Friday, 27 January 2017

A Postcard a day Friday 27 jan 2017 Friday Smiles

Hello peeps,
A quicky today as I am not at home but in Holland staying at my mum's. I traelled with my sister from Malaga. Here we are at the airport having a pre-flight drink:
 I'm the one on the left.  My sister and I don't get together vey often so that is a big mile for me.

 Smile number two is my mum (on the right) and her sister in law. Both are 93 this year.

Smile number three is that I have bought a new camera. A Sony Cybershot recommended to me by Valerie Jael.

After a bit of comparing and reading reviews I decided to order it here. This particular internet shop has collecting points in major cities, so later this morning I'm going to collect it! Whoohoo!
This is where I am at the moment, in my home town of Rotterdam. This city was bombed completely during WW2 so it is known for it modern architecture. Not everyone's cup of tea....

I'm going to link in with Annie at Friday Smiles, but I'll be out all day so I will be a bit late in commenting. (Better late than never)

Here are a few funnies:

Have a  great weekend everyone,
Greetings from Rotterdam,


  1. Have fun and enjoy the new camera. 😀

  2. What a lot of wonderful smiles this week Lisca. I hope you have a wonderful family time over in Holland....I love it over there. Your running really had me chuckling today too....thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  3. I had to stop by and visit to see if you made it to Holland. Glad to see your mother and her sister-in-law, as well as your sister. So glad you arrived safely and by now, probably have your new camera.

    I LOVE that shot of Rotterdam and those cool apartments. They always make me smile, because they appeal to my architectural sense.

    I especially laughed at the first funny. That was clever advertising. I also liked the Jeep's tire cover.

    I'm not playing today, because I have a serious post. BUT, I wanted to stop by to make sure you arrived safe and sound in Rotterdam. I KNOW you are smiling!

  4. Fabulous photos hun this week - hope you have a lovely time!

  5. How wonderful to be visiting your mum with your sister as well. What a fab family reunion! And that doily on the wheel.... you know what, I'd LIKE that, LOL!! Have a wonderful visit. Never been to Rotterdam, & didn't know about the bombing....but it looks pretty cool!!!

  6. Hi Lisca, great photos. New camera, how exciting and guess you will be taking lots of photos to try it out. It goes without saying, have a great time with the family.
    Hugs, Angela xXx

  7. Oh you made me laugh as usual Lisca. Have a lovely time with the family. I don't see my sister much either as she lives at the other end of the country x

  8. Your mum is looking so well. Have a lovely time with your family. I think the modern architecture looks rather striking, but I am not a city person and I wouldn't want to live in it.
    I hope your camera gives you lots of pleasure. I expect it will take a while to get used to it, but I am sure you will soon have it sorted. I look forward to seeing your first pictures.
    You smiles did indeed make me smile. What a lovely piece of crochet work, even if it is in a rather unorthodox place. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Kate x