Tuesday, 15 January 2019

A Postcard A day - Tuesday 15 January 2019 - T for floorball, floor mess, and photos

Hello lovely people,
It's Tuesday again! The weeks fly by, don't they.

Here are some postcards I received last week. The first one comes from Latvia. It was sent by Una, a 51 year old designer from Riga, the capital.

 It is a black and white photo of a pretty girl. The stamp is interesting too.It features the 2016 Men's World Floorball Championships were the 11th World Championships in men's floorball. The tournament took place in Latvia in December 2016. 
 Ever heard of floorball? Me neither:   'Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper in each team. Men and women play indoors with 96–115.5 cm-long sticks and a 22–23 cm-circumference plastic ball with holes. Matches are played in three twenty-minute periods.' 
I got thi off the internet, but the ball on the photo doe n't look like cm at all!

The second card is a vintage travel poster from the US. There is some info on the back of the card:
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park was established in 1980, the 48th park among America's 59 National Parks. Located in southeastern Alaska, it looms over the Canadian-Yukon border. Wrangell-St. Elias is the largest National Park with 13 million acres, the size of Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks and Switzerland combined! Mount St. Elias, at 18,008 feet, is the second highest peak in the U.S. Mt. Wrangell, at14,163 feet, is one of the largest active volcanoes in North America.
 The card was sent to me by Seema, who lives in Minnesota (Land of 10,00 lakes). As you can see the stamps are lovely. One of them features a vintage poster and the other is of course Katherine Hepburn, a very beautiful actress whom I remember well.
Yesterday I went to the gym as usual and this is what we found:

The treadmills were all moved away and there was an unholy mess on the floor! Here is our teacher looking a bit like: what are we going to do...

 It turns out that the floor needed cleaning. The cleaners are having a cleaning machine for the day and had asked some strong men to move the machines on Friday night as they were going to clean on Monday morning. (But we had arrived before them). The mess on the floor is what was underneath the machines. Just as well it is getting cleaned.

I am joining the T-Party organised by Elisabeth and Bluebeard. For that I need to have a beverage in my blog. Well I have two (accidentally).
Saturday evening was the inauguration of a photographic exhibition in our village. It shows the best photos of 2018 from the several photoclubs in the province of Granada (I think there are nine). The lady with the hat (called Encarna) had made the cakes and brought home made liquors and there were soft drinks too. I hadn't realised the drinks were in the photo so now I have two beverages in this blog.

 My 'official,' drinks reference is this box of tea which we bought in Holland when we were there recently. We have tasted it already and it is very nice. It has oolong tea in it (a bit smoky) and white mint, lemon myrtle leaves, marigold leaves, oil of orange, oil of green mint and yuzu flavouring.
That is it from me today,
Happy T-Day,


  1. Love seeing your postcards and stamps Lisca. Katharine Hepburn was my favorite actress ever, and when those special stamps came out my hubby bought a sheet and framed it for me among a few other images of her:) Always a pleasure seeing the variety of gatherings you attend , along with what you have to eat and drink. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  2. More wonderful tea. It sounds like it would taste delicious Lisca. Did any of your photos from your photoclub make it into the exhibit? It looks like a nice little exhibit and a fun event. Hope you have a great T day. hugs-Erika

  3. I enjoy seeing your postcards and stamps too. the photo club's athering sounded fun-as does your tea sounds delicious.
    Happy T Hugs Kathy

  4. Those are great postcards, Lisca. The Hepburn stamp is rather old. It is the last stamp value (price you paid per stamp) before they went to forever stamps.

    I had never heard of Wrangell-St. Elias Natl Park before. I learned something new tonight. It's a lovely postcard and has a vintage feel to it.

    Just think of all that dead skin, dust, and dander under those machines. That was a wow factor. Good thing you had your camera to document it.

    I can't believe how COKE gets around the world and everyone seems to enjoy it. I was quite surprised to see it in Spain. Your loose leaf tea looks beautiful and it sounds delicious, too. Thanks for sharing your soft drinks and your tea, as well as your postcards with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. You got some beautiful cards and stamps Lisca. I have never seen or heard of floorball, but why not, if people enjoy it. The gym looks pretty bad, I am sure you will all be glad when it's clean and usable again. Enjoy your new tea, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. it´s always so interesting to see your cards... floorball, new to me... and these vintage travel posters are so beautiful! appealing after all those many years!
    i was just on my bloghop when your comment came in... i´m living in the south of bavaria, a bit outside of munich (ca 60km), and we had snow enough, but not the extraordinary snowfall they had (and have) in the alpine upland and the alps. massive avalances, snowed in hotels and villages, many roads are not traversable because of the danger of breaking trees... well, i would not go in our woods these days, too, but so far we can handle it by shoveling and we don´t need to fear the roofs breaking down by the weight of the wet snow.
    happy t-day, dear lisca!

  7. Floorball is new to me as well, thank you for describing it.
    The postcards look lovely and so did the postage stamps especially the one that featured Katherine Hepburn .
    It looks like the cleaning of the gym was overdue, what a mess.
    The tea sounds refreshing with lovely flavours.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Such great postcards and I loved seeing the postage stamps as well! It looks like the gym will be super once it's cleaned and everything has been put back 😁. I'm glad you had a fab time at the photographic exhibition and you tea looks yummy! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  9. I never heard of floorball either, Lisca. I'm ashamed to admit that I'd never heard of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park since I'm from the northern US (Wisconsin). What fascinating things we learn at T.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  10. I loved your postcards today, particularly the vintage poster. My son loves volcanoes and mountains but I have never heard him mention Mt. Wrangell. I will have to ask him if he knows anything about it. And I really like the Kate Hepburn stamp. I grew up watching old movies and one of my favorites was The Philadelphia Story.
    I have never hear of floorball either but it sounds a bit like our hockey. I did read that the differences are that everyone in hockey uses sticks where in floorball the goaly can handle the ball with his hands, similar to American soccer.
    Your tea looks so beautiful! I love the color variations and that splash of orange from the marigold leaves. So many beautiful teas today between you and Jo. I am hoping this keeps up. ;)
    Happy Tea Day,

  11. That floor is a shocker, isn't it! I guess we should realize how much accumulates there, but I'd be asking them to clean under there more often now that I know lol

    I enjoy trying different kinds of tea. There are so many! Happy T Tuesday :)

  12. You do receive the most interesting postcards and stamps! Thank you for sharing them. And , no I have never heard of floorball! So, next time you go to the gym, you will have nice clean floors! :) Happy T Day!

  13. Fab postcards, Never heard of floorball or knew about Mt Wrangell. Learn something new every day. Hope the opening of the photo exhibition went well. So nice of Encarna to provice the refreshments. I prefer your lovely tea to the liquer and I would never say no to a piece or two of cake. Happy T Day

  14. Love the postcard and the history lesson on the national park. I have never hear of floorball before either.
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and so glad you like my Random thoughts. I enjoy collecting and sharing them :)
    Happy T Day!

  15. Fabulous postcards and stamps Lisca and that mess in the gym. I have a mini step machine from my daughter and I have always to put it on a little carpet as it leaves that messy powder the whole time.That's nasty. Super exhibit and thank you very much for the carrot cake variation link!
    Happy T-Day Lisca!
    Hugs, Susi