Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 31 Jan 2017 T for Rotterdam

Hello peeps,

Another post from me without a postcard. I am  in Holland visiting my elderly mother. Luckily she is computer savvy at the tender age of 92 and has a good desktop system in her living room. Here she is playing one of her games that she indulges in every now and then:

 As she is nearly blind, she has special software that magnifies everything on the screen.

My sister and I are staying for a week and other than enjoying mum's company,we are also catching up with old friends. Yesterday we went out to dinner with old childhood friends. They took us to a steakhouse in the centre of Rotterdam. This was my steak:
It was obviously a very popular place. (We had to book a table) although I thought is was very expensive. (Anybody can throw a steak on the grill or grill some veggies. No skill involved me thinks).
Here is a photo of the interior  of  the place:
The view from the window onto one of the central plazas of Rotterdam (it was raining, so there isn't a soul on the street):
The name of the restaurant is Cornelis, and the one of the desserts was 'a kiss from Cornelis':
We had a delicious meal and a lovely time with our friends (one of whom I hadn't seen for 40 years!)

I will be linking up with Elizabeth  for T For Tuesday, where anybody can link up their blog as long as it has a drink in it. My drink is on one of the above photos (a glass of rosé).

I almost forgot to tell you that I have a new camera. (Sony Cybershot, thank you Valerie for recommending it) and I was amazed that I never needed to use the flash in the dark(ish) restaurant. I'm sure there will be a 'night setting' or something on it but I had just got it out of the box that day and don't know yet what I can do with it, so the dial went on 'automatic'. Not bad.

That's it ladies,
Wishing you happy T-Day,
CU next week,


  1. Great eatery you found and wonderful to meet up with old friends.

    Terrific that you mum is enjoying her computer and the games. I hope I can still do that at her age

    Happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. That meal looks yummy and that dessert it pretty cool. What are those lips made out of? They're pretty fun. :) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. Lisca the food looks amazing! You have my mouth watering... So much good food posted this week!! The lips in the dessert are fabulous ... Hope it all tasted as good as it looks! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  4. I was surprised that there were so few veggies. But I was glad to see you had some wine and a different type of dessert. Appearance is apparently what you were paying for.

    I was just getting ready to ask if those photos were taken with your new camera, when you let us know you were. I NEVER use flash on mine, unless the room is completely black and I'm trying to sneak up on one of the boys. They are so camera shy. I think you will prefer not using flash, too.

    So glad to see your mother is tech savvy. That's unusual for the elderly, but I'm glad she has the software that allows her to see.

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Holland, your wine, your food, and your mother at her computer with us for T this Tuesday.

    BTW, I'm with Erika and would LOVE to know what the lips were made of.

  5. Glad you have your new camera, have fun. I have never needed my flash yet. Have fun playing. That dessert looks wonderful, so yummy. Good for your Mum that she can still play on the computer, that's great.
    Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. what a nice Meeting with old friends having good Food! so good your mum is able to enjoy herself at the pc. i don´t Need to use flashlight on my camera also, it is very light sensitive (has a fast lens is the term, i think). that really is good for making photos in the evenings outside, too. i avoid Flash light whenever possible.
    happy t-day!

  7. Looks like you are having a fabulous time at your mum's :-). How wonderful to meet up with old friends too, I bet you had a lot of catching up to do after 40 years :-). The steakhouse looks lovely, I had to smile at the lips on your dessert :-). Thanks for sharing your fun visit and wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  8. It must have been lovely for you all to meet up again and have a good break with your mum. Good for her enjoying the computer.
    Your meal and the restaurant looked lovely, and those desserts delicious.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  9. Love seeing your Mom enjoying her computer. Your dinner looks wonderful even though I wouldn't have the steak. I love the special attention the desserts got:) Enjoy your remaining stay and happy T day!

  10. You'll love your new camera ♥ Glad your trip is going well and you got to eat out with old friends. That desert is a hoot LOL!!! Happy T Day!!!

  11. Glad you're having a nice visit. It must feel good to be "home" for a bit. I had to laugh at your comment, "Anybody can throw a steak on the grill or grill some veggies. No skill involved me thinks." I agree 100%! However it looks like they make up for it a bit with extra special desserts.

    That outside shot of the glistening plaza is beautiful ... and i don;t think it's all due to the new camera. You frame shots so well;-)

    Happy T Day, Lisca! XOX Eileen

  12. That meal looks wonderful :) I've found that sometimes the quality of the meat is better in the expensive restaurants. That may be the main difference. Congrats on the new camera. I'm sure it'll be fun playing with the settings. Happy T Tuesday!

  13. Good to see your Mum enjoying games on her computer - one of my older friends here is 94 and still loves to play games on her computer as well as e-mail her nieces and nephews! I am not a steak lover so I was pleased to see your beautiful desserts(not that I can touch those really either!) Love that your new camera seems to be an ideal one for you! Enjoy the rest of your stay! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. What a lovely time you're having. And go your Mum! Mine is also going blind, we must look into something like this for her - once we get her over the hip operation she's almost due to have done! That restaurant looks very fancy! It does look lovely, but I like good hearty tucker rather than fancy food, myself. Still, for a change it would be nice, I daresay:):)

  15. Looks like a wonderful time with family and old friends. The photos turned out wonderfully with your new camera! I think you might have been paying for the elegant 'plating' of your food and the ambiance of the dining room in the cost of your meal... ;) Happy T day...on Wednesday! ;)