Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 24 Jan 2017 T for cats, games and a journey

Hello Everyone!
Did you make any New Year's resolutions? I didn't really but the first few months of the new year we usually detox and go on a healthy eating diet. No coffee, no alcohol, no wheat, no sugar.. you get the idea. I have also discovered spiralizing. I have had one of those gadgets for several months now but only now does it come into its own. I'm spiralizing everything from sweet potato to beetroot to courgettes (zucchinis) and everything in between. Fortunately my hubby loves it as a spaghetti substitute.
This was yesterday's meal:
Courgette pasta with a shrimp sauce. Very nice. I should have photographed the glass of water with it as you would not believe me otherwise. As it is, it does not qualify for Elizabeth and Bleubeard's  T For Tuesday, so I will have to think of something else...

One of my little vices is that every night I allow myself time to play my favorite video game on my tablet. I am retired and we have no TV so I have given up feeling guilty about this. For the last 6 months my favorite game has been Cradle of Empires, a 'match 3' game with a story and as you progress through the game you build a whole city in ancient Egypt.
The game is free and although they encourage in-game purchases (usually to get things done quicker or to have more 'lives'), I have never spent any money on it. This game is slowly being taken over as favorite by The Room, a totally different sort of game. It has beautiful graphics, soft music and is slooow. There are puzzles but also hints if I don't 'get it'. I have it on tablet (android) but I have heard they have developed it for PC too.

(So there's my drink for T for Tuesday)

Now for my postcard:
It's one of the postcards I am sending. This one is going to Island Lake in Illenois, USA. It is called "Cats could be different" and the artist is Anastasia Kislyuk. (I might have told you that I buy most of my postcards from a Russian or a Polish website.)

Last week saw a week of festivities in our village for the festival of San Sebastian. The highlight was 'The stealing of San Sebastian':

The story has it that in times of the plague many people died, but in the parish of S. Sebastian they didn't, so men from another parish stole S.Sebastian. This story is being enacted every year on the 22nd of January. Last year's robbers take out a cross (I assume representing S. Sebastian) and other groups try to wrestle it from their hands. The group that wins has to pay for next year's festivities (with help from the council).
The winning parish group (called hermandad or brotherhood) then has a year to prepare and fundraise for the next Robo (robbing).
The inscription reads: the new robbers of S. Sebastian 2017.

So there you have it, a little folklore of our village here in southern Spain.

I am excited as tomorrow morning (Wednesday)we will be travelling to Malaga airport, where I will catch a plane to Holland! Yippee! I am going to visit my mother together with my sister who is catching the same flight. The flight will arrive at 10pm so it will be a long day. It's only three hours drive to the airport but as we go to the coast so seldom, we want to go into a few stores on the way to the airport and buy  a few things for the house. I'm greatly looking forward to it.(the visit and the shopping)

I wish you all Happy T-Day, 
and a good week to come,


  1. Have a wonderful trip-sounds like you will get some good family time. And loving the San Sebastian story too. I always enjoy learning about other cultures. Happy T day. Your veggie pasta looks delicious. Hugs-Erika

  2. I do enjoy using my spiralizer despite the fact that my hubby and son don't agree so much.Your meal looks delicious! Fun cat postcard. I love hearing about local festivities. Enjoy your trip visiting your family. Happy T day!

  3. I've never had a spiralizer, but it makes wonderful looking veggies.

    Years and years ago, I got addicted to a game that was not free, but was a gift I received. It was on a CD, but I downloaded it to my computer. It was called Civilization, and I couldn't get enough of it. That was pre-blog days, so I wouldn't have time to play it now.

    I LOVE the cat postcard. My first cat, Dog, that lived to be nearly 20, was a Russian Blue. I miss him to this day, even though I won't let my other two know, or they might get jealous.

    I enjoyed learning about the custom of your town and country. That was a new one to me. It seemed like a worthy cause.

    Thanks for sharing your cat postcard, your spiralized veggies, your game, your stealing of San Sebastian photos, and your drink with us for T this Tuesday.

    Have fun in Holland with your sister and mother. I know it will be quite enjoyable for the three of you.

  4. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy getting together with your Mother and sister! Look forward to seeing a lot of photos of the trip!
    What a celebration on the 22nd of January. I love to see communities keep history alive, even for fun.
    I do play games on my cell phone.....it can be so addicting...LOL! I play mostly word games with friends, but there are a couple just for me!!
    Happy T-day!!!!!!!

