Friday, 12 July 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 12 July 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
It's Friday again and time to count our blessings and remember the smiles from this week.
I'm going to join Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday

My first smile for this week was a postcard in my mailbox. It came from Russia and shows a beautiful young lady in Russian national dress. The caption at the back reads: Miss Russia 1932. Nina Aleksandrovna Paul
And there were colourful stamps too

You can probably see that the red stamp is about the world cup soccer held in Russia last year.
Talking about soccer. Has anyone followed the world championship women's football (soccer)? The Dutch team did very well. But not well enough as they lost in the final to the USA ladies, who were even better. 
Well done girls! 

Last week Angela Radford showed a wallet that she had made at a craft workshop (actually she was leading the workshop). She kindly sent me the instructions and Yesterday I got all my materials together and i started making it.
Here you see how far I got. I don't really know what it's supposed to look like so I have asked Angela to tell me what goes where.
Watch this space! 

Our friends Eusebio and Antonia have an ice cream shop. 

Eusebio makes ice cream out of natural ingredients 

and they also make their own handmade cones. 

This is the old equipment. He now has one that is heated electrically. Last week they had chocolate cones. 

When we were there last week, Antonia gave me two empty cones to take home. So, tonight we had (supermarket) ice cream in these special cones. Yummy! (Excuse the bare chest)
That's all from me folks.
As usual, there will be some funnies at the end.
Have a great weekend,
Keep smiling!


  1. Your funnies are funny! Thanks for the laugh! Lovely postcards, too, and I LOVE the look of your ice and chocolate cones, yummy! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. hehehehehe Love your funnies this week. I guess the runners in the first pic soon become very fast runners lol. The ice cream and cones look yummy.
    Annie x

  3. Great post Lisca but I have to say I was well distracted by the ice cream! Lovely post card and enjoyed the funnies too. I'm just going to have lunch which is actually a bit late but the visitor has only just gone and then I'll send you some more photos of the wallet. I keep looking at the double page and thinking it looks big but maybe it's just the view I'm getting. Happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

  4. I love your postcards and the gorgeous stamps. We didn't follow the football rugby only in this household. Your wallet looks gorgeous do share the final item once it is done, I haven't done a 'minibook' in quite some time.

    Loving the funnies, as always

    Have an awesome weekend and week ahead.


  5. What a gorgeous headdress on Miss Russia! We closely followed this year's world cup. All the teams made for interesting viewing, and I found myself cheering each fantastic play no matter which team made it :) And of course, here in the US we got a dose of politics with ours ;) I've never seen a handmade cone, and those ice cream treats looks delicious. Yummmm and pretty, too.

  6. that head-dress on Miss Russia is beautiful. I don't know how they keep them on.
    Chris watched quite a bit of the women's football, but I must admit I wasn't around for much of it.
    The ice-cream looks lovely. We had the handmade cones when we bought ice-cream in France and they were great.
    As usual, your funnies made me smile. have a good week.
    Kate x

  7. Miss Russia was beautiful. That's a great postcard and lovely stamps, too.

    So glad you gave our soccer team credit for the wins. They deserved it. Megan Rapinoe is our heroine. We fought hard to get to the top of the heap.

    Your ice cream cones are making me hungry. Lucky you to be friends with the owner of the store.

    You had some cute funnies. I didn't get the one about the roasted chicken, though. I guess I'm too literal.

    Sorry. I never thought to take a photo of the quiche. I am always so worried I'll get one of the youngsters in the photo, I try not to take any photos in my home while they are here.