. No wonder you walk so much! I think I need a snack about now (grin). Your bread even looks good enough to eat.

    On Monday, what did you have four made? At least I didn't ask a food question!

    Loved the telephone joke. MY speed. And the cats were funny, too. Have a super rest of Friday and enjoy the weekend, too.

  5. You’ve had a lovely week Lisca looking at your picture diary and reading what you’ve been upto. I like to record things in the same way when I think I’ve done nothing. I soon realise that in fact I have.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Lynn xx

  6. What a lovely week you have shared with us Lisca. You always seem to fill your days with smiles. Fab funnies too.
    Annie x

  7. Hi Lisca. Thanks for the tip on pasta. I shall give it a go one day.
    I also make vegetable paste (I call it Pisto because I used to buy little tins of it with that name when I first came here). I usually cook up my veggies in the microwave before blending them, and I freeze it in small boxes to start a casserole or mince dinner.
    I loved my visit to Alhambra Palace. We went on a day trip organised by our hotel, when we were just visiting Spain. There were less rerstictions then, but the coach driver warned us that if we were't there for our time slot, we wouldn't be let in. Some of tile work was so beautiful.
    I am not a huge fan of eggs though I eat them as I know they are good for us, but I much prefer the yolk, so a double yolker always makes me smile.
    I hadn't realised it is almond season already. They don't grow much down here except for the odd 'wild' tree. It will be olives here in a month or so. Have a good week. Kate x
    P.S. You can deffinitely make crumble in your magimix.

  8. Hi Lisca, I'm later than usual today as we've been sorting stuff for my mum this morning and forgot to schedule the post, too many distractions I'm afraid but doing my best to keep in touch with you all. Then I thought I'd left you a comment and I don't know where it's gone, think I'm off my head today Lol! Pleased you've had another good week and loving the funnies. The plant looks very similar to one we bought this year. I will have a look and see if I can find out what it's called. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  9. Hi back again. I noticed your question about the Polish. Lincoln does have quite a lot of Polish, we did have a Polish club when we first came to live here but not sure if it's still there. They were in the UK during the second world war (though obviously I can't remember that as my mother was only about 16 at the time) and then stayed afterwards. Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK so I guess that's why the sign is also in Polish. Hope that answers your question. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  10. Oh you had a fab week, your mum looks fantastic and us amazing i bet she enjoyed the visit. The Alhambra Palace looks lovely, we've got used to timed tickets for everything these days. The almond gathering sounds fun although that might depend on how many you had to pick up afterwards. Sorry I'm late its been a bit of a tough weekend xxx