Tuesday, 6 April 2021

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 5 April 2021 - T for

Hello lovely ladies, here another blogpost from sunny Spain. Yes, the days do not always start sunny and morning and evenings are still chilly, but usually around 6 pm it is balmy and sunny, and I sit by my front door in the sun. (Photo further down)

My postcards today are about childhood. I love black and white photographs and people often send me postcards like that. I received one from Japan:
 This child doesn't look very Japanese, but I like the photo very much. The photographer is Chieri Iwatsu. I've not been able to find out anything about this photographer.

The sender is called Ayano, who wishes me Happy new Year. (The card was sent on the 2 of January, but I didn't get it until March).

The stamps are gorgeous. I assume the mountain is Mt Fuji, but then, there must be more beautiful mountains in japan, so who knows...

The second card is this one with children diving into the water. Very clever composition.

The photograph is entitled 'Bridge jumping' and the photographer is Frank Eydner. Frank Eydner (born in 1968 in Munich ), known as "Franky" is a German-born photographer , philosopher and street sweeper .

The stamp is the metro station of Marienplatz in Munich.

Have you had a good Easter weekend? Here in Spain Easter lasts a week, the whole of Holy Week, which is the week preceding Easter Sunday. From Thursday people have  days off and everything is closed. But there is no such thing as Easter Monday. People go back to work on Monday.
It is the most important festival in the Christian calendar, so I pull out the stops and prepare something special. Usually lamb, which is symbolic for the sacrificial lamb. I ordered a leg of lamb and cooked it in the slow cooker (with onions and stock) the night before.

It was delicious with roast potatoes and a glas of Prosecco (a dry white bubbly)

Last week we walked to the surgery to have hubby's urinary catheter removed (all is well) and we walked past this house. I rather liked it. The window balcony is typical of this area (although I have seen them in Turkey, but don't tell the locals that!)

Hubby felt so well that he cooked me lunch! 

Yesterday we went into town to get cat food. This store sells all sorts of animal food, seeds and agricultural implements.

Many kinds of animal feed, but our cat (who lives outside) only eats a particular brand. Luckily it is not the most expensive.
Then we went to the Chinese hypermarket that sells everything. Hubby got a brush to was the car and i got some plant pots to hang on the wall in the patio.
Then we stopped for coffee. Hubby wanted some cake as he was peckish. We spotted a nice looking piece of cheese cake and told the waitress that was what we wanted. She brought our coffees but no cake. She served a few other customers and we thought she'd forgotten and reminded her. OK it's coming she said. And we waited some more. 
Then we saw the chef come out of the kitchen with a large glass plate in his hand. He proceeded to decorate the plate with chocolate powder and a sauce and some nuts. He placed the cheesecake in the middle and then squirted whipped cream all around it! This is what it looked like:
Well worth waiting for. You probably noticed it had two spoons. yes, we shared.

Now as promised a photo of yours truly by the front door. That side of the house has the evening sun. (Our patio is at the back and gets the sun in the morning).
I love sitting behind my little gate and watch the sun go down. The street is not a thoroughfare, only people on foot come by occasionally. I read or knit and I chat with my mum on the phone. In the photo the sun has already gone and I was just going back in when my hubby came home and I asked him to take the picture.

I will leave you with a bit of Tara Shannon. 

'Where can I find hope?' asked Rabbit.
'It's always there,' said Bear,
'waiting to be found. But a good time to find it is at night.'
'Really?' asked Rabbit.
'Yes.' said bear,
'It is there, nestled amongst the stars, in the form of a promise.' 
'A promise of what?' asked Rabbit.
'A new day.' replied bear.

I'm going to visit Elizabeth and Bleubeard for the T-Party. Please join me. All that is required is a beverage.

Bye for now,
Happy T-Day,



  1. You weren't the only person to celebrate with prosecco for T this week. Seems to be a popular drink, but I've never seen it before.

    Both postcards were nice. I really enjoyed the child and the perspective of the photo of the children diving into the water. I think that is Mt.Fuji. It looks like it to me.

