Tuesday, 13 April 2021

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 13 April 2021 - T for doors and windows


Hello lovely ladies! How are you all? Had a good week? We have and I will show you a little bit later, but first my postcards. I have so many that have arrived in the last month that I will show two cards each post. Today it is door and windows. Two totally different cards. 

The first one comes from the Czech Republic and I like it a lot. There is an old vine climbing across this old door. 

The sender has decorated the card with beautiful washi tape and a gorgeous stamp. I scanned this and covered my address with some UK stamps that were lying on my desk (in case you wondered).

The stamp is really beautiful and it features a post coach, (notice the cat traveling too).

The second card comes from the USA, from Mount Vernon in Iowa. (I seem to remember someone who comes to the T-Party lives in Mt Vernon). It was sent by Ashlyn, who writes: ''The building on the left is our geology museum. It used to be our library and was built with funds donated by Andrew Carnegie in 1904. Then after a brief stint as the home of the chemistry department, it became the geology center. It was named for the self taught William Norton, who founded one of the first geology programs in the Midwest. The museum is still free and open to the public.''

The stamps are beautiful! I love the owl and the horses in equal measures.

I have lots of photos this week, but most of them seem to be about food. So I hope you have had your dinner, lunch or supper because there is bound to be something that gets your taste buds salivating.

We eat in the middle of the day, between 2 and 3 pm. This is my cottage pie with cabbage and carrots.
On Fridays we have fish. This is spiralized butternut squash with green olives and onions, topped with some cod, cooked 'en papillote' (in oven parchment) in the oven. 

The other day they had lambs neck at the butcher. A cheap cut which is very taste when slow cooked.
Here I am searing it in the pan, then I put it in the slowcooker with a tin of tomatoes and some beef stock (from a cube). It made a delicious sauce which we had with pasta the next day. (Yes, I have to fish out all those little bones. But it's not problem when wearing gloves.

Yesterday I made a butternut squash risotto as I had half a squash left over from Friday. I cooked it in my Instant Pot. The recipe worked out very well. I added spinach and bacon bits.

I had been hoping for better weather, but alas, it has been cold. So the BBQ meat (ribs) that i had bought  got grilled on my contact grill and we had it Saturday with chips (made in the air fryer)

I think I mentioned last week that I had lost the blade of my food processor. I have since found it! I have finally organized my pantry:
I found the blade hiding behind some tins of fruit. (Don't ask!)

I did manage to make the short crust pastry without it, and it turned out well:

And this is the quiche. It has onions, bacon bits, sweetcorn, eggs and cream in it.

We went to see our friends who were going to make me a cabinet. So we went there with the trailer (to bring the cabinet back) two sacks of horse manure (for their vegetable garden), and the quiche and some drinks.
This is the cabinet (as yet unpainted).

I have a set of drawers, and because I don't want to bend down to get my undies out, I asked our friend if he could make me a cabinet that could fit under the set of drawers:

It fits beautifully as you can see. Now all I need to do is paint it.
We had a lovely lunch together with our friends. After hubby starts his chemo therapy we will have to limit our socializing.

We had a visitor the other day. I was sitting on the patio when I spotted our friend here on the broom stick:

Here is a close up . He has a lovely 'collar'. I think it's a grasshopper or locust. It is quite big, about as long as my hand is wide. I call him Jiminy cricket, but I don't think it's a cricket. Any experts out there?

 To finish I'd like to show you some trees we have come across. These trees with the white trunk are on the hospital car park.

As are these (I think) jacarandas. In reality the pink colour is much deeper.
This last one is for Elizabeth as it has some palm trees in it. I took the picture this morning. It was just a row of houses in town where we had parked to go to the cobbler.
Elizabeth hosts the T-Party to which everyone is invited. All you need to do is post a blog post and add a beverage or drink reference. You will have seen many drinks in my blog post today. I am happy to share, but please don't drink everything I have offered or we'd all be tipsy.

That is all for today. I will leave you with one last thing:

Stay safe, stay healthy and
Happy T-Day!


