Friday, 25 January 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 25 January - Friday smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
How has you week been? Have you had lots to smile about? Of course; There always is. Even on a cloudy day there is a silver lining as the saying goes.

I received some cards this week so that is always a reason to smile. This one is from Finland and has one of my favorite subjects: The two naughty ladies by Inge Löök.

Here they are playing cards in the woods. 

The stamp is beautiful:
The blue is a bit glittery. Really unusual.

The second card I want to show you is one I am sending this morning. When I go to the gym I will post it. It is called 'Black Swan' and is a painting by Anna Ivanova. It is going to Russia, to someone called Julia.

I got some new stamps from the post office last month and this is one of them. It celebrates the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. 
On the stamp it reads: "22 October 2017, Alicante port of departure".

My week has been rather uneventful. We are not big fish eaters but I try to have it on the menu at least once a week. So last Friday I made white fish 'en papillote', which means 'in foil'.

The yellow stuff is spiralized butternut squash. I add a bit of olive oil, some green olives (halved) , season it well with S&P sand thyme, place the fish on top. Then I make a parcel with baking parchment and bake it in the oven for 15 min. We have one parcel each. It's delicious.

Now for something different. Remember the lovely bag that Annie made? Well this weekend I have got some material together to make one too. It will be a traditional Andalucian stripe pattern, which is very colourful. And the inside will be orange (I am Dutch after all).
 I still need to order some of those large eyelets, but I will no doubt be able to find them on the internet.

On Saturday we had Intercambio (Spanish/English language exchange) at our house. One of the Spanish girls had brought a board game for learners, which we played with the beginners. It was fun.

I forgot to take any pictures of our gathering.

After the weekend hubby went back to doing mum's cave bedroom. God willing my mum will come to stay in June, so we are preparing a room for her. The ceiling is very rustic as it is a cave after all and he is now at the painting stage: 

On Monday night we always go to our 'weekend' house and have a relaxing evening. Last week we watched a DVD and this week we watched another one. We have a box set of  The Lord Of The Rings, which  has been in the cupboard for years and we watched the first of the four DVDs. 

We both enjoyed it again. It's a great film and it's a very beautiful box set (which was a gift) .

Wednesday was very cold and I didn't go out at all. I decided to cook a hearty meal and this is what I came up with:

Its called Devilled Cottage Pie, which is cottage pie spiced up a bit. It's a Slimming World recipe so you can look it up on the internet. Very yummy.

Thursdays is my 'play day'. It means I spend the day in the craft room. Hubby lights the stove early so that it is nice and cosy. I like to do my jigsaw, while listening to one of my play lists. This is how far I got with this one:

Of course I also did some scrapbooking. I'm still doing photos from 2016. This is a photo from when we went to Madrid on the train to get my passport done at the Dutch consulate.

And this is my sister. I have just realised that the middle fram is not quite straight. Bummer! I know it's not important, but that irks me.

I'll only make it worse if I try to un-stick it...
Never mind.

 I will leave it at that and wish you all a very good weekend and week ahead. 

I will be linking up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.

There are some funnies at the end as usual.




  1. Ooh how the 50p and cat sign made me chuckle haha.
    I had a movie afternoon at home with a friend this week and we watched a dvd called The Bookshop. I can recommend it. Next up on our list is The Greatest Showman.
    I’ve got the latest Slimming World book that uses just five ingredients in each recipe, it’s excleent much like Jamie Oliver’s book “Five”
    Enjoy your weekend Lisca
    Lynn x

  2. I loved all of the Lord of the Rings films...enjoy. Looks like your hubby is about to operate :-) Your funnies, as always, made me chuckle especially the 50p coin....I think we are all feeling like that over here.
    My sciatica hasn't gone but it is much better [less painful]....either that or I've just got used to it now. Thanks for caring.
    Annie x

  3. Oh you might have had a 'quiet' week but it has also been mighty busy. Your meet up with your Spanish friends sounds fun and I assume a board game makes it even better.

    I look forward to seeing the completed bag which sounds fun.

    The fish tea looks lovely and what a great way to use the butternut squash as well.

    The postcards and stamps are always so pretty, although I don't think I've ever seen a glittery one!

    Your husband looks well kitted out, I'm assuming the rustic texture makes anything spraying the room the only option, you are getting on early with jobs if you are considering June visitors. I too have a jobs list but we don't seem to have ticked any off yet.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.



  4. A fun postcard to start with today. I love your ballerina to send as well.
    I bet you enjoyed your Lord of the Rings films again. One of my very few visits to the cinema was to see them. I have the box set of the books and I treasure them.
    I was thinking about you the other day and wondering whether you still use your spiralizer. Apparently you do! I was making 'carrot spaghetti' at the time.
    The Brexit coin made me laugh, and the cannibal snowman!
    Hopefully I won't get the chance to decorate any cars in the snow. I am not a big fan of the 'white stuff'.
    How great to have a cosy jig.saw day. I used to do loads but my arthritis makes it hard to reach across my puzzle board now, so I mostly do them on my laptop. I do a 365 challenge where you get a new 248 piece puzzle every day but you don't know what the picture is. I have only missed four during January. Kate x

  5. Loving the postcards and the stamps too. The snowman is brilliant, love him. Another great week Lisca and hope the weekend is full of smiles too. Angela xXx

  6. I like that naughty ladies in the woods postcard too Lisca. Sounds like it was a good week, even if it wasn't the most eventful. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  7. Hi Lisca just popped back to answer your question. The favourite dessert was pieces of meringue in various shapes surrounded by really juicy fruits such as pineapple and Passion fruit. The tart taste of the fruit with the sweetness of the fruit is just perfect. Have a great week, Angela xXx