Friday, 5 July 2019

A postcard a day - Friday 5 July 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
Have you been smiling this week? I have and I will show you a few of the things that made me smile this week, apart from the nice weather.

Every breakfast and supper we eat out in the little patio. I love sitting there and enjoy the flowers.

In the day time it is too hot to sit outside, but at 9 in the morning and at 9 at night it is just nice.
The watering system comes on at 6 pm and I also water those that are not on the system (I keep buying plants).
For the first time I have found fuchsias at the garden centre. They are not very well known in this area. Probably too hot, but I keep this baby in the shade all the time and water it every day. I rewards me by flowering constantly.
The plant below is a new one too. It is not a hardy plant, so I will have to protect it in the winter. We get very cold winters. But I am willing to try because it is such a beautiful plant. Perhaps I can keep it indoors during the winter... That is the reason why I am training it in a loop rather than the wall.

Every day I spend at least an hour deadheading and tidying. Yes, I talk to my plants!

Another thing that made me smile were all the craft supplies that I have been able to bring back from Holland. There is a shop near where mum lives that sells crafty things. So you can imagine I came back with a full suitcase.
I bought lots of embossing folders as they were on special offer. The above ones also die-cut little shapes at the same time.
And before I went to Holland I got a message from the online craft store in Spain where I buy most of my stuff (Mi Tienda De Arte) to say that the E-Z Runner refills that I needed, were now available again.  So I ordered two.
My hubby collected them for me and they were waiting for me when I came back from Holland.
Also these lovelies below. I ordered a set of these Ranger stamps when I was inspired to make more cards. (Was it Angela?)

There is also some embossing powder and an embossing stamp pad. (Mine was so old and probably dried out). So watch this space. I really want to make some cards. There are a lot of family birthdays in August.

That is all from me this week. Of course I have some funnies for you for you to giggle about.

Have a great weekend all,
And...Keep smiling!


  1. You have some gorgeous flowers, Lisca. They are fabulous. I can't grow flowers very well here in pots. It's too hot and they die by the end of the day. Yesterday it was 105 F here (40,3ish). Imagine letting your flowers sit in that heat and sun. Great for herbs, but horrible for flowers. You have the absolute perfect place, though.

    Had to laugh at the comment where you said it got cold there. I somehow doubt it gets as cold where you live as it does where I live. I have to bring everything inside in the winter or it dies with the first hard freeze that lasts more than a day.

    You got a LOT of wonderful dies and stamps. You got some real bargains, too. Wonderful when we can save on supplies and tools, isn't it?

    Some of your funnies were great. Wonder what's up with that sugar (grin)! Have a super Friday and a great weekend, dear.

  2. Your flowers are really gorgeous Lisca but of course it's because you talk to them and treat them so well....we all respond to a bit of love. Your funnies are brill especially the last one....being a diabetis is close to my hear t of course.
    Annie x

  3. Wow your flowers look beautiful, I bought two fuschia plants last week as they were my Dad's favourite, I've not had much success with them in the past so hoping I'm more successful this time. I can't work out what the plant on the hoop is at first glance I thought hibiscus, but notice it doesn't have the same centre, it is very pretty whatever it is, I hope you are successful in keeping in going.

    Have a fabulous week


  4. Absolutely gorgeous flowers Lisca. If it was my fault that you spent all that money on crafty stuff I apologise.......what am I saying of course I'm not sorry Lol! You have a great time with all that stash! Loving the funnies too. Happy weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Hi Lisca, just read your comment over at mine. The male swan is the one that takes the cygnets away once they are able to fly but I have no idea where he takes them but they don't come back. If you send me your email address (you can use the contact form on my blog) I will send you a copy of the instructions for the wallet file. I have to warn you that there are several pages. Angela xXx

  6. What lovely flowers! And you have a great setting for them :) I plant flowers in pots for butterflies and bees, but they never overwinter for me.

  7. You have lovely flowers Lisca. It is just too hot for ours now and most of them have finished blooming, though the hibiscus keep trying. They don't really like being in a pot but we have nowhere else to keep them. I think your red one is a Datura, but I am not sure. Thee are many different one and the one with large bells hanging downwards are very hardy, but my one like yours did not survive the winter. They all look very healthy. You obviously take good care of them.
    The funnies were very funny this week. Sugar-free sugar is an interesting concept! have a good week. Kate x

  8. Oh your flowers look fantastic Lisca. Its nice you can at least enjoy them at some times of the day. I have several potted plants on my deck also so I can see why you can't stop buying them. Happy rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika