Friday, 23 April 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 23 April 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello my lovelies,

Friday has come round again and it is time to look at the positives from our week. 

Let me show you this card I received in February. It comes from Germany and it shows part of the Sperberheiner dam.

This is what was printed on the back of the card:

Being Dutch I am used to all sorts of dykes and earth works to channel water, so I was pleasantly surprised that in Germany they have also been doing this for many centuries.
here is another photo of a different part of the dyke (from Wikipedia):

The stamps are beautiful. They show Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz. I have already featured this in one of my blogs.

The Park at Wörlitz is the high point of a unique landscape beautification project implemented by Prince Franz in the course of his almost 60-year reign.

Its designs were true to his maxim of combining “the useful with the pleasant.” Thus, the gardens were also used for innovative forms of fruit cultivation, arable farming, and livestock farming. 

Yesterday, the 22 of April, was Earth Day.  Earth Day (officially International Earth Day ) is a day celebrated in many countries on April 22. Its promoter, US Senator Gaylord Nelson , established this day to create a common awareness of the problems of overpopulation , the production of pollution , the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth . It is a day to pay tribute to our planet and recognize the Earth as our home and our mother, as different cultures have expressed throughout history, demonstrating the interdependence between its many ecosystems and the living beings that inhabit it. It is very well celebrated in the USA, although in our corner of Spain it passes us by completely. (I had never heard of it until Elizabeth mentioned it in her blog Altered Book Lover.) 

Then when I googled Earth Day Spain, I found a Dutch school girl, Nikki Wegloop and her mother have a charity on the Costa del Sol called MiM'oana (my beach in Hawaiian) and they organize beach clean ups every month, and also this Earth Day! Fantastic! I read in the article that this 17 yr old also speaks at schools together with her scooba diving friend to promote the environment. A type of Greta Thunberg in Spain. Great!

Now for the highlights of my week:

I don't think much happened on Friday. At least I didn't make a collage of that day, But Saturday I had fun making dough and baking a pizza. I have an instant pot and I use it to prove the dough  (on the yoghurt setting).

In the evening I like to sit in the evening sun by the front door. My friend was walking the dog (and her grand daughter). She knew she would find me there. Because of hubby's chemo (compromised immune system) we are not having visitors, but a chat by the door is fun. She brought me a plant and a little tortoise as a belated birthday present, and hubby made a 30 second appearance for the photo.
On Sunday we watch two different church services and generally just relax. I watched the Downton Abbey film on Amazon Prime Spain. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Monday we managed to get an appointment with the director of the hospital because we wanted to personally thank him for the care and compliment him on a well run hospital. We had brought a letter and a gift.

I had seen that they were putting in new lights in the streetlights in our neighborhood. On Tuesday morning they did the lamp in front of our house.
I went to the market and bought some veg. I don't know what it is called in English. I think it might be chard. I use it in my minestrone. Ah and I also bought a nice top for 5 Euros. Nice with black trousers.

Hubby was feeling well on Wednesday and I joined him for an hour at our little plot. Our plants are doing fine.
In the evening Juan the window man came to fit the new doors that we had ordered. As you can see in the photo top right, there is this space between the front door and the rest of the house that is just crying out for a door.

I am very pleased with the result (and the quality). In winter it will be a place where we can hang our coats.

Thursday it rained and we didn't go out at all. Hubby did all sorts of little jobs and I indulged in my favorite activity: I baked. I made a cinnamon-raisin bread at hubby's request. And later I realized it was day 10 in my Herman (sweet) sourdough feeding regime and that means I bake something. I found a recipe for Herman cinnamon rolls and decided I'd give it a try. They turned out beautifully!
Finally, I have had my call to be vaccinated. I'm going on Saturday evening at 5 past 8. As far as I know we are getting the Pfizer vaccin. But I'll let you know once I've had it.
That was my week. How was yours? Come and join us at Annies at A Stitch In Time or at Virginia's at Rocking Your World Friday.

As usual, I will add some funnies at the end, but for now, Have a lovely weekend.
Stay safe,
Keep smiling!



  1. I’m glad that you're both doing well, that’s a lovely card and stamps, very interesting. Your meals look so good, I ever thought of using the instant pot for proofing dough, I remember Herman , we shared the dough around my friends and I lol, it was a lovely quick bread! Your weather looks amazing too!

  2. I’m really glad Graham’s treatment is going well. It looks like it’s been a good week for you both. We have both sat here giggling at your funnies today.
    Annie x

  3. Oh! I grew up some 50 km from Goslar. Cinema was always there we went! Yet I have never heard of this.
    Ingo was stationed in Clausthal for a while (Bundeswehr)!
    Isn´t it a (wonderful?) shame I learn this way about "our" area?
    The flower. MY postie always gives me the same flower, even if I ask for another stamp!
    Have you seen the ones I got from Mae?

    Great young people stand up for Mother Earth.

    Meatloaf and pasta, yum!

    Thoughtful of you, we did the same in our hospital. Too few people do that.

    Ravioli with cheese!!! In an hour I´ll have a Pizza Muffin with extra cheese :-) Cauliflower, hmmm.

    Glad your Hubby is doing so well!!!

    If I had animals I´d hang the door like that, also.
    The cat, LOL. I want a dryer. Need to google Richard Feynman!

    Thanks and hugs from here, have a nice Friday.

  4. The new doors look splendid and just what was needed.
    I think your greens are chard. I can get them at our market sometimes or in Lidls.
    I am going to try your tip of proving dough in the instant pot. It has been quite chilly recently and sometimes mine takes for ever to get going. The herman cinnamon rolls sound yummy. There are so many recipes I want to try but I have to be sensible as it is me who eats most of it, and the sugar is just not good for me!
    I did smile at the cat asleep in the bird cage. That is typical of our cats. Have a good week. Kate x

  5. Another gorgeous stamp and the dykes remind me of Lincolnshire. The area where we live is just over 8 mtrs above sea level though there are areas higher and lower throughout the county and it's well known for it's dykes and floodplains. You always seem to manage to find interesting things to do and the baking looks gorgeous. Noticed your comment about the sign which did mention cycling but we were walking and didn't see anyone on a bike all day. Pleased you liked the new hair cut too. I thought I'd left you a comment here earlier but looks as though it was for Tuesday but never mind just a bit late getting back. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xxx

  6. I like the sound of that cinnamon and raisin loaf. Lovely with a hot mug of tea.
    Lovely to see hubby pottering about doing stuff. Give him a hug from me.
    I lie your daily photo diary. I may have to try it myself.
    Enjoy your week Lisca. I’m going to show mum those funnies, she’ll love them.
    Lynn xx

  7. Oh another fabulous post (as always), you seem to have had a busy and productive week. I'm glad Graham is OK and managing his treatment I'm also glad he is getting days where he is feeling able to do the jobs he normally does, you've definitely ticked off a few this week. Your new doors look fabulous and a place to hang coats in winter make it ideal.

    Your baking always looks amazing, I'm glad you managed to find something to make with Herman.

    I hope you have had a lovely weekend up to no, may you have a beautiful Sunday and the rest of the week.


  8. I was SURE I had left you a comment on Friday, but obviously I hadn't. I apologize. We have dykes here in Wichita to hold back the water, but I was truly impressed with the one you got on a postcard.

    I'm glad Graham is doing so well. He sure looks good, too. Much better than my friend going through this same regimen. You had a very busy week. I am always impressed with how you create a page every day. My life is too boring for that, but I stay home more than you.

    Some of your funnies were hilarious, but the cats in the box were the funniest for me. I hope you had a great weekend and accept my apologies for not visiting sooner.