Tuesday, 2 July 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 2 July 2019 - T for T and second on the 2nd

Good morning lovely ladies,

It's Tuesday again and time for the T-party hoted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover. As it happens, it is also the second of the month and I will add an old published blog at the end.

I received a lovely card from Germany this week. It looks like someting Valerie would post. This is a medieval street in Lueneburg.
And the stamp is that cute Peanuts stamp. That always makes me smile.
My second card is a black and white photo of a Dutch barn. I had to look twice before I realised what I was looking at. 

The stamp on the right has a tulip on it, but the rose on the left is not a stamp, but a beautiful sticker.

My friend brought me a large bag of produce the other day. Amongst all the goodies were a lot of red peppers.

 I decided to roast them, peel them, add olive oil and garlic to them and eat them as a side dish. Very nice it was too. 

As I need a beverage for this post, I found this photo from when I was at my mum's not long ago. I had cooked a lasagna from scratch at her request. We ate some of it and the rest went in the freezer for mum.
What!? An empty glass? Let me fill that pronto.

There, a nice glass of Merlot. My ticket to the T-party.

My three times-a-week aerobics class has broken up for the summer. So now I exercise in front of a screen with fitness videos and my Wii (yes, it still works). I started yesterday morning and i do an hour before breakfast every day. It's fun.

Here is the promised old blog post. It is from July 2015 when we were still building our house. It has all been completed now and we have been living there for nearly two years. You will see me doing my exercises in front of the screen just as i do now, only is the room a lot nicer.

Happy T-Day all!

July 2015
A little update on the construction of the house as some people have asked me... Well, we finally have windows in the arches. 

The room that will be my craft room (the most important room of course) is now usable  (not yet for crafting, but I can use it as a 'gym'). 

My husband has rigged up my Wii so I can do my excercises (I do ‘My Fitness Coach’ to keep fit and ‘WiiFit’ for a laugh).


  1. Oh that German card does indeed look like a photo Valerie would take:) and how can you not smile at seeing the Peanuts gang? Nothing like fresh garden veggies, and a nice glass of wine! Your lasagne looks so good. I just made a big dish of lasagne roll ups for my family and love having enough to freeze. Happy T day!

  2. I have a weakness for roasted red peppers. Yours look delicious and I never thought about making them myself. I think I need to try this.
    I love your stamps and that scenic postcard. Looks like a beautiful place to visit.
    Your new window look lovely. I bet they will let in the perfect amount of light. Those arches are amazing!
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. That German postcard might have been taken by Valerie. In fact, she has taken some that are equally impressive.

    Your red peppers look wonderful. I've tried roasting them before, but I have an electric stove and they don't "burn" as well as they do over gas. I use mine in everything from salads to omelettes to spreading on toast. I'm impressed with yours.

    I am not a drinker of dry wine, like Merlot. Any wine I drink is a sweet dessert wine. Guess I'm fussy that way. However, I think it must have paired nicely with your homemade lasagna. In addition to the wine, I was impressed by the flowers and the kitty in the background. Thanks for sharing this wine and lasagna with us for T this Tuesday.

    I don't remember that specific post, but I remember when you and your husband were building your craft room. Those windows are wonderful and your "gym" is surely filled with usable tables and art supplies now. I DID enjoy your WiiFit idea though. Thanks for sharing this second look with us as your Second on the 2nd.

  4. Yes, that's a postcard that I love! And peanuts is always good. How fun to have a fitness room, and/or a craft room. My apartment is too small for such things. The lasagna and Merlot look very tasty, pity I wasn't there! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Lovely postcards and stamps Lisca. That food looks delicious. Your craft room looks fantastic. I like all of the light that comes in. And great to have a balcony to walk out onto from there. Happy T-Day!

  6. Beautiful postcards and postage stamps! The red peppers look delicious as does the lasagna - yum 😉. I enjoy aerobics too and attend a class every week, such fun! Wishing you a Happy T Day! Jo x

  7. Ohh Lueneburg may be a very nice place to live and visit too Lisca !! Beautiful postcard, and lovely stamps. Love red peppers, (del piquillo) and great photographs with full and emplty glass haha, very Happy T-day !!. Your scraproom looks fabulous and very big!! Enjoy it !
    I wish you a very nice Wednesday,
    Big hugs, Caty

  8. Lovely post cards, Lisca. I had to look at the barn one a bit too. It was hard for my eye to sort because there's no perspective. Interesting.

    I love sweet red peppers. I add them to a variety of dished and also enoy just by themselves like you.

    Your lasagna looks delicious.

    I'm almost done with The Penance Room. Thanks for sharing your picks.

    I enjoyed your 2nd look photos. I'd love to see your craft room now!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  9. I'm focused on the food, coz it all looks so delicious! I admire your ability to stick with aerobics. I can be regular with Yoga but not with walking or aerobics. You inspire me :) Happy T Tuesday!

  10. nice post, lisca... you remind me it´s season for the peppers... i always make a mix of the colors (red, green, yellow) and treat them like you do (roast and peel). i make portion packs for the freezer, so i only have the fuss once... thawing over night and adding olive oil, garlic, balsamico, salt and pepper... i could lay myself into that:)) with fresh baguette, or even potatoes... can you see me drooling;)) - i have to buy some soon!!

  11. Hi Lisca, Thanks for your earlier visit, I am running late, had a busy day yesterday, again.
    I'm sure I remember your old post, what a great craft room, I am always full of good intentions keep fit but we walk every day and we are now swimming so I'm counting that as my exercise.
    We love roasted veggies and have them often, Steve is growing some in the garden so hopefully we can roast them too.
    Happy T Day
    Jan x

  12. I applaude you for your fitness and wonderful life style Lisca! Happy belated T-Day, super postcards and stamps! Happy July!