  5. our church also is devoted to san Sebastian, but we can´t competite with your customs. very interesting.
    have a nice trip and i hope your Shopping will be successful. but i´m sure you will Show us:)
    happy t-day!

  6. Ah safe journey and hope you get the items you want, I can't actually imagine not having a TV but I bet you make the most of your time.

    Loving the postcard - fab stuff!

  7. Oh wow... wishing a safe trip - enjoy Lisca!

  8. There seems to be a lot of fun going on in your neck of the woods. Love the look of the food. I have a spiralizer, used it once and cut my finger badly....Happy T day, must rush, got an appointment at the doc's- Hugs, Valerie

  9. Happy T Day

    Such a great post with lots of interesting things to see and to read

    We do spiralizing as well and have done lots of inventing with it along the way. Not sure if it is all healthy but it tastes good

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Wow, I could quite easily eat your shrimp sauce and courgette pasta especially with all those shrimps - yummy yum yum! Your postcard is facinating, I didn't know there were so many different cats :-). I loved hearing the folklore of your village too, it's good that these sorts of traditions are kept alive as they bring communities together in celebration :-). I can relate to your game playing as I play a game called Hay Day, which is a farming game - fun! Have a lovely time in Holland with your family! Happy T day! J :-)

  11. Good for you making a healthy change and sticking to it! Don't feel guilty about game time. Everyone need an outlet.
    The postcard of the cats is really fun! Marvin is a Norwegian Forest cat...not quite as fluffy as the drawing but pretty close!
    Happy T day!

  12. First Lisca let me tell you i have always wanted a spiralizer... Its on my wish list.. Good to hear that you like yours...

    I like Seek and Find games... we haven't indulged in playing them for quite a while since we've been working on the house but now you've reminded me and i may need to slow down and play one.. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Holland!! I've been once many years ago with my daughter.. then a little girl...I reallly loved the Kuekenhof Gardens... (sorry for the bad spelling) Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. Your meal looks delicious, we have one of those gadgets but hubby has to use it as I cannot grip the thing.
    I really liked reading about the festival, its good that everyone keeps up with the local traditions.
    Enjoy your trip back to Holland.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  14. Have a wonderful trip to Holland!It is so good to be with our mothers. They are inspiring. We celebrate San Sebastian here too and it is a public holiday. People go to churches for processions or mass dressed in red.It is a day to pray and thanks the saint.Happy T-Day!

  15. Dinner looks delish though as one of Italian descent, I can't live without my pasta :-D Sometime ago, I enjoyed playing Farmville. then it got too much like work so gave it up. i didn't purchase any of the goodies either. Love the cat faces post card. The San Sebastian festival sounds like a lot of good spirited fun. Good food, too, yes? Have a safe trip to Holland to visit your mother and sister. Happy T Day!

  16. Wishing you the best ever trip and family fun ♥ The food looks wonderful!!! Years ago I had a spiralizer and we loved it... The youngest was about 12 then and he would go through a whole bag of potatoes with the thing if we didn't watch him. He eventually wore it out and we didn't replace it. I have been thinking about getting a new one though. The post card is cute and I love seeing all of those cats. Happy T Day and have a grand adventure on your trip ♥

  17. I think the Scottish Folds are the sweetest-looking cats, though I've never seen one in person.

    I always enjoy hearing about what life is like there, and this annual festival sounds like a lot of fun.

    I know you'll enjoy your trip, and I trust you to provide photos ;)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  18. Have a wonderful trip and visit, Lisca. Thank you for the interesting folklore and the photos. The cat postcard is wonderful. I would love to use a spiralizer, but my hubby hates vegetables. He'll only eat boring peas and corn. He doesn't know what he's missing! Your shrimp dish looks yummy. Happy T Day! Hugs, Eileen

  19. Yum, the shrimp sauce looks delicious...had to smile at the Empires game as my hubby sometimes plays that too. The characters that whisk on and off of the screen are quite interesting. Do have a wonderful and safe trip to Holland~always great to enjoy time with family! happy Tuesday!

  20. My hubby keeps saying we need a spiralizer! Good to improve on your diet too! I loved reading about the local traditions! Enjoy your time with your family! Happy T day! Chrisx

  21. My hubby keeps saying we need a spiralizer! Good to improve on your diet too! I loved reading about the local traditions! Enjoy your time with your family! Happy T day! Chrisx

  22. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time visiting with your Mum and sister Lisca.
    See you online when you get back!