Tuesday, 16 July 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 16 July 2019 - T for Anniversary, a pumping station, an owl and breakfast.

Hello lovely girls!
Here we are again waiting to go to the T-Party hosted by Bluebeard and Elizabeth. Today is the 6th anniversary of the T-Party!! So Happy Anniversary!!
Do please join us with a photo or a reference to a beverage. And as this is the anniversary party, Elizabeth is also hosting an anniversary ATC exchange. (Please read the instructions on her blog if you want to participate.)

My qualifier to the party is going to be a postcard I have sent yesterday. It's on its way to Russia as I speak/write.

Another card that i sent this week is this one of the Streatham Hill Pumping station in 1895 after they finished building it. I always wonder how they manage to make industrial and functional buildings so beautiful.

I found some more photos on the internet:
Above is a photo from the same era but from a different angle.
And here is a photo  with the surrounding area nicely landscaped. (But it doesn't have a date)

An image of the interior:
And this is what it looks like now, in full colour. Isn't it beautiful!

Anyone visiting London can walk past and have a look.

I went to the post office this week to buy some stamps. (this is always a grand palaver as I need to phone them in advance so that they can open the safe which is on a timer). Anyway this time was even more complicated as there was a locum who didn't know me. I did manage to buy some stamps in the end and very nice they are indeed. 

In fact I have never seen anything like it! They are made of very fine wood. The subject is the explorers of Oceania.

I don't think I've showed you the photos of our gym girls. The last day of June was also the last day of the gym until we start again in October. We were given our new shirts (red this time) and posed for a groups photo. (I am the one top right in the photo)

After half an hour of aerobics, and taking pictures, we all trooped to the nearest bar to have breakfast. There were 26 of us!
Here am I with Celia, the girl who also happens to live next door to me. I am having toast with olive oil and mashed tomatoes (+ salt), my favorite Andalucian breakfast. I'm also drinking a café cortado. 

Celia's drink is a freshly squeezed orange juice. Here in Spain it means literally freshly squeezed! They squeeze it in your presence with the help of a mechanized juicer. 

I'll leave it at that my friends. I wish everyone a 
Happy T-Day!


  1. Loving the owl postcard, and wow what a hassle for buying stamps-that's no fun at all-yum the fresh squeezed juice looks delicious Happy T Hugs Kathy

  2. Your coffee bean and coffee cup owl is certainly the standout postcard today. This is unbelievable. It's certainly PERFECT for T Tuesday.

    I've noticed those old industrial buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries were very elegant. Today, function overrides everything else. I believe part of it was the ornate style started in the Victorian era. It's a fabulous building, and I'm thrilled to see it still stands today.

    Those stamps are INCREDIBLE. WOOD? I am really, really impressed. No wonder the PO keeps them under lock and timer.

    You and your gym group look good in your red outfits/shirts. I bet the restaurant was busy with all you ladies talking at once! I agree with Kathy that the fresh orange juice looks wonderful, but I'll gladly join you and your fancy sounding coffee. Thanks for sharing these with us for T this Tuesday, and thanks for joining the ATC swap.

  3. what a cute owl postcard-love it! And oh my that pumping station building is fabulous- love these ole buildings and their history too- so thanks for sharing. And the stamps- out of wood- simply incredible! Great group photo and fun breakfast too. Happy T day!

  4. I love seeing your postcards each week but what I really like the photo of you and the gym girls. What nice looking group you are in your red shirts. And you must be a fun group since you go out for food together too. Have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. Love the postcards. The owl is fantastic, and I have seen that pumping station In London several times. You girls look good in your red shirts! Those wooden stamps are most unusual. Thanks for sharing everything. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. that owl postcard really is a hoot:) and i wish i would be that brave to make gym on a regular base... happy t-day!

  7. Wonderful postcards. That building is stunning looking. Wonderful photo of you gym girls. Happy T-Day!

  8. I've never heard of stamps being so difficult to buy. I find it fascinating to hear about how different things are in other places. It helps a community when the functional buildings are made to look attractive. Ugly structures bring a place down :(

    Freshly squeezed oj sounds perfect! Happy T Tuesday

  9. Love the "Woo wants some coffee?" postcard, Lisca. Even though my answer would be "Not me. But thanks for offering."

    The pumping station is amazing. The architects must have loved their work to make it so beautiful as well as functional.

    Wooden stamps - I can understand why they would keep those locked up. Imagine the joy when one of your postcrossing friends receives one.

    Your gym sounds like a friendly happy place. Nice pictures.

    Happy T-day and Happy 6th to us! Eileen xx

  10. The owl image and sentiment made me smile ...lol 😉. The black and white images in the postcards are so striking and I loved seeing your group of friends, beautiful photos! Happy T Day! Jo x

  11. The owl postcard looks amazing, the other photos are super as well.You made me appreciate our post office in the UK, what a performance to buy a simple stamp, I'll not complain again about the queues.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  12. The coffee bean owl is so clever and perfect. WOW, on the stamps. Rather a production to buy stamps, but the ones you got are so worth it. Handsome stamps to begin with, but printed on wood? That is very cool. What a fun breakfast you had with your gym group. Happy T Day

  13. The owl postcard is so creative and it made me smile, so fun amd pretty looking☺

  14. Lisca, I love your owl postcard and saying! I have never heard of wooden stamps. So, how did you know about them? Are they advertised stamps you can buy in your country? Great photos and post. That is great that there are so many of you going to gym and breakfast! Guess what? I think I am the recipient of your ATC! Yay! I will put my address in a Contact you place on here. Oh, and I see you are on the Tahoe Rim Trail! I just finished the Kungsleden Trail in Sweeden and started the Jordan Trail yesterday. Some day we should try to start the same trail at the same time. :) Happy T Day!

  15. I love that adorable coffee bean owl! Your gym girls look smart in their new tops! I am sure the time to your next session will fly by! I love freshly squeezed oranges - a couple of the hotels we stayed in had machines! Happy T Day! Chris

  16. this is a fantastic post Lisca !! I love this coffee--owl !! so funny ! These photographs of the threatham Hill pumping station are very beautiful!! thanks so much for sharing. Happy belated T-day !! I´ve drunk this orange juice so many times! it´s delicious. Wonderful stamps! I wait for your address for the atc swap, and I wish you a very nice day,
    Big hugs, Caty