Friday, 2 April 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 2 April 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely girls,

How are you all? Has it been a good week for you? I have had a good week. I will show you my daily collages later, but for now let's have a look at my postcard for today.

This one comes from Russia. It was sent to me by Margarita who lives in Moscow.  It is an old fashioned pin-up entitled Red Autumn. The artist is Tatiana Doronina. She was born in Kazakhstan, Karaganda where she studied at Pedagogical Institute. In 2000 she moved to Russia and worked as a designer at an advertising agency. Since 2007, working on freelancing as an artist and illustrator.
Here are some more fun illustrations by her.

I hope that made you smile.

The stamps on the card are beautiful.

The large green stamp celebrates the 300th anniversary of the discovery of Martsialnye Vody by Peter I. I found the following info:
Martsialnye Vody is existing spa and mud-cure resort founded by order of Peter I in 1719. The village is located at 50 km from Petrozavodsk in the area of multiple ferrous, nitrogen, hydrocarbon-and-sulphate and faintly acidic mineral wells.

The construction of multiple buildings was started in 1719, including three wooden palaces, a four-room house for doctors, residential premises for patients, and a riding room. A wooden carved tent was erected over the well that was used by the tsar family and its court. The resort has four wells of various depth and ferrous content. The water has been studied many times throughout the resort’s history and comparison of the data showed consistency of its content.

In February 1964, the all-Russian spa resort was launched as Martsialnye Vody, titled by the name given by Peter the Great. Today, it provides healthcare services to patients with blood diseases, digestion and lung problems, MSK and CVS systems.

The stamp features a multifigured composition illustrating the arrival of Peter I to the Martsialnye Vody.
I'm not sure if this is an official stamp:
But is it pretty.

Now about my week:
I'm still doing my aerobics 3 times a week. I'm so glad we can do that, with a safe distance between ladies and always with a mask.
Hubby went to his vegetable garden, always followed by the dogs from the plot next door to his.
My Italian grandson is an outdoor boy and is always in the mountains with his daddy. (or mummy).

Saturday was hubby's first social activity: a Bible study for English speakers. I baked a large sponge cake called Ciambellone. It was the first time I used my new oven and it came out perfect! Everybody brought something to eat and as you can see it was a real feast.
I forgot to do a collage for Sunday, but on Monday the weather was threatening, so I quickly went to the post office to collect my mail before the expected down pour. It never actually rained unfortunately. We really need the rain. This winter has been so dry.

Tuesday was a red letter day for hubby, as we went to the doctor to have his catheter removed. He was sooo pleased. He has had no problems and everything is working as it should. I cooked him chicken and chips to celebrate (in the dry fryer).
The bottle is a bitter liquor that I bought in Italy. It's from the area I used to live in. It is now empty but I'm reluctant to throw away the bottle as it is so pretty.
The house is just a pretty house we passed on our way to the doctor's surgery. 

On Wednesday the weather was sunny so I arranged with my friend to go for a walk. We ended up walking more than 10 km! On the way back I collected my leg of lamb I had ordered at the butchers. It had to be today because everything is closed from Thursday onwards (Holy Week).
Yesterday hubby and I piled all our recycling in separate Ikea bags and we went to empty them at the respective containers spread out over the village. There is one for paper and cardboard, one for bottles and glass jars, and one for plastic and tetra packs.
We saw that the baker was open, so we popped in to get bread and hubby had to get his cream bun of course. I wouldn't call it a bun. It is flaky pastry with nuts on top. Very yummy. I spent some time cutting up the bread and putting the slices in bags ready for the freezer. I took out some pea soup to make room for the bread and that was our lunch.

That was my week. I do hope that you have all had a good week too. Now we are getting ready for Easter. For those of you who work it will be a welcome few days off. 

As per usual, I will put some funnies at the end.

Have a lovely weekend,
Stay safe, 
and keep smiling!


  1. This is a wonderful post. I am so please your husband is doing well. I love the art by Tatiana Doronina. She has a sassy streak in her. Your cake does look very good and I am glad your oven worked so nicely. Have a very nice evening.

  2. I had shoes like the one in the first card!
    Yes, thank you for the smiles, great works!
    Interesting facts again! Thank you.

    You manage sport with a mask?! I´d drop to the floor! I do my training at home... Weird times.

    Your supper looks yum. I bought everything for Toast Hawaii.

    Yay for your Hubby (ifI understood properly), ohhh, you lived in Italy? Tell more, please?
    Yep, all closed here, also.
    You pop into a bakery? Here long lines, only 2 people with distance allowed... No wonder "the world" laughs about Germany...

    The beer, LOL! Yah, I´m the girl with the book...

    Have a great Easter!

  3. You do a lot of research into your post cards. It is interesting to read.
    I have also bought a leg of lamb for Easter Sunday dinner. I am looking forward to that.
    It is good to hear that Graham is doing so well, and managing to get out and about and do little things on his veggie plot.
    That was a good long walk you did. Well done. I must try to do more walking!
    Easter Blessings to you both. Kate x

  4. I’m so pleased to hear Graham is doing well post op. I love seeing what you’ve been up to each week and sharing a little of your Spanish life.
    Hope you have a great Easter.
    Annie x

  5. The artist definitely has a sense of humour. They remind me of some of the old postcards we used to get at the Seaside. Pleased to see that your week has gone so well, things are looking up for you both. The funnies made me smile too though for a couple of them it was more like a grin Lol! Have a lovely Easter both of you. Hugs, Angela xXx

  6. Hi Lisca-awesome post! I enjoyed seeing the artist you featured and the stamps are really nice this week. sounds like a really nice week for the both of you, enjoyed the funnies Happy Easter to you and your family hugs Kathy

  7. Hi again Lisca. Thanks for asking about my mum. She's back in hospital at the moment as she was being sick and had a pain in her stomach. They have found that she has an ulcer and they are trying to treat it but she will need to have tests again in a couple of weeks. The doctor says she seems better than she was as she was starting to get quite confused but she had not been eating properly because of the pain. The plant is the type you mentioned but I think it's a Haworthia but they are more or less the same. I have had one flower before but it was in the greenhouse so I think they like the heat. Sending big hugs, Angela xXx

  8. Oh I'm glad hubby is making progress, that's fabulous news. You look like you are putting the new oven through its paces, the cake looks lovely! I smiled at the idea of walking through our village to get rid of our recycling, obviously in the UK we have bin after bin outside for recycling which whilst convenient doesn't make for the prettiest of displays!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Easter weekend.

    Biggest hugs