Friday, 9 April 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 8 April 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies,

Here we are on Friday. The week has really flown by! Friday Smiles is all about the positive things of our week. We have had a good week with many smiles. You will see more about my week later in my collages. 

But first lets look at my postcards. I have two postcards for you today. Both are about books (one of my favorite things).

The first one is a Ladybird book. Does anyone remember those from your childhood? I remember them well, although I did not have this particular one.

This card was sent to me by Alice in Crawley (UK). The stamps are great aren't they? I love the cat in the sink!

The second book is for adults. It's from the Pelican series.

'It is written in a popular manner, journalistically, to convey a sympathetic understanding of the subject of explosives to a reader who has no previous acquaintance with chemistry.' (Journal of chemical education)

Pelican Books is a non-fiction imprint of Penguin Books. Founded in 1937, Pelican Books combined important topics with clear prose to create inexpensive paperbacks for a broad audience. (Wikipedia).
I received this card from Finland and it has a bright 'happy' stamp on it.

Now for my week. I have made collages again for each day:
Good Friday is still part of the Holy Week here in Spain. Normally there would be important processions in the streets of every town and village, but of course for the second time, this had to be cancelled. We spent our day just relaxing and doing gardening things.
On Saturday the shops were open again after having been shut for a few days, so we spent the morning going to town and getting a few things we needed. Hubby bought a new car wash brush.
The cheese cake in the picture has a story. Read about it in my Tuesday blog.
On Easter morning we celebrated the resurrection with our friends playing and singing worship music. I had cooked a leg of lamb in the slow cooker and it had turned out succulent and falling apart. Lovely!

Monday was a normal working day, so I went to the gym in the morning and was surprised to see the weather quite foggy. It had been so nice up until then.
In one of my drawers I found a burger press that let you put a filling in a large burger. I thought I'd give that a try. I filled it with cheese. It was quite nice.

Tuesday morning hubby had another hospital appointment. He had to have a TAC - Computerized Axial Tomography ( also called CT  scan).
The hospital car park has lots of trees and some of them were flowering jacaranda trees, which are beautiful at this time of year.
Wednesday we had to go to the oncology hospital in Granada, which is an hour and 20 min drive. I fed my satnav with the address as we are not familiar with Granada city. We had breakfast along the way as we went straight after my gym, so i hadn't had breakfast. Everything went well at the hospital and we were done very quickly. On the way back we stopped at our local petrol station as they had let me know there was a parcel for me. It was a birthday present from my sister. She had sent one before, but that had been delivered according to the tracking, but we have never found out where. So the company kindly sent another one. And what was it? A jigsaw of the map of Spain with all its wines. 

In the evening we went to the olive press of our village to get some pips, which we use in our stove. It's a pellet burner which also uses olive pips or almond shells. Pellets are expensive and we would rather buy the pips here. We brought our own sacks. We can fill up a sack for two Euros. We got 5 large sacks.
In the evening I wanted to make shortcrust pastry. I usually make it in my food processor. I have a Magimix. But could I find the blade? Nowhere to be found! Making shortcrust pastry by hand is laborious, rubbing the cold butter between your fingers to make small crumbs. We spent the whole evening looking for the blasted blade. (We still haven't found it).

I managed to get the pastry done and rolled out and I made the quiche in the morning. 
I had commissioned our friend to make a cabinet to sit under a set of drawers I have in the bedroom. I wanted the drawers that I use every day, on waist height, so I don't have to bend down. The cabinet was ready and we went to collect it and we had lunch together catching up. So now I need to paint it of course. I'll see if I can get some duck egg colour paint. I like that. Watch this space.
The quiche was delicious. It cooked very well in my new oven. The base was well cooked, but not burned. Perfect.

You will understand now that my week has gone so quickly.

I hope you have all had a positive week. And to give you some more to smile about, I have put some funnies at the end.
Keep smiling,
Stay safe,
and have a lovely weekend,


  1. We didn´t have such books (that I know of) - sounds very interesting and awww, the stamps!

    Sharing burgers. I still remember a receipt I got from Grill´d, it read, "Irene - cut in half", LOL "Irene"! In Australia my name (Iris) is not well known.

    Beautiful blooming trees. We´re far from that.

    Sometimes a late pressie is better than one you expected, right?
    A clinic in blue, refreshing.

    I bet you find the blade once you bought a new one. Happened here so often with things... Murphy´s law...

    The cat(s)! And the books, good one.
    I really found a book in the street (free give-away) and at the doc, whilst waiting over an hour (!) my kindle "died" - good I had the real book!

    Mechanicangelo made me laugh! And the electric fence. Thank you :-) Lance a lot! and glad we roll correctly. Hugs!

  2. I can certainly see why your week has flown’ve crammed a lot in. Really hoping Graham’s treatment goes well and you fill this next week with lots more smiles.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Lisca. Those Ladybird books take me back. I had from the earlier edition for my first two boys,, and the other three had the more modern ones to learn to read.
    I am glad your new oven is working well for you. I had to laugh at the missing blade. I am sure there is a black hole in my kitchen that such things disappear into.
    The jacaranda trees are beautiful. The ones down here are much bluer than that and they are not in bloom yet.
    Good job done on the cabinet. I am all for having drawers up at waist level. I don't bend as well as I used to!
    (To answer your question from last week-I eat the muesli 'dry'. I have never heard of soaking it first though I know some people do that with porridge oats. I do put cold milk on it, and/or a plain yoghurt, and add fresh raspberries or blueberries when I have them).
    have a good week, Kate x

  4. Hi Lisca, who could forget those wonderful books. They have started bringing out some new ones aimed at adults too. You're very lucky to be able to go to the Gym though I believe the ones here will be reopening but the one my friend and I went to is not as they have closed it for good which is a shame as it was easy for us to get too. The new cabinet looks very useful and loving the funnies. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. Hi Lisca, saw your question. The dragons are all made by me! in moulds with resin and then I apply Gesso and paint them but fear not you will get to see more next week. Hugs, Angela xXx

  6. you look like you've had a busy week, the food on Easter Sunday sounds wonderful you seem to be filling your days particularly at your allotment. I hope you've found the missing blade, it is always infuriating particularly when you've set your mind to do something. The jacardana trees are stunning I remember seeing one outside a hotel we stayed at in Menorca.

    I hope you source the paint you want, we've just spent the week painting the TV room and have literally just finished this evening, there are a few things to sort but we have got the hardest part done if that makes sense, have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.