    I've never had lamb, but it isn't something I would enjoy, even if I weren't a vegetarian. HOWEVER, that breakfast Graham cooked for you looks delicious and the eggs are cooked perfectly for my taste, too. Thanks for sharing your Easter meal, your postcards, and your prosecco with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  2. The postcards are really lovely Lisca. Here in New Hampshire there is no time off for Easter at all, and many places are even open on Easter Sunday. Not all though.Hurrah that your hubby is feeling even better. That is good news. I like your little porch too. I think I would sit there also, especially if I got to watch the sunset. And now I want a piece of that cheesecake too. I hope you have a wonderful post Easter week and a a very happy T day. hugs-Erika

  3. It's great to hear that your husband is recovering so well from what is obviously a very serious medical procedure.

    I enjoyed your cheesecake saga.

    be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. I love black and white photo art too. Super cards and stamps! Love hearing the continued good news regarding hubby's recovery-and you both look wonderful. The window balconies along with your cozy porch are so charming.
    What a nice gesture from the chef with that splendid looking dessert.
    I know many do lamb for Easter but I can't bring myself to it and am happy no one in my family cares to have it either;) Happy T day!

  5. Love those Japanese stamps. Lamb is delicious but I have only cooked it once. Yours looks yummy! And that slice of cheesecake...I bet that was amazing. Glad to hear that your hubby's catheter was removed and that he is feeling well enough to make you a meal.
    That unique balcony sure is pretty. We don't have many decorative ones like that here in the states. You have a great space to sit outside. And I really like your door.
    Happy Tea Day,

  6. Oh, I would sit out there and watch the sun set, too. It looks like a lovely place to sit. I am glad things went well for your husband. Now, it there was just a third spoon, I would help myself to your delicious looking concoction. Happy T Day! Oh, lovely postcards and stamps. I always love to see them.

  7. Oh, I still have a parcel I cannot send. Since November!
    Huh, brave kids! Yay for your Hubby.
    Oh, glad your cheese cake came at least, and fresh, too! Sharers, are we? LOL.
    Cute pic of you. And what a great place to sit and end the day!
    To hope, happy T-Day and hugs!

  8. Lovely post today, Lisca, beautiful cards, lovely photos, and the best news of all, that your hubby is doing so well, that's a blessing! Love the place in front of the door where you sit, it looks so special, and great pics of you, too! Have a wonderful week, take care, hugs, Valerie

  9. Morning Lisca,
    We have lamb quite often but for Easter we had Belly Pork with all the trimmings, Your lamb looks delicious, it always cooks beautifully in the slow cooker.
    It's funny that we can have rain all day but by 4pm the sun is out, your patio looks the perfect place to catch the last rays.
    I have cleaned out the log fire as it's too warm in the evenings now, we even had to sleep with both bathrooms windows open last night to get some air flow.
    We have plenty of those chino shops here too, they must have thousands of euros worth of stock!
    Happy T day
    Jan S

  10. I wanted to tell you, after reading your comment, I also empty my spent tea in the dirt of my herbs. Some even still smell good when I water the plants.

  11. All that food looks delicious. I should try prosecco sometime. I'm happy to hear your hubby is doing so well :) The cheesecake definitely looks worth the wait. What a lovely spot at your front door! Happy T Tuesday

  12. We had lamb too, it's one of my favourites and so very yummy! Nice to see you both out and about this week too and oh, that cheesecake looks well worth waiting for - delicious 😀. Loving the story from rabbit and bean 😉. Take care and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  13. We always have lamb for Easter. I'd rather have lamb for other holidays, too. Glad to hear you husband is doing well and was able to fix a delicious lunch for you. How special to have the chef prepare a special dessert for you. Your spot by the gate is so pretty. So nice to have a little bit of Heaven to call your own. Take care and Happy T Day

  14. A wonderful post. I so enjoy seeing the places you shop. Looks like a very nice store. Great looking food too. The best is the photos of you sitting by the gate. What a peaceful looking place.

  15. Love those black and white photos. The lamb looks good to me but for some strange reason every time he eats it hubby gets bad migraines. Great that you can get out for coffees..and delicious cheese cakes. Nice to see you in your sunny spot. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx