Friday, 16 April 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 16 April 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely peeps,

A happy Friday to you! My week has been full-on but with many smiles and silver linings.

I have received many cards and that is something that always makes me smile. Here is one of my favorite illustrators Inge Look. She is Finnish, and sure enough, this card comes from Finland.

These stamps are gorgeous. Enchanted Forest

The mysterious subject chosen for the stamps illustrate a frozen bilberry shrub. The artwork featured is part of the artist’s Polar Byzantine collection which is based on a lyrical beast epic.

The duck is The velvet scoter (Melanitta fusca), also called a velvet duck, is a large sea duck, which breeds over the far north of Europe and the Palearctic west of the Yenisey basin. The genus name is derived from Ancient Greek melas "black" and netta "duck". The species name is from the Latin fuscus "dusky brown" (Wikipedia)

My second card comes from Germany and features a fun cat. The quote (by Vincent van Gogh) translates as 'What would life be like if we didn't have the courage to risk something?'

My week has been OK. The weather has not been very good, but Friday it was still dry, so I could hang out the washing.
We had a visitor who I have christened Jiminy Cricket, but I don't think it's a cricket. It looks more like a large grasshopper. We get one every year.

On Saturday I baked my first herman cake of the season. It's rather large, so i asked some of our friends if they liked some. Of course, not long after that they came by to collect a large portion. (It was apple, cinnamon and walnut).
On Sunday we went to see our friends who have the ice cream parlour. As hubby starts his chemo therapy this week, it was the last chance to go out and see them (and eat ice cream).
Over the weekend hubby was complaining about an aching tooth, so I quickly made an appointment with the dentist. It was not serious and didn't need treatment.
We stayed in on Tuesday. It was cold and wet. (Not at all typical Spanish)
I have added some photos of my son in Italy, as nothing much happened that day.

Wednesday we went to the hospital for blood tests and a Covid test. As hubby had been nil-by-mouth, we went to have breakfast out. At this place they squeeze oranges. Very nice.
Yesterday was an awful day. It rained all day. Hubby had to go to the hospital for his chemo therapy. I could stay with him until he had seen the oncologist, who explained everything. Then I went and drove into town to do some shopping. I bought an umbrella and a bra!

The tablets are the rest of the chemo. 8 tablets a day for two weeks. Then a week of rest and then we start all over again with IV chemo followed by two weeks of tablets. 24 weeks in total. It's not going to be easy but we are very thankful that he can have all this treatment . 

This was my week. And now I'm off to Annie at A Stitch In Time for more smiles, and I'm going to visit Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday  to see what she has been up to this week.
Have a lovely weekend,
Stay safe, stay healthy and
Keep smiling!


  1. Hi Lisca, stopping to say hi. Some great funnies and I know Elizabeth will love the Charlie Brown funny.
    Your cake looks delicious and it is nice to be able to share. Loved your cards this week and stamps, Ice cream is always a special treat, we had a strawberry one that I made for Easter. sending healing prayers for your husband that his chemo goes well Happy Friday hugs Kathy

  2. Cheese bacon bread! Yum!
    All the very best to your Hubby!
    Oh, the stool is "sweet". As your family.
    That´s a lot of tablets. But glad we have this, right...

    Huuups. My "mommy" did a different job, LOL. Snow shovel!!! Thank you for the laugh!
    Highway to hell! And the robot! I´ll remember that snowman-trick.
    LOL! I have a "SINGER" sewing machine right behind me!
    You crack me up! :-) Hugs! And Laughs.

  3. Good morning Lisca
    First up congratulations on the new bra. I’m getting desperate for the lingerie shop now as my last visit was over three years ago. So I’m quite envious of your purchase.
    I love the enchanted forest postcard and your funnies.
    Most importantly I’m sending a big hug to your hubbie to help with his treatment and there’s an extra one for you too dear Lisca.
    Take care
    Lynn xxx

  4. You seem to have had a mixed week of weather, I love the postcards and your cooking and baking looks amazing. I'm glad you managed to get a dental appointment before the treatment and go to enjoy ice cream as well. I hope hubby is doing OK, 24 weeks seems a long time but hopefully with you at his side it will clock down quickly and he will be on the full road to recovery. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers this week.

    Biggest hugs

  5. You look so different in your new bra Lisca 😂😂😂😂 I really hope the treatment goes well for Graham. Sending you lots of love. Your funnies made me laugh out loud...literally.
    Annie x

  6. Pleased to hear you've had a good week. We've had a few silver linings ourselves as mum has had her second jab and the same day they came out and tested her hearing which we've been waiting ages for so she should get some hearing aids in the next few weeks. The card is brilliant full of life and fun, just what we need right now. Love the stamp and the kitty too. Our weather has been a bit hit and miss too but I have managed to get some washing out today and it's quite bright so fingers crossed. You are funny Lisca, Des (hubby) thought that was you in the bra photo but I explained to him that it's not, he seemed disappointed Lol! The kids drawing made me smile as I used to get into trouble all the time for my drawings at school (obviously not while I was teaching!) but in my defence they were always truthful! You have really outdone yourself with the funnies today they are brilliant. Have a great weekend. Hugs Angela xXx

  7. That was quite a week. I hope Graham continues to cope with his chemo. I have him on my prayer list.
    Apple and cinnamon is my favourite Herman cake though I did make a nice date and walnut one too. I don't make them often. There is too much waste and I am always left with a very big cake at the end, so I will have to wait until I am back at church and have more folk to share it with.
    You found some good funnies again and a very clever little pun at the end. Kate x

  8. First, I am thinking of Graham as he begins his chemo treatments. I have a friend who is doing the exact same regime here. It costs her $24,000.00 a month for the two weeks of chemo and two weeks of pills. Her insurance only pays a portion. I hope yours is better.

    You do a lot of cooking. I've never heard of a Herman cake, but it sounds delicious. Glad you could share. Great, too that Graham got in to see the dentist before his chemo.

    Great postcards, and I loved several of the funnies, including Snoopy and the Home Depot sales lady. I also LOVED the lazy snowman. Hope you had a great week, dear and look forward to a healthy and happy new one, too.

  9. I have been thinking of you and your hubby, I send best wishes to an easy chemo treatment and speedy healing. Your photos are wonderful and I always enjoy your posts, take care,