Friday, 26 July 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 26 July 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
It's Friday again and this is the day I share all the smiles of this week. 
One smile was deifinitely the happy mail I received this week. Some colourful postcards.One of them is from Germany:
I have stated that i like to receive cards depicting something that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well I got two in one: Goslar and Rammelsberg.
I got some photos and info from Wikipedia.

Goslar is a town in Germany’s Harz Mountains. It’s known for its medieval old town and half-timbered houses. Market Church St. Cosmas and Damian features 13th-century stained-glass windows. The 11th-century Imperial Palace has historic murals.

 South of Goslar is Rammelsberg Mountain. It is home to silver and copper mines more than 1,000 years old. The Rammelsberg Mining Museum preserves underground waterwheels and a mine railway.

Fascinating! I would love to visit those sites.
And the stamp was one that I hadn't seen before, from the flower series. This is a Flockenblume in German, which is knapweed in English. 

Another smile this week were the photos from way-back that my friend sent me from Italy. I have posted one in my previous blog (Tuesday) and here is another one. This is the staff of the maternity ward/labour room where i worked. I am the one laughing at the bottom of the photo. I had balanced my camera on a gurney and was taking pictures with the self timer. We had to have several 'goes' and i was dashing there and back. Quickly stooping on my knees. The nun (head of the department) is steadying me as I nearly fell over. 

 This was in the seventies. Some of them I am still in touch with. And others I only see when I go back to visit my son. Three ladies have since died (the two ladies in black, and the lady in white on the left.) Lovely memories...

Also this week a friend and i have each tried to start a sourdough starter. But for some reason mine didn't turn out well. My friend then offered to give me half of his and when he and his wife were in town last week, he gave me some and it seems to do now:

I can't wait to try and bake bread with it.

Also this week one of my neighbours said she had soaked too many borlotti beans, would I like some. I never say 'no' to something like that, so the other day I got my pressure cooker out. I put in the beans, some stock, a carrot and an onion and some celery, tomato paste and 13 minutes later I had a hearty soup. Ideal for the blistering hot weather (not!) And yes, I cooked the pasta separately. Anyway, it was delicious in spite of the hot weather.

We always go to our weekend home on Monday night. But as our friends were coming to bring me the sourdough, we changed the day to Tuesday. So on Tuesday evening we watched a DVD. We chose Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn.

 It is a 2011 3D motion capture computer-animated action-adventure film based on the comic book series of the same name by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. 
We grew up with the comic books of Hervé. In Dutch Tintin was called 'Kuifje' (meaning: Quif).
I have also found a funny about Tintin which you will find at the end.

Well, that was all I can think of about this week. Oh yes, my last visit to the dentist went well. All the stitches are out and I won't see him again until September.

Now I'm off to Annie at A Stitch In Time and then to Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

As per usual I will post some funnies at the end. 
Have a fab weekend,
Dont forget to drink plenty of water in the hot weather, and...
Keep smiling!



  1. It was great that the person who sent the German card to you was respectful of your wishes. I remember Halle saying she didn't pay attention to requests, which I think defeats the whole idea of swapping.

    What in the world are borlotti beans? They look like what we call navy beans. Sounds like everyone needs a pressure cooker. Never heard of cooking beans in 13 minutes.

    I almost started a sour dough starter awhile back, then chickened out. I hate wasting food and I fear I would have messed up. I hope yours from your neighbor turns out.

    Had to laugh at your funnies today. They were all so cute and clever. You find some really great chuckles.

  2. Just looked borlotti bean up on the internet and found it is similar to Great Northern and pinto beans I'm familiar with. The red color doesn't show up in your photo. Maybe the red streaks disappear when they are cooked.

  3. Good funnies, my faves were Moses and the father and his baby in their matching shirts. I love beans, but this week I have been living off salad and fruit, it's too hot to cook here. Lovely postcards, too. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  4. Really glad to hear your mouth has healed well and your stitches are out now. Love the funnies....I also loved Tintin as a child so would have enjoyed the film.
    I love soup any time but hubby is def an only eat it in cold weather man.
    Annie x

  5. Moses and the little ant made me smile!
    I am glad you have some sour dough working now. It is almost too hot for it right now. I have recipe called Herman the German Friendship cake. (Try googling it or I can send you a copy). It is a sweet sour dough and on the tenth day you divide it into four, cook one, keep one to start the next batch and give two to friends - hence the name. When I am the tea rota at church I sometimes cook all four with different fruit and nuts added to each. It makes a lovely moist cake that freezes well. I might try leaving out the last sugar and making a loaf with one lot.
    We occasionally have a hot soup/casserole dinner in the summer. It is actually easier to eat some days than lots of salad.
    that was a lovely bright postcard from Germany, and it is interesting to read about the places on it.
    Hope you don't melt away (37º in the shade here today).take care, Kate x

  6. Your funnies made me smile but then they always do. Nice to see the old pic of your friends, great memories. I had to smile about the beans, I nearly always do that. Beans and pasta never look so big in the packet and grow massively when soaked. Love that new stamp too. I'm off to the craft club tomorrow so hopefully we'll get to see some finished wallet files. Happy weekend, Angela xXx

  7. I've never heard of that kind of bean but that soup looks delicious, and although most people think of hot soups as a wintertime thing, I like it any time of year.

    I never did get sourdough going well enough to do anything with it. I hope yours gives you a good start there :)

    Finding cards to match stated preferences sounds quite the challenge!

  8. I love the postcards and how you use the information to go off and research things and then let us share. The stamp is lovely as well.

    Your photo is lovely and must bring back such memories for you.

    Hubby always wanted to make sour dough and did quite a lot of research but never put it into action, I think he read about sour dough hotels, where people take the active ingredients to keep going when they are away, apparently there are some that go back hundreds of years!

    Your soup looks lovely, me and hubby we talking about doing soups recently as a quick and easy tea, particularly when it has been as hot this time.

    Loving the funnies as always, have a great weekend and week ahead.


  9. Oh, Lisca, I love your funnies! Nice that you have photos of that time in your life and can look back and reminisce. You all look so happy in the photo, too. I am just dropping by to tell you I got happy mail today! Wow! That was quick. Wonderful surprises and a beautiful ATC and envelope! I will show it on TSFT! Thank you!