  1. You have been SO busy. I loved seeing all the yummy dishes that you have prepared. That quiche looks good. I would love to make those but my hubby isn't a fan of egg dishes. And those fries look so delicious!
    Lovely cabinet. I look forward to seeing it painted.
    Love the postcards and the stamps this week, especially the stamps.
    So glad that you found your blade.
    Happy Tea Day,

  2. Wow Lisca. This post is making me hungry with all this delicious food. You look like you've had a fun week in the kitchen. Your quiche looks delicious. And I have never seen lamb necks. One thing I think is so different here in the US is that we don't eat or able to get so many of the parts, like lambs neck. I am also envious of your pantry. You have a beauty Lisca. I like how your shelves are. Wishing you a wonderful T day and week. Hugs-Erika

  3. Having a meal with friends is really delightful after all these months of isolation — glad to see you at table with them. Wishing your husband well with his upcoming treatment, too bad it will put you back in isolation.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. Your postcards are wonderful today. You got some beautiful stamps, too. I always enjoy the stamps as much as the postcards (grin).

    You have made a lot of great meals this week. I was quite impressed with both the food you prepared and the various drinks, including wine. Too bad most of the meals were ones I could or would ever eat, since I'm a vegetarian. But I love the pasta dish. And who doesn't LOVE quiche? I sure do. Thanks for sharing these wonderful meals, drinks, and postcards with us for T this Tuesday.

    Sorry Graham will soon be in isolation, but hopefully this will help him be cancer free. My thoughts and prayers go out for him during this time.

  5. Love that first postcard!! And your food- oh my- I want all of it-at least the vegetarian/pesceterian portions:)
    That is a really nice looking cabinet- please show it when you've finished it.
    Healing prayers for your hubby as he goes through his treatments. Happy T day!

  6. Beautiful-sad b/w postcard and Henries!
    The stamps are beautiful! No brekkie yet... should I continue?

    The broccoli!!! Hmmm!
    You found the blade just like that! You broke the law, great!!!! And wow, you have space!

    LOL, I sure (don´t) want people visiting me with two sacks of horse manure, LOL!
    Chemo... Best wishes from here.
    Biiig visitor!
    Oh, the blossoms.
    Love and hugs! (Irritating moustache, always). Happy T-Day.

  7. Lisca I love to see all the dishes you've cooked, we are having ribs tomorrow. You certainly have a lovely big store cupboard, we are quite limited in our kitchen but I always have plenty of essentials.
    Your postcards are always fascinating, so much information, it's such a great way of learning about other countries.
    Hope all goes well for Grahams Chemo
    Keep Safe
    Jan x

  8. Such pretty postage stamps and I love the postcard of the old vine over the door - beautiful! Wow, your pantry looks amazing and all your meals look so delicious too! Lovely to have friends round and that cabinet is fabulous, it fits the space perfectly 😀. Have a wonderful week and sending you Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  9. All your food looks delicious, especially the butternut squash risotto and the quiche. Yummm! I trust all will go well with his chemo, but I know the isolation will be hard. We're having 17-year locusts here, but I don't think you get them.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  10. Lisca, I just read your comment. My birthday isn't until the 22nd. That's why I call it bEARTHday.

  11. So much lovely food. Soon I can start eating normal food again! Hope all goes well for your hubby! Hugs, Valerie

  12. Oh my! You cook like you have a restaurant. Delicious food and all beautifully plated. Your pantry is awesome, too! I think that might be a grasshopper or locust. Crickets are small, and black, said to be good luck if you have one in your house. We had one that got in the bedroom several years ago, He might have been good luck, but his chirping kept us up all night until we found him and put him outside! Happy T Day

  13. Wow! All I can say is that this is a truly lovely post. The food is just amazing, the cards excellent, your DH looks well and a new cabinet. Perfect. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Lovely postcards but it's once again the stamps that look so pretty.
    I love seeing how your meals are planned, shame you couldn't have your barbecue. Pleased to know that you found your blade during your pantry organisation - we have swapped some cupboards around to make it easier to access things we use most - it's only taken us 8 years to work this out! I miss having a pantry! Yours looks very organised now.
    I love the cabinet, it looks as though you are going to be very organised indeed!
    Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx